American Horror Story Season 11: Is it based on true history?

Find out if the American Horror History NYC Season 11 is based on true history!

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Find out if AHS NYC is inspired by a true story

, read on!As the title suggests,

American Horror Story Nyc

It takes place in New York.The series begins in 1981 with a murder, cuts of gay, which is the last of a series of murders taking place in a big apple.

Patrick is a cheerful detective in the case.His partner Gino is a reporter of the LGBTQ+ The Native publication.He wants to know more and is frustrated that Patrick will not tell him.This first murder is only the first of many in the first two episodes, and viewers learn that the serial killer is called “Big Daddy”, although it seems that nobody knows who or where he is.

Adam aims to find a killer when his roommate Sully disappears and Patrick cannot help.To Theo reveals to Adam the nickname of the killer.To Theo reveals to Adam the nickname of the killer.Theo partner, Sam, seems to be a candidate for a real “great daddy” after a guy of a couple at the party is soon murdered.To find out how many episodes the series will have, read it.

Meanwhile, the search for a killer by Gino leads him to Henry, an artist who informs him that he saw a “great daddy” seeking victims in the past, although the artist’s meeting with the journalist does not end well.Meanwhile, Hannah begins to examine the suspicion of an epidemic, which seems to take place on the island of fire.In that case

Is the 11 American Horror Story season based on true history?

Is the 11 American Horror Story season inspired by a true story?

No, American Horror Story Season 11: NYC is not based on true history.

At the time of writing this text, most of the details about the plot of the series were kept secret, but there is no indication that any specific episode of a beloved series of anthrages is inspired by any real events.With a lot of talented scriptwriters and directors behind the creation of the eleventh season of the series, it is suitable that fans want to learn everything they can do about history.


American Horror Story Season 11: NYC

He is to present a secret to long -term fans they haven’t seen yet.Announced as “the most deadly year” in the history of the city, the season contains several intriguing characters that easily go to the hearts of viewers.Doctors, journalists and law enforcement agencies are part of the plot in one way or another and must face their own demons.

No wonder this is happening in New York,


, the hero of the story is a big apple.The active night life of the city presented in the season does not differ much from real life, although some aspects have certainly been exaggerated and changed to the needs of the story.To find out where to stream the series, read it.

Another important aspect of the series is the presentation of the LGBTQ+community, as well as the presentation of the BDSM lifestyle.Both threads have been emphasized from the beginning of the series promotion.In fact, the series tries to give a real picture of how people from these groups lived while the series takes place.

Although it takes place in one of the largest cities in the world,

American Horror Story: NYC

it is a purely fictitious story that is not based on

real history.

The series uses well -known and popular elements of the city’s history to create a fascinating plot that entertains viewers.For the inhabitants of the city of “American Horror Story: NYC” will certainly make you think again aspects of your beloved city, even if you are not necessarily a New Yorker.