Among us, the date of webtoon in English announced by Seven Seas Entertainment

The transformation of AU into a licensed edition requires special talent!Photo: Shilin Huang

Seven Seas Entertainment announced on Twitter that Webtoon, Amongst US will be available in July 2023.Unfortunately, we do not know how many chapters volume 1 will have, because the history is up to 46 chapters in the Webtoon application and they are very short.

But tweet says that the graphics will be in full color, and readers will feel like the pranks of the main characters.If you do not want to wait until next year to enjoy history, go to the Webtoon application and read on for free!Seven Seas Entertainment will issue a physical and digital version, but there is not a word about the price.

Veloce and Blackbird are perfect for themselves.But is the world ready to deal with them?Photo: Shilin Huang

What’s among us?

Despite a similar title, this story has nothing to do with the popular game Among Us, unless it plays one or both of our main characters!Amongst US to Au from Webtoon the creator of Shilin Huang, Carciphon.

In Amongst US Veloce and Blackbird are ordinary people in modern society.They got stuck, waiting at the airports, playing video games and loving music.

Veloce plays cello, and Blackbird is a conductor.Life is good, but it is not always easy.Falling in love with your polar opposite leads to funny problems.

Especially when you compare them to their wizards and killers from Carivhona, this means an alternative universe, if you don’t know what Au is.The most common example is fanfiction.

But in this case, Amongst Us has the right to be a canon.You don’t have to read Cariphon to enjoy us.

But taking into account art and how well the plot is going on, it is certainly worth getting acquainted with it.

She is full of memes!

It turns out that Veloce is a player.So when she and Blackbird go home, says Blackbird to take the phone out of her pocket.

Blackbird asks if Veloce sees that someone is trying to rob another passenger, but Veloce replies that not.However, someone will catch Charizard and she wants him!

Kos doesn’t seem to be amused, but if I were there, I would also choose Charizard.However, the description on the anime-Planet describes the story of some form of fire in the trash, and the humor goes well with it.

These women do not lead a enchanted life, but it seems that you can connect to it.Sometimes they fight for small things, and sometimes for more important things.

Of course, what they consider to be secondary or significant is different, but the relationship seems true.