Anime announcement for autumn 2022

Autumn 2022 is a historically burdened anime season, the result of concentration in principle the annual value of the best talents in one explosion through bold and sometimes aggressive management.He deserves a deep delve into many of these titles and bands behind them – excellent veterans, very promising young people and experimental artists conducting their own projects.

–Chainsaw man

-Mob psycho 100 III

-Do it yourself!!

-Bocchi The Rock!

-Yama no Susume: next peak

-Pui Pui Molcar: Driving lessons

-Pop team epic season 2

– Mobile Station Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

-The tatami Time machine blues

-Karknights: Prelude to Dawn

– play cool, guys

-Beach: a thousand -year blood war

– Instaling titles

A man with a chain saw (PV)

Director: Ryu Nakayama

The main director of the episode: Masato commanded

Character designer, main director of the animation: Kazutak Sugyama

Demon project: Kiyotak Oshiyama

Action director: Tatsuya Yoshihara

Artistic director: Yusuke Take Da

Composer: Kensuke Ushio


I suppose there is no better place to start looking at the extremely burdened season than the title that raises the most attention and excitement, perhaps historically the highest level.

Chainsaw Man

He was a phenomenon in a way that there could be very few still manga series, and before he received anime, the project pressed all the right buttons to become a megahit.The dazzling production values, the market attractiveness of the style they went with, the brand’s strength, and even time to free a team of stars as recognition for a specific type of brilliant creator who packs this band, is at all-the highest time, all in this is a huge success in this.And this is something that the mapping studio will be delighted with, because it surprised me positively, being the only investors of this title and avoiding interfering with such common executive manufacturers from other companies;By the way, this is not even the only popular title this season in which the committee was abandoned, which you would not expect after listening to the free propaganda machine of the studio.

As you probably know, managing the project is the director of the series

Ryu Nakayama

.Given how perfectly the project is planned to succeed, why entrust it to a young man who basically has no experience, the narrative driver?While we will have time to reach the heart of the project during our report from the program, the features of Nakayama are obvious regardless of that.We are talking about an attractive action animator and effects, specialties that have never cost the priority of character expression, as the most extreme sequences showed in

Yozakura Quartet: Hana No Uta

– Probably the moment when young Nakayama advanced from an exciting perspective to the ace of the present.The idea of liquidity is abused when it comes to animation, becoming a universal term for praise even in cases where the style is not fluid, but the fluidity of the nakayama is in this way infinitely satisfying, without requiring a huge number of drawings.

As one of the most famous members of the second wave of Webgen animators in the anime, Nakayama can boast of an enviable set of connections;Its feature, which is not only a factor on which CSM is based, but is also developed in all directions.You don’t have to look further than basic staff to find his mentors and friends, equally talented people like

Tatsuya yoshihara

who, in turn, attract interesting friends – and thus begin the magnetism process of Sakuga, which often when it comes to particularly burdened productions, I refer to one good example of the richness of the rich.At the same time, Nakayama took advantage of – or rather personally – the opportunity to take young artists under his wing without experience in commercial animation.These artists are directly supervised by a unique craftsman, which in return strengthens the position of Nakayama as someone who can reach for a harsh but powerful pool of young Indies.

I mean, while I understand the fears of fans wondering if someone who has never directed the series was ready for the title of this rank, the very presence of Nakayama offers huge benefits, which are obvious to anyone who has even the weakest idea about howThe anime industry works.It is easy to idealize directors as visionaries who only make creative choices, but when it comes down to this, work requires countless technical controls and you can be pissed off if your personality and network of relationships will not help you protect the team with appropriate staff.Nakayama embodies all solutions that are easily considered to be obvious as a viewer, and, which is worth, deeply interacting

underrated identity narrative

swojego teledysku Eve

Raison d’Etre

He proved that he is more than a glorified manager with technical knowledge.Between the production muscles, which we know he is packing, and the creative finesse, which he suggests that he has, CSM has all the ingredients to kick his ass in a serious way.

Is there any catch then?Maybe not, but the fight, absolutely.Creating art is not a simple mathematical equation, even in a generous scenario, in which you can ignore time more or less – now it is a number that can do or spoil your project.CSM really has all the right ingredients to achieve a very effective success, but no matter how many tangible resources you have, there is no guarantee that you will capture the charm of the author such as

Tatsuki Fujimoto

, all about intangible values.

CSM is a violent story about killing the devil, a scandalously funny comedy in the style of film B, a poignant social fear and emotional family story; Often all at the same time. The way he achieves is not about segregating all the different moods, but thanks to the consistently unusual presentation of Fujimoto, which will make you smile through tears, twist the funny gags in a terrifying way and reach catharsis in scenes that make you happily Camn his clowning. Unlike the controlled Fujimoto chaos, the anime seems to be more monotonous by default. The one that looks constantly, feels and tastes like an expensive project, with compulsory restraint, which results from it. This does not mean that they will get rid of humor – impossible with such a surreal scenario – or that it will remain as gloomy as the first episode was throughout the duration of the series, but it certainly does not work in as many modes as the ridiculous source material. And this can be the biggest challenge in the long run: can CSM capture the chaotic genius of Fujimoto in all its forms, or will improve experience and remain only a fancy spectacle? The latter would be a fun show, and the first potential all time.

As we mentioned earlier, we will definitely discuss the series, which is why I did not feel the need to get to trifles of production yet.To some extent, writing about the series seems to be a duty.The amazing popularity of CSM will generate endless discourse, largely containing the views of people who do not regularly watch anime – something that I feel that it fits perfectly to the series, taking into account Fujimoto’s influence, remember.However, for every fascinating small piece of writers with a film background it is already clear that we will get huge media unloading poorly studied fragments, acting under the assumption that the anime and these Dziarski Japanese are simply unrecognizable, so let’s just run with unfounded speculation.I do not have the impression that we can root the discourse ourselves in production realities, but publishing information still seems to be a responsible thing.

