All pirates of a straw hat who left the crew: ranking as valid

If a member of the straw hat crew leaves the crew without the consent of Luffy, Luffy does his power to recruit him back.This is how it works among the pirates of a straw hat, because they are closely related pirate crews in One Piece.They are not a crew with many members, which probably explains why they are like a family.So far, we have left the crew at some point before returning.In addition, Chopper and Sanji were forced by third parties to leave the crew despite their wishes, and Chopper returned soon after.However, the situation with Sanjim lasted about a week.In this article we will tell about these events and their course.

You will receive information about each member who left the crew, whether temporarily, as in most cases, or permanently, as in the case of Nefertari Vivi.We will describe the circumstances that led to these events, as well as the circumstances of the return of each member to the crew.One common feature will be present in all these stories, and this is the steadfast will of Luffy to keep straw hats together and his readiness to do everything to keep them all in one place.

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1. Mam – on the left during Barati’s arch

When Luffy tries to convince Sanji to join his crew, he escapes us from Going Merry after watching the arrest arlong letter, without explaining the crew.Luffy immediately decides to go for her.After recruiting Sanji, Luffy and his crew, they chase their navigator to Arlong Park.Despite the fact that he belongs to the enemy camp, Luffy still wants her as a navigator.

While we have only a few cents to buy back their village, unfortunately the sea infantry soldiers come to take everything back and know that Arlong is behind all this.Then he will settle with him, but Arlong assures that he never broke their contract.The inhabitants of the village confess that they always knew what happened to us and decide to take their weapons, although they know that it is in vain.

He tries to stop them and assures us that he will return with the sum that Arlong asks.But the villagers don’t listen to him.Overwhelmed by terrible rage, seeing the crying of us, Luffy confronts Arlong and his supporters to avenge her.The Arlong Park is turned into ruin and the village is liberated.Then he decides to join Luffy to realize his dream: create a map of the whole world.Genzo tells Luffy that if he picks us a smile, he would regret it.In this way, she officially joined us to the crew of a straw hat.

2. Sanji – left during the Zou bow

Bege’s crew grabs us, Chopper, Brook and Caesar.Inside his body, Bege announces that Sanji is invited to a large mother’s tea.He will have to marry Charlotte Pudding, the 35th daughter of the Charlotte family as the third son of the Vinsmoke family.Sanji is stunned when he finds out.He refuses to marry a woman whom he does not know, but Vito, a FireTANK crew adviser, blackmailing him.

The great mother will kill everyone with whom Sanji encountered, namely Zeff and the rest of Baratie, as well as Kedetrav people.Sanji had to be forced to accept Bege’s proposal.Nevertheless, when he manages to free us and the other from the body of Bege, he writes a letter in which he says that he will come back.He takes Cezar Klaun as a hostage and reminds Bege’s people that his arrest warrant says “only lives”, that is, they must keep him alive.

Pekoms later explains to Luffy that if and when Sanji he has a pudding marriage was formalized, Sanji will automatically cease to be a member of straw hats and become a member of the Pirates of the Great Mother, which Luffy cannot accept.However, this turns out to be false, because the real intention of the great mother was not to reconcile Sanji, but the murder of him and the whole Vinsmoke family during the wedding ceremony.While preparing for the wedding, Sanji, under coercion, he met with Luffy and us, intentionally showing them complete disrespect, trying to make them to give up.Knowing him, Luffy did not buy it, seeing Sanji’s insincerity and eventually managed to help him escape without consequences.

3. USOPP – “to the left” during the Enies Lobby arch

When Luffy tells him that they intend to separate from Going Merry, because he became indescribable, USOPP does not accept this decision and decides to leave the crew, challenging Luffy for a single fight against Going Merry as a reward.The beginning of the fight between Luffy and Usopp is very interesting because USOPP overpower Luffy.Despite this, he is beaten by his ex -friend with one blow, because he was very weak before the fight.

After his defeat, the USOPP is alone at Going Merry and is kidnapped by Fanky’s family, who wants to use him as a burea to lure Luffy.Usopp will explain to Franky that he is no longer part of the crew because of the conflict about Going Merry.Franky will be moved by this story and a surge of feelings to Usopp.

Later, USOPP refuses to help the crew in saving Robin, but a moment later he returns with Sogeking’s mask, claiming that he is a friend of Usopp and wants to save Robin.Only Chopper and Luffy do not recognize Usopp when he is wearing a sogeking mask.When they reach the large door of the Enies lobby, USOPP takes part in the fight against two giants.

When the latter are defeated, USOPP notices their tears and tells them that they had no reason to fight for the world, because their leaders, whom they considered imprisoned, are actually on the island of Little Garden.Two giants then decide to join the crew case.After passing through the court island of Usopp, he climbs the roof of the court building along with the rest of the crew.

Shortly afterwards, at the order of Luffy, he sets fire to the flag of the world government at the top of the justice tower.After entering the USOPP justice tower, he goes alone to find one of the keys to free Robin from his handcuffs from sea granite.He stands face to face with Jabura, who will overcome him in a moment.Usopp would not survive without the intervention of Zoro, which falls from the floor with his opponent, Kaku.

During this duel, the USOPP is chained to Zoro with an unfortunate accident.Then they ask Chopper to find a key that will allow them to free themselves.After releasing, USOPP must fight Jabura again, who was close to killing him if Sanji did not intervene.Later, USOPP is on the roof of the justice tower and shoots all marines to cover Robin and Franky on the Bridge of fluctuations.

Then he sends all the keys recovered from CP9 agents.On the bridge of fluctuations, the whole crew must cope with Buster Call and the elite Marines unit when Luffy ends the fight with Lucci.When he is defeated, Luffy can’t move anymore, USOPP will talk to him to motivate him to move, unfortunately in vain.Usopp will be one of the first to hear Going Merry’s voice that will save them.

