Alya sometimes hides her feelings in the Russian manga debuts on October 29

Yen Press publishes novels in English.For the first time he announced a license titled Arya sometimes hides his feelings in Russian with the name Alya written as Arya, but from


title.The company describes this story in this way:

Romantic comedy ideal for Chitose fans is in the Ramune bottle and the girl I saved on the train turned out to be a childhood friend.Mashachka Kuse sits next to Arya, a girl of Russian and Japanese origin.She is a beautiful, haughty and unique student, while the massach is nerd and known for being a sacred.She is an easy target for her comments in Russian, which she willingly explains – except that he can understand what he really is saying!

Kadokawa publishes novels under the banner of Sneaker Bunko.The company published the first volume in February 2021, and 4.5.She published the novel on July 29.


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