But to be honest, the reason I decided to write a series is simply that friction between art and commercialism can’t not fascinate me.Can anomaly, such as CSM, repeat itself in a much more financially risky environment such as anime?Is it possible to extract the gap between the crazy Fujimoto scenario and the anime restraint as a new source of CSM surrealism?These are questions that I hope to answer, describing the development of its production at moment to moment.

MOB Psycho 100 III (PV)

Main director: Yuzuru Tachikawa

Director: Takahiro Hasui

Character designer, main director of the animation: Yoshimichi Camerada

Artistic Director: Ryo Kono


For those of you who have not been with us so long, here is a short window in the past: the Sakuga blog was founded in July 2016, and MOB Psycho 100 was the first program that we considered worthy of a broader range;Do not knock your own corner, but I would say that we made a good choice.We continued this relationship with the second season, up to the historic fifth episode, which had to shorten our brains so hard that we were not able to write again about Moba – and so it is an excuse with which we run.A few years later, the series is ready to end the adaptation of anime in the third and last season.What a journey it was and how lucky we have survived it!

As the times change, the circumstances of production also change.Schedule

Yuzuru Tachikawa

He was already tight because he directed the adaptation

Blue Giant

, which resulted in the appointment of the new director of the series

Takahiro Hasui.

He was entrusted with practical duties, while Tachikawa remained in the project in a position more focused on supervision … Although from time to time he delved into the process of creating scenes, because he is the type of director who simply cannot help but engage.Hasui started at the Bones studio in 2012 as a production assistant, but ultimately decided on the director’s career instead of becoming a producer.Has become the main part of projects such as the third season

Bungo Stray Dogs


SK8 The Infinity

, until he finally landed as the director of the series with Mob.However, this jumping should not be treated after various roles and series as an outsider – he has already directed the sixth episode of the second season, a serious duty, given his predecessor.

Another change concerns the designer form

Yoshimichi camera

, who took the position of the main director of the animation after successful avoiding this over the last two seasons.This means that he is able to supervise the corrections of other animation directors, and if the first episodes are to pass, his powerful touch is still undoubted.Are you worried that you may not be able to directly direct animations in one or two episodes, as in the previous two seasons?Well, you shouldn’t, because he does it anyway.As you can see, at first glance, the changes at the top of this production seem to be, the truth is that the differences end there: all the remaining key players return to their positions for the last time, which is fantastic news, considering their qualityprevious work.

Certainly, all manga readers know what to expect from the last season of the narrative, but what about things only related to the animation?First of all, it is worth noting that the production of this season has been completed earlier;More precisely around late spring.Although ending things early is not particularly unique for the mafia, and not even positive, if you simply move unreasonable terms, the way MOB managed conveniently, distinguishes it from the sad norm in the industry;Something that can be confirmed by a team that has moved from this production to a music title this season.We should be happy that this is not only this type of production to collect the best chefs, but also give everything enough time in the oven.

And who are these chef artists again?In the end we are talking about MOB Psycho 100, a title known for presenting the greatest talents in the industry, so of course you would be interesting.Without spoiling the surprises, you can expect a return of a certain animator/director with a cult competing with giant broccoli of the series, perhaps the debut directed by the episode of a certain effect animator, who has not worked too much on the series so far and a significant contributionthat he did not participate at all.And who knows, maybe some extremely popular ACE animators took this last opportunity to go to psycho.


I just want to notice that my good friend Libo was too busy to write on the site for a long time and only now I found the opportunity to come back to refuse me the pleasure of writing about Mob Psycho.All I can do to relieve pain is to wait for episode #08, the number I chose for no specific reason.You know, it’s just a feeling about the potential episode of the year.

Do it yourself!!(PV)

Author: I wonder who the person under the pseudonym is, who is the term Dennou Coil

Director: Kazuhiro Yoneda

Character designer, main director of the animation: Yusuke Matsuo

Propysite designers: Yuki Yonemori, Kei Kato

DIY designer, manager and assistant: Swaro

Artistic Director, artistic designer: Yuka Okamoto


Do you know what your life could?A relaxed, relaxing cartoon – but one that actually embodies it through its whole being, and not just anime with a calm mood.Iyashikei titles are not uncommon, but these are type programs

Do it yourself!!

, which open your eyes to the possibility of full fulfillment of their promise.Diy is to handicrafts and proactivity at a time when the constant progress of technology is trying to convince us that it is no longer worth dealing with them;Which means an interesting scenario with a low immediate stake, and thus an ideal premise for a fascinating, laid back time.

Its pleasant color and graphic design are just the beginning of visualizations that invite you to this world, whose greatest strength can be projects and philosophy of animation

Yusuke “Fugo” Matsuo


borrows his own ideas

to find the perfect balance between the cartoon fun and naturalism in body speech, which allows



precision DIY process

As all this, it appears naturally in this program.While there is a clear intention, how his world consists of, a member of the industry emphasized their spout of this program, noting that they did not feel pressure to focus on specific elements while watching.His animation is technically excellent, but also trouble -free.His composition of the scenes is quite well thought out, and at the same time so encouraging that there is no sense of pressure in it.Many anime can offer a relaxing time, but you will have difficulty finding one that would be so loose in nature in all his creative aspects.

This itself will make DIY to your time, but what would happen if there was more for it?As an original anime, he owes a lot of its quality to the director of the series

Kazuhiro Yoneda

– Returning, reliable presence in the Pine Jam studio.But who is the mysterious Imago, who is attributed alongside Avex Pictures the original concept of the series?It is certainly a coincidence that this name is

terminem w

Dennou Coil

, a passion project of a living legend

Mitsuo ISO

.Of course,

His own website

It’s also called Imago, but it doesn’t have to mean anything.Although we know that DIY IMAGO

He is also an artist

, it is not that ISO is the only person in the world who can draw.He is also not the only lover of puns in this world, although I have to admit that the multi -layered game of words in which the protagonist inadvertently calls her the stupid technique of a familiar 3D printer, is the noteworthy creation of puns.