USOPP is present as sogeking during Going Merry’s funeral.After returning to Water 7, USOPP leaves alone because he is no longer a crew member.He is constantly looking for a question to say to his former companions to join the crew again.Still, he will be surprised by Sanji, who warns others about his intentions.Everyone is excited that USOPP may come back, except for Zoro’s attention, that he will not be able to return to his teammates until he apologizes.

When the Sunny Thousand, a new ship of straw hats, is to sail out into the sea, the crew is waiting only for Usopp.However, they will be forced to raise the anchor because the Vice Admiral Garp tries to stop them.Seeing how the boat goes away, USOPP worries and with tears in his eyes hurry with an apology.Luffy will then reach out to him so that he can come back to them.

4. Nico Robin – left during the Water 7 arch

When Iceburg, the mayor of Water Seven and the president of Galley-la, almost dies in an attack.He claims that one of the killers was Nico Robin and assumes that the masked man who was with her was another member of the pirates of the straw hat.The advertisement published in newspapers accuses straw hats and encourages residents to search for them.

While the crew hides from the eyes of the inhabitants, Sanji and Chopper find Robin, but he refuses to return to the crew and admits that she tried to murder Iceburg.Straw hats rush to the headquarters of Galley-la, where Robin and CP9, the elite group of killers of the global government, begin the invasion.In the room of Iceburg Robin and a mysterious man who Iceburg saw, reveal that they deliberately blamed the crew.

When Robin reveals his fears before abandoning straw hats because of the danger he brings on them, Luffy orders sogeking to burn the flag of the world government.Luffy declares that they will never give up him, regardless of whether the world government is his enemy.Luffy then encourages Robin to say he wants to live.The archaeologist screams to all the crying lobby that he wants to live with them and return to the seas.

5. Nefertari vivi – on the left at the end of the Alabasta arch

When Crocodile fires VIVI from defensive walls, Luffy and Pell come from heaven and catch her.On Earth, the other members of the group joins Luffy, Pella and Vivi who fought a fierce fight against the most powerful agents of the Baroque works.Luffy leaves to fight a crocodile, and the rest of the group sets out in search of a bomb that must destroy everything.

After just a few minutes, Vivi discovers that the gun to be launched by the bomb is at the top of the tower.On the way, billions try to kill VIVI, but Tashigi and some marines are opening their way.Being at the top of the belfry thanks to acrobatics, VIVI defeats Mr. 7 and Miss Father and crosses the wick of the cannon for a second before shot.

However, he realizes that the bomb has a clock.When he thinks she was lost, Pell takes a bomb with him and using his power of devilish fruit Zoan, he grows and detonates the bomb high enough to do not confuse.Unfortunately, this is not enough to stop the fighting and no one hears her when she screams at soldiers and rebels to put their weapons.

Fighting lasts until Luffy overcomes a crocodile and the rain begins to rain on Alabasta.Then they stop fighting with amazement and thanks to that everyone can hear VIVI.His speech is confirmed by several people, including Kohz, Igaram, who miraculously avoided the explosion of his boat, and a little boy who discovered some of the Baroque works.

Vivi and her friends succeeded.They stopped the war and arrested a crocodile.After the victory under the Alubarna, the crew rests at the Royal Palace.After a great banquet in honor of the Savior of the Kingdom and a collective bath in the Royal Łazienki Pirates think about the trip.Vivi is worried about friendship between them.

He hesitates whether to join friends and start a new life or stay and fulfill your duty as a princess.The crew gives her time to think and arrange a meeting with her in the last port of Alabasty, where Going Merry will cross.So if she decides to continue the adventure, this will be the last opportunity for her to join them.

The next morning, VIVI is preparing for a speech to people.She made a decision, he will stay in her country, but he will honor his friendship with the pirate crew.Instead of appearing on the balcony of the Royal Palace, he decides to give a speech from the port where he has an appointment and broadcast them to the whole country.

During his speech, VIVI will ask straw hats if they will remain friends.Luffy, wanting to answer yes, is detained by snails and marines watching the stage.He decides then, instead of exposing VIVI to danger, answer with a silent sign: crew members position themselves in a row and lift their left hand, showing the sign of the cross they carry, which indicates that VIVI and Karoo will always be their companions and friends.

6. Tony Tony Chopper – left during Long Ring Long Land

Chopper and others come across a mysterious pirate ship after trying to escape from a giant wave.Then they reached the island inhabited by strange animals.Going Merry is captured by Foxy pirates.After reunifying Tonjita with their horse, they are attacked by Captain Foxy and his minions, who challenge Luffy to a duel at Davy Back Fight, a pirate competition at which crew members are stake.

The first round of Davy Back Fight is a race around the island with small boats.In anime, Chopper joins forces with Zoro, but their boat was immediately eliminated.The Porche band finally wins.Porche chose Chopper as his reward, so he was forced to join the Foxy crew.When Foxy decided to take Chopper after the first round of “Race Donut”, Chopper began to cry.

Zoro challenges Chopper, telling him that he must be a man and that he is responsible for his life as a pirate.Chopper immediately stopped crying to show that he is brave and ready to endure everything that Foxy can throw him.Then comes the second round.Without a chopper who was to take part, Sanji and Zoro have to face Foxy pirates in playing football, but their opponents are still cheating, and the referee pretends that he can see nothing, which makes it difficult.

Finally, Sanji and Zoro put aside the competition and manage to win by fighting together.In this way, Luffy regains Chopper, crying with joy.Luffy and Foxy face each other in the last test: the fight between captains on Foxy’s boat.Despite the fact that the area gives a foxy advantage, Luffy manages to win and the crew returns to find a carpenter.

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