Animation Shenmue withdrawn from Adult Swim, season 2 probably canceled

It seems that Ryo’s search for Hazuk’s assassin his father can never be resolved – at least not in animated form.The first season of “Shenmue The Animation” is no longer available in HBO Max or Adult Swim, which was withdrawn from the list after the merger of the mother company Warner Bros from Discovery.Co -creator of Toonami, Jason Demarco, looked at his official on Wednesday

Twitter account

to comment on the list of cuts programs published by the account


.In his commentary, Demarco confirmed that the Anime Shenmue may not get the second season.This happens despite the ongoing preparations for the start of production after the success of the first season.

I’m sorry guys.This is what happened.You can still watch the whole anime on Crunchyroll and it will still be available for download in a digital version.And yes, it looks like S2 in Shenmue, although unfortunately – it did so well that we were getting ready for S2.Maybe someday‚Ķ

– Spiral Curse Demarco (@clarknova1)

September 28, 2022

Demarco confirmed, however, that Shenmue The Animation and titles such as Blade Runner: Black Lotus and Fena: Pirate Princess will still be available at Crunchyroll.Because Crunchyroll was a co -producer of three series, he retains the rights to stream transmission.Content restrictions are above all a way for Warner Bros and Discovery to reduce tax costs and burdens after the merger.As such, they mainly affect the presence in HBO and related channels.Losses also do not affect the publication, although it is possible that the company can later change the mind and completely remove the program.Finally, the Final Space, another program in Adult Swim, was “written on losses” so exactly that the streaming, physical and digital editions were immediately suspended.

Demarco’s subsequent comments noticed that while the losses affect current programs, planned and in progress, productions remain on the track.Adult Swim produces and co -produces new anime, such as Housing Complex C, adaptation of Uzumaki Junji Ito, as well as other works related to FLCL.

Shenmue the animation Season One can be seen on Crunchyroll.The first two Shenmue games are available on PS4, Xbox One and PC as remasters.Shenmue III is available on PS4 and PC.