“Already a flat stomach?”: Maddy Burciaga irritates Internet users after showing their body after delivery

Since the birth of Maddy Burciaga, questions have been multiplying about her figure.How did she return to her pre -lecture body?

Maddy Burciaga impresses to his fans just as it raises doubts among his opponents.Young women

she was born

September 20.And unlike what some sometimes show

Reality TV stars

, she doesn’t seem to survive this period of her life badly.On the contrary, it appears more in his photos and movies


than ever.In the company of Benjamin, Samata looks better in his life.Criticism appeared inevitably.Especially

Shanna Kress

She was very virulent towards Maddy Burciaga.

According to the latter Maddy Burciaga only

She hid dust under the rug


Shanna Kress

He believes that he is one of those personalities that show a peaceful life in social networks when reality would look completely different.One of the topics of tensions and questions about Maddy Burciaga is

his body condition

.Normally, the woman’s body changes after delivery.Restooring the forms again before delivery takes at least some time.But not for Maddy Burciaga!The Reality TV star even went so far that she showed herself in the movie posted on YouTube at the beginning of October to prove that she had already found

flat belly

!But his act did not completely extinguish the criticism.That is why he uses every opportunity to publish his photo on Instagram, showing that she found a flat stomach.

A new photo confirming that Maddy Burciaga’s body was not so much influence

Yesterday she published her new photo on her account




And he poses in the car.The photo is accompanied by the signature: “20 days after delivery, we prefer comfortable outfits.”And the first thing that was noticed was of course the flat stomach of Maddy Burciaga.Internet users pay attention to this in the comments.”It doesn’t look like you gave birth 3 weeks ago.You intend to make women complexes, “one of them wrote, for example.And so