Andor Episode 6: Who died?Who survived?

Find out who the characters are in episode 6 Andorra

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who died in episode 6

, read on!Episodes 4 and 5 Andorra prepared the ground for a mission to Aldhani, in which


And his team will use the heavenly event on the planet to steal an imperial salary for the sector.Because most episodes 4 and 5 in Andorra are devoted to history and interactions between members of the new group of Rebels Cassian, it was very likely that not everyone would come out of it.


Andor 6

He proved that these fears are well justified, as a result of which many characters die in both the expected and surprising way.The robbery on Aldhani began almost immediately in

Andor episode 6

, which did not waste time describing the brutal reality of the war with the fascist regime, such as the Empire.To find out how many episodes he will have the first season, read it.

Unfortunately, many new members of Cassian’s crew were killed during the mission.Before we go further, you can read everything about episode 7 HERE.Otherwise, here it is!

Who died in the 6th episode of Andor!

Who died in the 6th episode of Andor?

Despite months of preparation, the robbery did not go according to plan and not only more than half of Vela rebels died.Among those who

They died in episode 6 Andor were:

Lieutenant Gorn

The imperial deserter is the first to cut when the shooting begins and we see how it falls to the ground.Episode 6 does not end at the moment, suggesting that he was simply wounded.If so, the imperial will want to set an example that he is a traitor.


Seducted as a former stormtrooper in episode 6, he runs out of hiding to help Vel, but is hit by the imperial explosion of Blaster, and his dead body is seen when the group escapes.


The most tragic death in episode 6 is Nemika, crushed by a heavy palette of loans, when the freighter is to leave the facility soon.The team tries to help Nemik, but a stranger to whom they take him cannot save him.


He has been a suspicious figure since his first appearance, and Episode 6 has certainly confirmed.that when he came up with the idea of sharing profits from the robbery with Andor and abandoning Vel.Cassian took advantage of the opportunity to cause Skeen’s death before the former prisoner could repay for a favor.

Who survived episode 6?

Andor Casian

We know that the fate of Cassian is sealed in Rogue 1 so that he can survive, but the robbery was no less exciting.


The team leader spent the months planning a robbery and is desperate that almost all of her teammates fell during this attack.He is particularly suspicious of Andor after he admits to kill Skeen.


The last living member of the seizure team escapes in the blink of an eye and will be omitted.We see how he puts on an imperial uniform as the assault progresses, and when the gang escapes with a freighter, we see how it runs out of the imperial building when the meteorite of the eye of God illuminates the sky.However, it will turn out whether it will be captured by the Empire, because it seems that it is not possible to leave the planet Aldhani.