And really, how does it matter that the main manufacturer DIY

Tomohiko Iwase

is a longtime friend of ISO who recently produced his new series

The Orbital Children

.Certainly it is an invented series of coincidences, as well as the fact that surprisingly rich building of the world in DIY strongly resembles his charmingly bizarre near future.Wouldn’t it be cool if such a prophetic mind like his, often offering an optimistic view of technology, turned to praise creating things with his own hands?It sounds as if it were great fun if it was real, right?I bet you won’t believe in response to all these hypothetical ones.

Bocchi rock!(PV)

Director: Keiichiro Saito

Assistant of the Director of the series: Yusuke “Nara” Yamamoto

Character designer, main director of the animation: Kerorira

Live concert director: Yusuke Kawaki

Main animator of the concert live: Yuki Ito

Artistic Director: Yasunao Moriyasu

Designer: Taracod

2D works: Aoi Umeki

Photo director: Tsubasa Kanamori


Bocchi The Rock!

He deserves more than reducing it to perfect adaptation.Its source material may be the funniest series I read under the slogan

Manga Time Kirara

-Once 4th thanks to K-on!Phenomenon, currently a definitely less widespread brand.Light stories about lonely girls in this species space are quite common, as is the musical theme, but Bocchi is distinguished by nonchalant peel;This is not the darkest humor that can be encountered, but definitely sharper than his peers, sprinkled with punch line so funny that he escapes dry when he is a bit mean.Along with quite honest commitment to the subject, apparently shown on the title page of each chapter, which is a tribute to the famous music video, you have a very charming small series without the need to come up with the circle again.

This is something that a key member of his anime adaptation realized years ago.Normally you would assume that this person in the center of all this would be the director, perhaps the producer who pressed it – and of course you would be wrong.As the beloved animation producer revealed

Shouta Umehara

, in fact she is a character designer and the main director of the animation


Port him back in 2019

.Although this is an unusual starting point, it is worth noting that it was not a particularly shocking disclosure.We are talking about an artist who has always been open to his love for the series, to such an extent that

He shared short animated clips from this series on social media

;By the way, this one was published only a few weeks after the proposal, which Umehara mentioned.

But instead of the event itself, it is worth considering this is the context in which it happened.In 2022, it is a full Kerorira debut in character design, but until his presentation in 2019 he was barely in the industry for a year or two and did not supervise a single episode.If he turned to anyone except Umehara, the idea would probably not go anywhere – but fortunately we are talking about someone with exceptional scout abilities, courage to put on fresh talents, and then management skills, so that it all happens … Unfortunately, sometimes it harms his own health.

Umehara’s trust in young, unverified talents is the most obvious when he appointed

Keiichiro Saito

for the director for the first time.Even the most skeptical judges would have to admit that despite having only a few episodes on their account as a director, most of these possibilities won

Singo Natsume

She should be enough for him to learn.ropes.Instead of a lack of experience, a perceived risk factor for an artist like Saito is his untamed idiosincrasion.As an animator, he quickly stood out in his persistence in reducing the number of drawings, proving again and again that it is a profitable tool for

realistic authenticity



and, of course

funny animation

.After obtaining freedom as a director, Saito showed that his unusual quirks as an animator could be his most tame side;Once again, I can only encourage people to experience a self -sufficient, emotional journey of love and subordination that was

Sonny Boy

No. 08, his biggest contribution to Natsume’s most experimental work.

Given this background, you may be surprised by hearing that Bocchi is not a fundamentally transforming adaptation.Instead of reformulating a perfectly pleasant series, Saito cleverly improves the original work, with

nieocenioną pomocą autorki

Eriki Yoshidy

.Even in his relative restraint, it can be expected that Saito will continue to promote a very broad approach to animation – including some live film materials, because why not – at the same time focusing on her directing efforts on improving topics that the original work could never develop.A funny gag series about a lonely girl now

enlivens loneliness

, giving her a completely new layer of emotional resonance, while maintaining her original fun.In the hands of a unique team of animators, such as the one that surrounds this main team, and thanks to promises, such as live performances in full 2D, it is difficult not to excite what is to come.

A mandatory complaint is one that you can already guess if you know how Aniplex works.The relative opacity of production lines in anime studies means that viewers assume that there must be a way to organize so many parallel projects, but when it comes to Cloverworks, I am afraid to say that there is no reasonable answer.Popular bands, such as Umehara, basically do not have breaks even after exhausting projects, and the staff overlapping to various work becomes the more terrifying, the more you find out.Bocchi will be finished, largely thanks to the absurd individual contributions, such as Kerorira himself, animating the equivalent of many entire episodes, but you will never get the absolutely best, which the team can offer in such conditions.A bitter aftertaste of what is also fun and lively animated – of course, which we will write about on this page.

Yama No Susume: Next Summit (PV)

Director, composer of the series, sound director: Yusuke Yamamoto

Character designer, main director of the animation: Yusuke Matsuo

Artistic director: Ayumi Miyakoshi

Photographic director: Hiroshi Sato


Yama No Susume: next peak

It is like celebrating yourself and how conceited the complacency project can be, in the case of Yamasus it seems to be completely deserved.His adventures from the anime began in 2013, from a short series in a special time period, which the publisher Comic Earth Star devoted to adaptations lasting below five minutes.Although the project was so small, he was already lucky in a perfectly matched team;Do not search further than the director of the series

Yusuke Yamamoto

, a photography and open air lover, thanks to which he is the perfect choice for the series about mountaineering.Among all of them, the designer of the character and the main director of the animation Yusuke “Fugo” Matsuo once again clearly stood out.Not only did he provide her series charming, since then constantly evolving projects, but also got stuck to make technical corrections, while allowing others to flourish every week.What’s more, his increasingly inevitable magnetism attracted all kinds of talented artists to the series, starting from this first season.

