American Horror Story Season 11: Where was the series shot?

Find out where the American horror in New York was shot!Filming places, etc.

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where ahs nyc was shot

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Season 11 American Horror Story

, with the subtitle of NYC, takes place in New York, apparently in the 70s and 80s, and focuses on the LGBTQ+community when a dangerous serial killer hangs above it.To find out if the series is inspired by a real story, read it.

It is not known yet whether

Season 11 American Horror Story

It will be connected to previous episodes of the series, but setting in New York and time jumps suggest that there will be room for overlap.To find out where to broadcast the series, read it.

In the cast

Season 11 American Horror Story is missing some known names

, such as Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe and Frances Conroy.However, in addition to the new cast


and permanent colleagues of Ryan Murphy,

American Horror Story: NYC

It also contains long -time cast members: Billie Lourd, Denis O’Hare, Leslie Grossman, Patti Lupone and Zachary Quinto.

While the gruesome story keeps viewers in suspense, the scenery of the 70s and 80s takes them into the past, and the bizarre places throughout the season wonder where the American Horror was shot.The story of New York.We’ll tell you

Where was the 11th season of American Horror Story shot?

Where’s the 11 season of American Horror Story?

Season 11 American Horror Story: NYC was filmed entirely in New York

, specifically in New York, Westchester and Fire Island.Supposedly

Filming season 11

It began in June 2022 and ended in October 2022.


American Horror Story: NYC

It was shot around New York, the most populated city in the United States.During the production of the season, the cast and team shot several key scenes around Brooklyn Heights and West Village.

In addition, several streets of the city were used to shoot key external and internal scenes

American Horror Story: NYC

, such as West 36th Street, eastern and western side of Broadway, northern pages 35 and 39. street, east sides of 8th Avenue and around St.Marx Place and Avenue A. To find out how many episodes the series will have, read it.

Production team

American Horror Story: NYC

He moved out of New York to shoot additional parts of the series.They were apparently installed in J Harvey Turnure Memorial Park in the city of White Plains in Westchester.In September 2022, the cast and team were also seen on Fire Island, where several key scenes were shot for

Season 11 American Horror Story.