And Plague Tale Requiem: Victim of large leaks.Watch out for spoilers!

Note, huge spoilers and Plague Tale Requiem circulate on the web, which can completely ruin the story and experience for players.

After Gotham Knights, the turn on A Plague Tale Requiem.The long -awaited continuation of the French narrative game fell victim to several leaks on the web since last night.It’s about players who probably had their own copy and who are having a great time.

Watch out for spoilers and plague Tale Requiem

Watch out while browsing social networks.Very large spoilers have been released for several hours and Plague Tale Requiem.We are not talking about several images of the environment or screenshot without context, but about good leaks that can ruin the impressions of players and are disgusting.Asobo and Focus Entertainment called, however, those who had their own copy in advance so that they did not spoil the game to others, but the call to ephemeral glory on Twitter will of course be stronger.

That is why we recommend avoiding Reddit and hiding words and Plague Tale in social networks as often as possible.To do this, go to Twitter and then to your settings.Go to “privacy and security” and then “hide and block”.Then add as many terms as possible in “masked words”.Insert all possible variations: a Plague Tale, and Plague Tale Requiem, Requiem, Plague Tale, Amia, Hugo and others.Protect yourself as much as possible before the premiere of October 18.