Thanks to the commissioning of the team, as well as the crowds of fans that have never been. The huge, but still consistent in his support, Yamasus could return for many seasons, often increasing its range about the rows of size. This covered the length – from the initial microformat to half the length, and then full sections to the third season – but also the emotional range and the ambition of its arches. The first season was a light comedy with a high voltage, almost out of necessity, but taking into account enough space and even larger artists, Yamasus achieved dramatic ups, ethereal notes and still retained his original, charming melody. When it started, no one would guess that a short series about girls climbing in the mountains, which just had a neat small team, would release real sections of all time by the best directors and animators of their time. At this point, it seems that this is the normality of Yamasus.

If it were all, the new season, which starts with patting on the back through repeating previous events, would be justified; A good chance to catch up after a 4 -year break, and certainly a legacy that is worth visiting again. The truth is, however, that Yamasusu is a story about well -being at an even more personal level, rarely found in this industry. Artists undertaking work on the series, which inspired them, the one they looked at as beginner animators is an archetypal cheerful story – one that we often see related to mass, long -lasting franchises. Yamasus does not have such a presence in the mainstream, but that’s why it became such an important, underestimated presence in anime. The industry began to open the gate for young animators who give up traditional training and are recruited directly from social media, but their goal is almost exclusively focused on action titles that urgently need labor. As for beginner artists who want to focus strictly on the acting of the characters, Yamasus is an ideal destination: their preferred register, many specialized directors who can maximize him, unique superiors from which you can learn, and the history of very stiff production schedules to make Protect them from the usual fall of television anime.

Because of this situation, it became common to see aspiring artists who prayed for the chance to appear in the series, and then fulfill this dream for the next season.One episode was enough for Next Summit to show that this phenomenon would not stop in the near future;first animators

The spotlight is stealing

in this season

This is Ryousuke Shinkai and Yusei Koumoto, two mass fans of the series with the history of their books and the Yamasus books and

spreading its influence on other titles

which preceded their appearance in this series.In fact, this applies to those who go beyond your traditional creative roles, such as animation and direction.Despite

seemingly transferred studies

away from 8-bit

Kisei Fujity YamaSusu. strong> do tej pory zarządzał produkcją każdego kawałka nowego materiału filmowego, a na dłuższą metę zostanie nawet jako producent liniowy serialu. W 2020 roku

modlił się o szansę na zrobienie YamaSusu

, po tym jak był w stanie zarządzać kilka jego odcinków w trzecim sezonie. Dwa lata później, pomimo przywiązania do Khary,

marzenie się spełniło

, a on kieruje produkcją z bardziej widocznej roli. Biorąc pod uwagę, że zdobył już żywą legendę, taką jak Kou Yoshinari, do samodzielnego animowania wielu sekwencji końcowych, myślę, że wszyscy powinniśmy być zadowoleni, że YamaSusu ma taką moc spełniania marzeń.

It will certainly take several episodes at Next Summit to show their true power, because they placed these improved summaries of the previous material for the first 4 weeks.His first episode seems stupid, because he directly contrasts the pure comedy from the original series with a prologue, which embodies the more reflective nature of the later parts of the series, allowing you to calmly immerse yourself in the stage atmosphere.And yet even this somewhat chaotic prologue seems to summarize its values;About the development of the series over the years, with many styles that it contains, on the spirits that uplive the stories behind its unique team.Yamasusu Always Feels Like a Small Miracle by Itself, But in a Season Where We Have Two Wonderful and Already Finnished Shows with Fugo Animation Designs, It makes me wonder if and inadvertently traded away a few years of my life for this.A deal and might take, mind you.

Pui Pui Molcar: Driving School (PV)

Author, Supervisor: Tomoki Misato

Director, Writer, Storyboarder: Hana Ono

Stop Motion Animators: Shouta Ogawa, Makoto Takano, Atsuko Miyake, Kakiuchi Yukari, Kazushige Toma, Yasuko Abe

2D Animators: Yutaro Kubo, Satomi Maiya, Akino Fukuji, Hana Ono


Although it didn’t necesarily have as Much of an impact overseas,


Was A Viral Sensation in Japan, by all Means One of the Most Beloved Anime of Last Year.We actually featured it in our look at winter 2021 titles, Summarizing ITS Appeal with the Wise Words of ITS Author;Truly, it’s all about guinea pigs who’ve turned into cars.That Simple Concept Could Have Carried the Whole Series by Itself, Especily with Its Short and Easily Digestible Format.The Premise Is Inherently Amusing After All, AS Is Watching The Stop-Motion Animation Where Wool, Cotton, Plastic Toys, and Sometimes Human Beings Interactive Together In Quirky Ways.As It Turns Out, Though, Original Creator

Tomoki Misato

IS A DELIGHTFUL Weirdo Who Couldn’t Help Buch Turn His Family-Friendly Mixed-Media Series Into a Bit of a Multilayered Experience.

For one, mission cherrypicked fun scenarios from

All Sorts

Of Films

That would be entertaining to recreate with His ToolSet, and Most Importantly, He Packed the World with Details That Will Leave You Pondering About About all their implications;Unelike live-action health some visual information is incidental, he siid, absoltyth parthing you see in his sets was put there on a purple.Sometimes it was a small reveal about the characters, perhaps a curious detail about the guinea pig cars ’physiology and the society around them, or maybe it was a nightmarish implication about the setting that would be angy at you for a week.Molcar Episodes Tended to Have a Simple Moral That A Young Audience Could Grass, But there was a recurring Thatsis That Humanity is Foolish Which Older Viewers Might FIND Pretty Amusing.If you Never Got Around to It, The Original Series is a Very Easy Recomendation: Short, Sweet, Stylistically Interesting, and Sometimes an Understated Nightmare.

