Animated 16 types of original Line stamps “Nana” Yazawa Ai is here!”I’ve always wanted to draw it!”

“Animated ▽ (heart) a seal commemorating the Yazawa AI exhibition” consisting of a wonderful original line was released the manga stamp of the artist Yazawa Ai, known from various popular works, such as “Tenshi Nanka Ja nai”, “Neighborhood story” and “Nana”.It is currently available in the “Line” messenger application.

The original art exhibition “All Time Best Yazawa Ai Exhibition” began in Shinjuku Takashimaya Event Space in Tokyo in July 2022.From Tokyo and Osaka, and the situation in Yokohama Takashimaya Event Space, Kanagawa, which will last until October 10, is also great because many fans visit her every day.Then it will take place in Okayam, Kyoto and other places in Japan.This announced stamp was released to commemorate this exhibition.

“Animated ▽ (heart) seal commemorating the exhibition Yazawa Ai” presents the joint appearance of the popular characters “Tenshi Nanka Ja nai”, “Neighborhood story”, “Kagen no tsuki” and “Nana” cross the boundaries of their work, and this can only be realized thanksAn exhibition that collects all the historical works of Yazawa.A single set contains a total of 16 stamps, and all illustrations have been drawn by Yazawa.

Check the excellent retouching quality, because special attention was paid to the movement of animation in the smallest details.Legendary famous scenes, such as “Wazatodayo” “Nany”?(This is intentionally) “, they are animated in the author’s original illustrations.Look at 16 types of pleasant stamps that are a combination of “comfortable” and “similar to Yazawa”, which can only be created by Yazawa, who loves to use Line stamps.

Line stamp price “animated stamp commemorating the exhibition ▽ (heart) Yazawa AI” is 250 jPy (with tax) or 100 line coin for each set.Download is available in “Stamp Shop” in the “Line” application or in “Line Store”.

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Yazawa AI

Thank you for your support every time, I’m Yazawa.I am in the seventh heaven because I can spend the line stamps that I loved and wanted to draw when the exhibition is still ongoing.Thank you very much!I worked on this because I dreamed about having a product that everyone can easily get, regardless of whether he was present, he goes to the exhibition or cannot participate in the exhibition.But isn’t it a bit reckless that it is animated, even though I drew it for the first time?I managed to finish after various bends, but I felt that the creators of stamps were amazing people!I respect you!I would be grateful if you used my unprofessional debut stamp “Animated ▽ (heart) on the occasion of the Yazawa AI exhibition”.

(C) Yazawa Comic Production/Shueisha

“Animated stamp commemorating the exhibition ▽ (heart) Yazawa AI”