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Explanation of the end of episode 7 in Andorra

, read on!There will be no retreat ┬╗says Luthen Mon Mothma in an episode regarding the retaliation of the Empire after a shameful raid on Aldhani.There is a calmer hour, slowly approaching the inevitable clash between the rebels and the Empire, offering a greater goal to those who remained in recent weeks.

The apartment from the destruction of the Planet of the Empire never seemed more real and terrifying.The reaction of the Empire to theft of Aldhani is as brutal as fast.The only surprise is that there is no attack or attack.Instead, rebels and planets that support them are treated the same way: taxes are imposed and extraordinary funds are introduced.To learn more about episode 8, click here.

Writing ISB scenes, especially since the topic is so dry, is clever and strict.Even a reference to Palpatine by Colonel Yularen, returning from New Hope, effectively reflects the seriousness of the situation.In a real world filled with transparent dictatorships and gross violations of human rights, which everyone can see, this is a surprising and current reminder of how quickly an authoritarian shoe can press people throat.Here

Explanation of the end of the 7th episode andor!

Final explanation andor episode 7

On the one hand, Syril Karn takes a position in Bureau of Standards, while Dedra Meero finally wins and sees her investigation into Ferix’s crime is explained to the bitterness of her male colleagues.Cassian returns home, but he is not able to convince Maarvy to run with him to the planet, while Mon Mothma is working on starting the rebellion, collecting funds he needs, although he knows that the Empire is interested.


Episode 7 Andor

It may seem that this is a long dialogue phase, but it is a necessary prologue before the action returns.Cassian moves to Niamos and calls himself Keef Girgo.You can see him how he lives with a woman who tells him to give her food for breakfast.

Until the end

Episode 7 Andor

When dealing with cases, Cassian notices the escaping thief.authorities.He was discovered by a stormtrooper who asks if he is associated with a given thief.Then the soldier calls Droid KX to keep an eye on Cassian.Shortly thereafter, he is wrongly sentenced to six years in prison for something he did not do.Perhaps this is related to the fact that the rebels are developing a plan to free him and bring him home.

Vel Sartha was warned against Cassian, so it can be a trick to capture him.Having said that, the series gained momentum, even if not every episode is full of action.To find out how many episodes he will have the first season, read it.


I or 7 episode 7

He opens us to what awaits us.Will there be another rebel attack with Cassian on your side?In the Syril and Dedry road series, at some point they will cut, which will lead to an interesting plot.Whether the first one will work with BSI or change the pages and join the rebels, remember that he has a conscience and does not necessarily come from the Empire.It is best to end for now


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