If Someone Were to Look at This Sequel with SkeptiCISM After the Organic Success of the First Series, and WOURDN’T BLAME THEM.IT’s Worth Remembering That The Original Molcar Was Producer A Long Period of Time with the Intection of Being An Essentially Solo Creation.Although in the end misato have to rely on a group of around 4 other people to animate the show, both the conception and execution of it were were almost entirely in his hands.And, in Part Thanks to the Immedate Success That His Efforts Earned Him, he was all to move onto more ambitious Tasks-shuch as creating his Own Stop-Motion Studio Alongside None Other than studio vit.AS A Consequence, The Mastermind Behind the Original Molcar Will Not Be Returning to this sequel in a significant capacity.

Why feature it here, then?The Truth is that bear passed on the torch to Hana Ono, Who Will Be Directing, Writing, and Storyboarding All of

Pui Pui Molcar: Driving School

Under His Supervision.There are multiple reasons Why Her Name Might Sound Familiar to You.For Starters, She’s One of the Few People Who Assisted Misato During The Original Series, Meaning That She’s More Qualified than Right About About Any Other Potential Replacement.If you Happened to Watch

Pop team epic

Or are other acquainted with Japan’s Alternative Animation Scene, You Might Also Know ono as half of


;The duo that created its

iconic felt puppet sequents

, and Indeed, The Company that will be production this season of molcar with their stop-motion expertise.

When it comes to the aspects they cannot Achieve by Themselves Alone, their Connections Should Suffice: it has attracted not only other reputable stop-motion animators, but also 2d ones adjacent bot to her and mission.This Small Team Includes the Likes of Yutaro Kubo and Satomi Maiya, The Main Creative Forces Behind the Stunning Totskuni no Shoujo anime, as well as other brilliant Geidai Graduates Like Akino Fukuji and ono Herself.Alternative Artists Like Them Have A Very Hard Time Finding Work in the Risk-Averse World of Commercial Animation, But Between Wit’s Ibaraki Branch and Misato’s Eforts, As Well as Individual Titles Like Pop Team Epic and Molcar, They SmallTheir eccentricity is welcome.

AS If to Prove that all that talent is not Going to be wursed, pii pii molcar: driving school opening up with an episode that sums up the appeal of the original.The Scenario and Visual Execution Are Amusing in and of Themselves, and the Unsettling Undertones are if anything Clearer Than Ever, with the Titular Driving School Being Framed As a Prison Filled by Individuals Whose Personhood – Molcarhood?There is No Better Place to Learn About the Human Condition than in the Cartoon About Guinea Pigs Who Have Indeed Become Cars.

POP Team Epic Season 2 (PV)

Director, Series Composer: Jun Aoki (Space Neko Company)

Staff: His pals


From One Unexpeded Hub of Alternative Animators and Unrestless Creativity to the Next, It’s Time for the Greatest Self-Roclaimed Shitty Anime to Return.

Pop team epic

Was The Type of Great Comic You Więdn’t Expect to Get Adapted, Let Alone Done Justice To.Now, this is not because it’s Particularly Profound or Elaborate – We’re Talking About a Series of 4, Often Simple Panels Spanning An Instant.And Yet, Original Author


Keeps using Those Barebones Setups to Subvert the Format, With Non-Sequitur Punchlines That Hiter than reasonable buildup Could, and A Constantly Flippant Attitude Towards Structure, Genre Conventions, and Any Real-Life Institution.A Straightforward Adaptation of the Most Popular Skits Would Have Earned Some Smiles – The Reason Why the Series Was Always a Memetic Sensation is that Many Panels Are Funny Even in ISOLATION – BUT IT WOURDN’T HAVE EMBODED POP MOP TEAM EPIC EDIC EPIC’S Irreverent Spirit.To SO, You’d Need A Transformatic Adaptation with a Similar Disregard for the Norm, and A Company Lacking Enough Common Sense to Fund Such A Project.

Eccentric producer

Kotaro sudo

Found out How Much of a Struggle The Latter Would Be When Hen He Pitched the Idea to King Records Not Just To Produce The Series, But to Singlehandedly Fund It;That Way, They Could Do AS They Pleased Without External Pressures, While Saving Themselves The Pain of Making The Content of Such a Cheeky Series Agreeable to Multiple Companies.SUDO WAME UNDDRANDABLY Rejected, But His Enthusiasm Might Have Caught The Eyes of Seniors Like Executive Producer

Akio Mishima

, Who Vouched for His Crazy Idea and Allowed The Project to Get Going.Sudo Used That Once-In-A-Lifetime Opporturnity to Put Together An Appropriatly Eclectic Team, WHICH THIE GREN EVEN FURTHER IN ORGANIC WAYS, Connecting All Sorts of Animation Talent Through Personal Relationships.He was also the personal behavd desks dry as the looping strutture of the show, an unheard-of solution that address multiple Issues they faced: bkub’s request to have multiple voice casts and the intent to make those part of the gags, the gags, theNeed to fill up a full tv slot with what was shaping up to be a short series, and pop team epic’s inherent desire to be Weird.

The Results Were Appropriately Insane.The Original Strips Were Brought to Life Through

Kamikaze douga

‘S 3D Expertise, All Sorts of 2D Animation Talent From Commercial and Independent Scenes, Felt Puppets, Clay, And One French Guy Whom They Delibetely Never Explained The Content of the Work To So He Had To Adlib Whatever He Thought Pop Team Epic—Which Sums Up What Pop Team Epic is about.While this sequel May not be able to match the genius of the first one, since the impossibly busy state of anime is affection evn the bridge experience weirdos in its outskirts at the moment, it’s clear that the same spirit remains.Pop team epic is still stylistically diverse,

Willing to go Further thanone Else for A Silly Goof

, and ten use all that energy to take a shot at some institution—

Especially If It Happens to Be the One Company That Continues to Fund Them

.Even if its surreal humor doesn’t work for you, it’s hard not to respect dry a thoroughly confident shitpost.

