Amouanth: Streamer makes a terrifying revelations about his life

Amouanth, a very famous streamer and one of the most important figures of Twitch, made terrifying confessions of her private life with her husband.

If it seems that everything goes well for a streamer Amounth, behind the scenes she talks about life in a real hell and being a victim of abuse on the part of her husband.

Amounth talks about his nightmare

With 5.9 million subscribers on Twitch, Kaitlyn Michelle Siragus Alias Amoranth is one of the basic data on the platform.But now, behind the idyllic image, the life of a young serpentine would be much darker.During her last life, she actually condemned her husband’s abuse, because yes, she is not lonely.According to what she explains, her partner forced her to pretend that she was alone and to enter the category “swimming pools, jacuzzi and beaches” in a unique way to attract more and more the world, and thus generate even more money.In addition to Twitch, Amounth has a very profitable online account, which has recently been hacked.

Her husband allegedly threatened to take control of all her accounts, which he is to, and to break out almost all her income or squand him into cryptocurrencies and others.

Amouanth’s husband also allegedly threatened to kill his dogs.Streamer also revealed messages that confirm the threats explained during her life.Another streamer and her friend, Alinity, sent the police to her home to make sure she is safe, but she can’t get any further information.