Akuyaku reijou nanode last boss in katteimashita episode #04

Let’s start with a flashback in which Keith Eigrid was saved by Claude Jean Ellmeyer with his magical powers.

While he saved his only midfielder, everyone calls Claude a demon and reject him with Keith.It is really unfortunate that Claude was called the ruler of demons, even though he saved his helper with magic.

But now let’s get to the present, in which Keith Eigrid is suspected of betraying Lord Claude Jean Ellmeyer by selling demons to the slave owner.Damn, even Beelzebuth cannot take his eyes off the potential traitor.

Of course, they only exist in the original visual novel, when Aileen Lauren d’A autriche asked Keith to join her team in the hope of saving Lord Claude before his terrible fate.I mean, Aileen knows everything about a visual novel that she played in her previous life.

Meanwhile, it seems that Lilia Reinoise came back and this time she brought Cedric Jean Ellmeyer and one of his knights.Wounds, lily doesn’t like to give up, huh?

But talking about Lilia, she told Lord Claude that Keith Eigrid sells demons for money.Lilia, Keith does not sell demons for money, idiot!

Fortunately, Aileen Lauren d’A autriche came to make one wicked act, saying Lili Reinoise, not to interfere!

And thanks to the sharp words of Aileen, the heroine left the castle of the ruler of demons in tears.Of course, I am sure that Prince Cedric and his group will come back to punish the villain.

Now, here is Keith Eigrid, where he actually sells demons, just like in the original visual novel.Say it is not ~!

I’m kidding, I bet Keith pretends to sell demons to the buyer because he is aiming at the accounting book.All Keith needs is distraction.

And fortunately, Beelzebuth is here to illuminate the whole sky when he blinded the slave trader and his supporters with some instant magic.

Thanks to the dispersion of Beelzebuth, Keith Eigrid managed to get the accounting book because he expands the slave trader with his crimes, although he must first repel these thugs.

When Keith defends himself against his thugs, here is Almond, where Claude’s crow freed these demons from captivity.

And one more thing, it seems that the situation of these thugs has been reversed because they are now in captivity.

Now only Keith Eigrid is left to clean his name and save Lord Claude from his terrible fate.


Apart from the fact that someone decides to spoil the moment.And I really can’t believe that Prince Cedric and his cheerful people would do something to Keith, like a loser’s blow!

But if I think about it, I have the impression that a slave trader is in a collusion with the successor of the throne.

Meanwhile, Lilia Reinoise is here, where it carries the Holy Sword.You know what, I bet she is here to kill demons instead of behaving like a meek heroine!

In any case, Beelzebuth is almost cut where he can’t touch the lily, because it keeps the sword, which is quite deadly to the touch.Of course, where is Prince Cedric?

Oh, it looks like, despite breaking the engagement, Cedric still wants to take Aileen by force because he doesn’t want to lose with his brother Claude.Seriously, you have to stop this guy!

Now it seems that Keith Eigrid told Claude to Jean Ellmeyer that Prince Cedric kidnapped Aileen Lauren d’A autriche.

In addition, Keith apologized to Lord Claude for trying to sell demons as slaves, although the truth is that he wants to reveal a slave trader.

Despite this, time escapes, because Lord Claude Jean Ellmeyer must save Aileen Lauren d’A autriche before she got something bad.

And it is really the lowest point than the prince of the Crown who intends to rape Aileen.Fuck, let someone stop this madman!

Fortunately, the ruler of the demons came to save the villain, although I must say that Lord Claude Jean Ellmeyer is really pissed off that his stupid brother is trying to attack Aileen.

Now it seems that Aileen Lauren d’A autriche is finally free thanks to Almond, but he really worries about Claude Jean Ellmeyer.

This is because it turned into a dragon, as in the original visual novel.

Despite the betrayal of Keith, it did not cause the transformation of the demon ruler, because Prince Cedric tried to rape a young girl is the last straw!

And so, the prophecy came true when Lilia Reinoise brought a holy sword and kills the dragon.

While the vileness will live, although fate worse than death, Aileen does not want to see Lord Claude’s killing by the heroine.

So Aileen decides to take a sword.However, instead of dying at the hands of Lilia, the villain absorbed the holy sword until the heroine is practically unarmed.

I must say that the situation was reversed for Lilia Reinoise, where she is no longer the heroine of this story.

And speaking of Lilia, she is basically stunned because her heroine’s role was picked up by a villain.I’m sorry Lilio, but this is the story of Aileen!

Oh yes, it looks like Prince Cedric received help from his companions, but seriously, he should be punished for trying to rape Aileen just because she decided to leave him.Well, it’s his fault anyway!

But let’s go back to Aileen Lauren d’A autriche, where he begs Claude Jean Ellmeyer to return to his human form.

Sure, he is crying, seeing Claude in his dragon, but he wants the demon ruler to return to her in his human form.

In any case, it seems that the ruler of demons will be restored to human character thanks to Aileen, where her tears are soaked in holy magic.Wait a while, what if he kills Lord Claude in this way?

No, it turns out that her divine tears transformed the dragon into man.I am glad that Claude Jean Ellmeyer returned to his original form, although he must first put on some clothes because he is damn sexy!

In any case, Aileen Lauren d’A autriche reached another golden ending, in which she and Lord Claude survived when they finally got married.

Cedric Jean Ellmeyer is no longer the successor of the throne thanks to his catastrophic deeds.But hey, at least Cedric has Lilia Reinoise for his wife.

So a moral from this story is not a cock, and Cedric paid the price for his troubles in which he lost his position in the throne!

Well, it looks like the story from the original visual novel ended in which the villain lived happily ever after.Come on, Aileen, being the most competent figure, managed not only to save herself from the terrible fate, but also saved the ruler of the demons from killing by the Holy Sword.

Anyway, I think that is the point.Akuyaku reijou nanode last boss wo katteimashita, because after that there is no episode.

I’m kidding, the first 4 episode is just a prologue for a true story as a new character introduced at the end of episode 4. Who is this mysterious person?We’ll find out next time!

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