After His Heric Effort in Putting Together So Many of the Elements That Made the First Season Work, Sudo Left King Records and Won’t Be Around for the Second Season.His role is Remembered in Places Such as the Publishing of Pop Team Epic – M MANGA TakeShobo, Who Hung Up a Most Wanted Poster Dedicated to Him They Haven’T Forgotten the Crime of Blowing Up Headquarters Within The Show.The Other Half of This So-Called Mad Max Duo of Rabid Dogs is

Riko Koarai

, The Sole Producer for This Sequel, Reared by Sudo Himself.Season 2 appears to be in the right, reportedly dangerous hands.

˙ʇsodʇıɥs ʇuǝpıɟuoɔ ʎןɥbnoɹoɥʇ ɐ ɥɔns ʇɔǝdsǝɹ oʇ ʇou pɹɐɥ s,ʇı ‘noʎ ɹoɟ ʞɹoʍ ʇ,usǝop ɹoɯnɥ ןɐǝɹɹns sʇı ɟı uǝʌǝ ˙ɯǝɥʇ punɟ oʇ sǝnuıʇuoɔ ʇɐɥʇ ʎuɐdɯoɔ ǝuo ǝɥʇ ǝq oʇ suǝddɐɥ ʇı ɟı ʎןןɐıɔǝdsǝ—uoıʇnʇıʇsuı ǝɯos ʇɐ ʇoɥs ɐ ǝʞɐʇ oʇ ʎbɹǝuǝ ʇɐɥʇ ןןɐ ǝsn uǝɥʇ puɐ ‘ɟoob ʎןןıs ɐ ɹoɟ ǝsןǝ ǝuoʎuɐ uɐɥʇ ɹǝɥʇɹnɟ ob oʇ buıןןıʍ ‘ǝsɹǝʌıp ʎןןɐɔıʇsıןʎʇs ןןıʇs sı ɔıdǝ ɯɐǝʇ dod ˙suıɐɯǝɹ ʇıɹıds ǝɯɐs ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʇ ɹɐǝןɔ s,ʇı ‘ʇuǝɯoɯ ǝɥʇ ʇɐ sʇɹıʞsʇno sʇı uı sopɹıǝʍ ןɐʇuǝɯıɹǝdxǝ ʇsoɯ ǝɥʇ uǝʌǝ buıʇɔǝɟɟɐ sı ǝɯıuɐ ɟo ǝʇɐʇs ʎsnq ʎןqıssodɯı ǝɥʇ ǝɔuıs ‘ǝuo ʇsɹıɟ ǝɥʇ ɟo snıuǝb ǝɥʇ ɥɔʇɐɯ oʇ ǝןqɐ ǝq ʇou ʎɐɯ ןǝnbǝs sıɥʇ ǝןıɥʍ ˙ʇnoqɐ sı ɔıdǝ ɯɐǝʇ dod ʇɐɥʍ dn sɯns ɥɔıɥʍ—ʇnoqɐ sɐʍ ɔıdǝ ɯɐǝʇ dod ʇɥbnoɥʇ ǝɥ ɹǝʌǝʇɐɥʍ qıןpɐ oʇ pɐɥ ǝɥ os oʇ ʞɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇuǝʇuoɔ ǝɥʇ pǝuıɐןdxǝ ɹǝʌǝu ʎןǝʇɐɹǝqıןǝp ʎǝɥʇ ɯoɥʍ ʎnb ɥɔuǝɹɟ ǝuo puɐ ‘ʎɐןɔ ‘sʇǝddnd ʇןǝɟ ‘sǝuǝɔs ʇuǝpuǝdǝpuı puɐ ןɐıɔɹǝɯɯoɔ ɯoɹɟ ʇuǝןɐʇ uoıʇɐɯıuɐ p2 ɟo sʇɹos ןןɐ ‘ǝsıʇɹǝdxǝ p3 s,ɐbnop ǝzɐʞıɯɐʞ ɥbnoɹɥʇ ǝɟıן oʇ ʇɥbnoɹq ǝɹǝʍ sdıɹʇs ןɐuıbıɹo ǝɥʇ ˙ǝuɐsuı ʎןǝʇɐıɹdoɹddɐ ǝɹǝʍ sʇןnsǝɹ ǝɥʇ

