Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead) in Spin-Off Daryla?This tip that leaves little doubt, follow us

What if Andrew Lincoln played The Walking Dead on Daryl’s spin-off?The tip leaves little space for doubts.

Contrary to popular belief, Andrew Lincoln did not quite end the universe of The Walking Dead.This crazy theory is confirmed by a photo of the actor taken in France, where Norman Reedus is to shoot the spin-off of the series devoted to Daryl.Pure accident?It’s hard to believe in a case.The director and producer Greg Nicotero has long been working on this project, one of the three extensions of The Walking Dead, which should be sent to the United States next year to AMC.For now, Andrew Lincoln confirmed his return to the skin of his character only on the occasion of spin-off.Rick & Michonne with his companion Danai Gurira.

This Tuesday, October 18, the Twitter account @andyLincolnnews published a photo of a fan on which we see an actor posing on the side of the famous Rue des Rosiers in Paris.There is no more doubt: in France something great can be prepared.It will turn out if Andrew Lincoln takes a simple break to enjoy falafel or is plotting something with his partner

Norman Reedus

, which is shy to unscrew in terms of one’s own.During the Comic Con in New York, the translator Rick promised to his fans that they would find The Walking Dead in the series “Many Friends of the Faces”.Comments he had already on the set of Tonight Show: “I imagine that these characters [Daryl et Carol] will meet again at some point, and maybe even other characters later.”

After The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln appears in a new series of horror movies

On October 25, Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pacific Rim) will open the door of the curiosity of the curiosities in the anthology series available on Netflix, whose each episode will be directed by a different filmmaker.The possibility of establishing by Andrew Lincoln a different costume than Rick Gimes costume in “unprecedented and defining the species of a collection of stories to challenge our traditional concept of horror.”The Walking Dead star will give a replica to other sizes.Among them, Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley in Saga Harry Potter), Peter Weller (Robocop face) and even Crispin Glover (father of Marty McFly in a return to the future).