Andor Episode 8: What is the date and time of release in Disney Plus?

All information on the release of Andor Episode 8!Date and time of release, etc.

Andor is available at Disney Plus!

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When the premiere of the 8th episode will take place

, read on!We have no doubt: Andor is the best series of Star Wars era.The Mandalorian is a wonderful, nostalgic and fun series, but this series has a different caliber: emotional, intelligent and enriches the galaxy far beyond it.

The last episode was a robbery on Aldhani, under the magnificent eye rays shining like a meteorite.They were successful, but the number of side damage is high.To get an explanation of the end of episode 7 in Andorra, read this.

Episode 7 takes place right after and shows that


He is not interested in cheap chills, allowing each character to breathe, process and struggle with evolving reality, some may seem that a slower pace is difficult to bear, but it was a necessary step back.

Before the end of the episode, we go to sunny Niamos on the beach, where Nicholas Britell composes pop and unique music for this occasion, which attracts attention.Everything seems calm to Cassian, until a soldier confuses him with one of the escaping local criminals, and he is detained by a rather friend of the robot, not K-2SO, but definitely a robot from the KX series, which can herald the next arrival of Alan Tdyk’s robot.

As part of the re -judgment order, Cassian receives a series of charges and is sentenced to six years in prison;We can only assume that Luthen or rebels will pull him out of this mess.We’ll tell you all this

Premiere of the 8th episode of Andor in Disney Plus

!We’ll tell you everything.

What is the date and time of release andor Episode 8 in Disney Plus?

Waiting is not very long anymore.Release date

Episode 8 Andor in Disney Plus

It was established on October 26, 2022 for the impatient, premiere of the 8th episode of Andor in Disney Plus was established at 9 am in Spain!To find out how many episodes of the first season there will be, read it.

What can we expect after continuing?

Episode 8 Andor

Next week, a new, three -day thread will start on Disney Plus, which means that the activities of Rebellia and Mon Mothmy to end the Empire will continue.It is also possible that Syril Karn and Dedra Meero will join forces or at least pass the paths after approving the investigation into Ferix events.There are several story threads to be solved, and maybe

Episode 8 Andor in Disney Plus

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