˙pɹıǝʍ ǝq oʇ ǝɹısǝp ʇuǝɹǝɥuı s,ɔıdǝ ɯɐǝʇ dod puɐ ‘sǝıɹǝs ʇɹoɥs ɐ ǝq oʇ dn buıdɐɥs sɐʍ ʇɐɥʍ ɥʇıʍ ʇoןs ʌʇ ןןnɟ ɐ dn ןןıɟ oʇ pǝǝu ǝɥʇ ‘sbɐb ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇɹɐd ǝsoɥʇ ǝʞɐɯ oʇ uoıʇuǝʇuı ǝɥʇ puɐ sʇsɐɔ ǝɔıoʌ ǝןdıʇןnɯ ǝʌɐɥ oʇ ʇsǝnbǝɹ s ,qnʞq:pǝɔɐɟ ʎǝɥʇ sǝnssı ǝןdıʇןnɯ pǝssǝɹppɐ ʇɐɥʇ uoıʇnןos ɟo-pɹɐǝɥun uɐ ‘ʍoɥs ǝɥʇ ɟo ǝɹnʇɔnɹʇs buıdooן ǝɥʇ sɐ ɥɔns suoısıɔǝp pןoq puıɥǝq uosɹǝd ǝɥʇ osןɐ sɐʍ ǝɥ ˙sdıɥsuoıʇɐןǝɹ ןɐuosɹǝd ɥbnoɹɥʇ ʇuǝןɐʇ uoıʇɐɯıuɐ ɟo sʇɹos ןןɐ buıʇɔǝuuoɔ ‘sʎɐʍ ɔıuɐbɹo uı ɹǝɥʇɹnɟ uǝʌǝ ʍǝɹb uǝɥʇ ɥɔıɥʍ ‘ɯɐǝʇ ɔıʇɔǝןɔǝ ʎןǝʇɐıɹdoɹddɐ uɐ ɹǝɥʇǝboʇ ʇnd oʇ ʎʇıunʇɹoddo ǝɯıʇǝɟıן-ɐ-uı-ǝɔuo ʇɐɥʇ pǝsn opns ˙buıob ʇǝb oʇ ʇɔǝظoɹd ǝɥʇ pǝʍoןןɐ puɐ ɐǝpı ʎzɐɹɔ sıɥ ɹoɟ pǝɥɔnoʌ oɥʍ ‘ɐɯıɥsıɯ oıʞɐ ɹǝɔnpoɹd ǝʌıʇnɔǝxǝ ǝʞıן sɹoıuǝs ɟo sǝʎǝ ǝɥʇ ʇɥbnɐɔ ǝʌɐɥ ʇɥbıɯ ɯsɐısnɥʇuǝ sıɥ ʇnq ‘ pǝʇɔǝظǝɹ ʎןqɐpuɐʇsɹǝpun sɐʍ opns ˙sǝıuɐdɯoɔ ǝןdıʇןnɯ oʇ ǝןqɐǝǝɹbɐ sǝıɹǝs ʎʞǝǝɥɔ ɐ ɥɔns ɟo ʇuǝʇuoɔ ǝɥʇ buıʞɐɯ ɟo uıɐd ǝɥʇ sǝʌןǝsɯǝɥʇ buıʌɐs ǝןıɥʍ ‘sǝɹnssǝɹd ןɐuɹǝʇxǝ ʇnoɥʇıʍ pǝsɐǝןd ʎǝɥʇ sɐ op pןnoɔ ʎǝɥʇ ‘ʎɐʍ ʇɐɥʇ ؛ʇı punɟ ʎןpǝpuɐɥǝןbuıs oʇ ʇn q ‘Sǝıɹǝs ǝɥʇ ǝɔNPOɹD OʇSN ظ ʇou ɐǝpı ǝɥʇ pǝɥɔʇıd ǝɥ uǝɥʍ ǝq p ן noʍ ɹǝʇʇɐ ן ǝɥʇ ǝ ן ן ן ן ן ן ן ן ן bbnɹʇs ɐ ɟo ɥɔnɯ ʍoɥ ʇo ʇNO PUNOɟ OPns oɹɐʇoʞ ɹǝɔNPOɹD ıɹʇuǝɔɔǝuǝɔɔǝ

˙ʇɔǝظoɹd ɐ ɥɔns punɟ oʇ ǝsuǝs uoɯɯoɔ ɥbnouǝ buıʞɔɐן ʎuɐdɯoɔ ɐ puɐ ‘ɯɹou ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ pɹɐbǝɹsıp ɹɐןıɯıs ɐ ɥʇıʍ uoıʇɐʇdɐpɐ ǝʌıʇɐɯɹoɟsuɐɹʇ ɐ pǝǝu p,noʎ ‘os op oʇ ˙ʇıɹıds ʇuǝɹǝʌǝɹɹı s,ɔıdǝ ɯɐǝʇ dod pǝıpoqɯǝ ǝʌɐɥ ʇ,upןnoʍ ʇı ʇnq—uoıʇɐןosı uı uǝʌǝ ʎuunɟ ǝɹɐ sןǝuɐd ʎuɐɯ ʇɐɥʇ sı uoıʇɐsuǝs ɔıʇǝɯǝɯ ɐ sʎɐʍןɐ sɐʍ sǝıɹǝs ǝɥʇ ʎɥʍ uosɐǝɹ ǝɥʇ—sǝןıɯs ǝɯos pǝuɹɐǝ ǝʌɐɥ pןnoʍ sʇıʞs ɹɐןndod ʇsoɯ ǝɥʇ ɟo uoıʇɐʇdɐpɐ pɹɐʍɹoɟʇɥbıɐɹʇs ɐ ˙uoıʇnʇıʇsuı ǝɟıן-ןɐǝɹ ʎuɐ puɐ ‘suoıʇuǝʌuoɔ ǝɹuǝb ‘ǝɹnʇɔnɹʇs spɹɐʍoʇ ǝpnʇıʇʇɐ ʇuɐddıןɟ ʎןʇuɐʇsuoɔ ɐ puɐ ‘ pןnoɔ dnpןınq ǝןqɐuosɐǝɹ ʎuɐ uɐɥʇ ɹǝpɹɐɥ ʇıɥ ʇɐɥʇ sǝuıןɥɔund ɹnʇınbǝs-uou ɥʇıʍ ‘ʇɐɯɹoɟ ǝɥʇ ʇɹǝʌqns oʇ sdnʇǝs sǝuoqǝɹɐq ǝsoɥʇ buısn sdǝǝʞ qnʞq ɹoɥʇnɐ ןɐuıbıɹo ‘ʇǝʎ puɐ ˙ʇuɐʇsuı uɐ buıuuɐds sןǝuɐd ǝןdɯıs uǝʇɟo ‘4 ɟo sǝıɹǝs ɐ ʇnoqɐ buıʞןɐʇ ǝɹ,ǝʍ—ǝʇɐɹoqɐןǝ ɹo punoɟoɹd ʎןɹɐןnɔıʇɹɐd s,ʇı ǝsnɐɔǝq ʇou sı sıɥʇ ‘ʍou ˙oʇ ǝɔıʇsnظ ǝuop ǝuoןɐ ʇǝן ‘ pǝʇdɐpɐ ʇǝb oʇ ʇɔǝdxǝ ʇ,upןnoʍ noʎ ɔıɯoɔ ʇɐǝɹb ɟo ǝdʎʇ ǝɥʇ sɐʍ ɔıdǝ ɯɐǝʇ dod ˙uɹnʇǝɹ oʇ ǝɯıuɐ ʎʇʇıɥs pǝɯıɐןɔoɹd-ɟןǝs ʇsǝʇɐǝɹb ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ ǝɯıʇ s,ʇı ‘ ʇxǝu ǝɥʇ oʇ ʎʇıʌıʇɐǝɹɔ pǝuıɐɹʇsǝɹun Puɐ sɹoʇɐɯıuɐ ǝʌıʇɐuɹǝʇ ןɐ ɟo qnɥ pǝʇɔǝdxǝun ǝuo ɯoɹɟ

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury (PV)

Director: Hiroshi Kobayashi

Assistant Series Director: Ryo Ando

Series Composition: Ichiro Okouchi

Main Character Designer: Marie Tagashira

Character Designer: Juri Toida, Hiroshi Takaya

Chief Mechanical Animators: Shinya Kusunugi, Kant Suzuki, Seimei Maeda

Art Director: Ayumi Sato

Photography Director: Coder Shouta


Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

Has been differentfully decribed as a mix of the franchise’s overarching themes,

Revolutionary Girl Utena’s framework, and shades of

The Tempest

that may even hint at its endgame. But it is, before any of that, a story about things returning where they belong. It’s the first Gundam TV show in a premium afternoon slot since

Iron-Blooded Orphans

—precisely the show that marked the end of


, the Sunday 5pm block that is now being brought back to life in an attempt to draw more teens to series like Gundam. And do you know who inaugurated the slot the first time around, as it succeeded its weekend afternoons predecessor Douroku? None other than

Code Geass R2


Ichiro Okouchi

, whose unmistakable twisty writing already has all G-Witch viewers on a wild ride.

I don’t intend to overly romanticize trivia like this;And there is trivia to romanticize, since g-witch’s series director

Hiroshi Kobayashi

Went from Storyboarding Ibo’s Finale to Leading Its Successor.This is, howver, a title that and find it very hard to root for, and that is in and of itself a bit depressing.We’re Not Talking About a Financially Inviable Passion Project, But Rather One of Anime’s Longest-Standing Commercial Successes— And It’s Something That Has Been Missing for Half a Decade.Sure, Gundam Has and Will Always Continue in Some Form, But the situation is worrying when high-profile Original tv anime to get younger generations hooked on your historic money-blooding scheme is demed too there.Now that we’re ghetting an entertaining series with perhaps something interesting to say, with 2d mechs at that, how am and not supposed to root for it?

So, what is this series that and find Myself Wanting to Succed?No One Should Be Surprised To Hear That It’s Exactly AS The Popular Buzz has Been Claiming, With Its Shakespearan uenaisms and endless potential for classic okouchi high-stakes script.A Creative Project Led by Such People May Be Full of Details You May Miss, BUT

If there’s one thing is won’t be, it’s subtle

.The One Major Actor From That Team Being Somewhat IGNOWED ACTULY Director Kobayashi, Which is a Shame Because He’s the One Who Might Have The Formal Tools Tools To

Give an edge to those utena parallels

.AS A Director Who Benefits from Visual Clarity, I’m Not Convinced That G-Witch’s busy style is an ideal fit, BUT

ITS Dazzling Compositing Has Clear Upsides

.Photography Director

Coder shout

Is Following the Style of His Asahi Pro Mentor

Kentaro Waki

To a t, which translales into an abundance of Particle Effects and Shiny Lighting Dying the Whole Screen;Again, Not the Cleanest Approach, But Gorgeous at Best and A Good Distracition FROM Technical Shortcomings.

And yes, Those Shortcomings do Exist, Stemming from a Troubled Schedule;Whether It’s the Main Reason or Not, It’s Worth Remembering That Kobayashi’s


Was Released Earlor This Year, and That Assistant Series Director

Ryo Ando

Was in the


TRYCHES NOT THAT LONG AGO.For All the Incredulous Responses Anytime Someone Points Out That G-Witch is Facing Trouble Behind The Scenes-IF Only These People Knew About, Well, Almost All TV Anime Nowadays-i Have Also Been Contacted by Multiple People Expressing Their Worry About The Rough EdgThey already See in the show.Issues Like Melting In-Betweens Become Even More Noticeable When You’re Dealing with Mechs Made Up of Geometric Forms, Leading to Awkwardly Shifting Volume.The Character Animation Itself, and Despite Sunrise Piling Up Animators Like There’s No Tomorrow Even in Downtime Episodes, Also Struggles with Standard Scenes, Let Alone Tricky Ones Like the Depiction of Weightlessness in Space.If Nothing Thus Far Has Caught Your Eye, I Don’t Think That The Imedaate Future Should Worry You Eithr, Though Emergency Recap Episodes Wiouldn’t Come as a Surprise.You know Bandai, That’s One Thing You Didn’t Have To Bring Back.

The Tatami Time Machine Blues (PV)

Director, Storyboarder, Unit Director: Shingo Natsume

Assistant Director, Storyboarder, Unit Director: Fuga Yamashiro

Storyboarders, Unit Directors: Moco-chan, Taku Kimura, Akitoshi Yokoyama (Extra Episode)

Character Designers: Nobutake Ito, Shouko Nishigaki

Animation Directors: Yukimitsu Ina, Yasuhiro Nakura, Kenji Zenba, Masamichi Ishiyama, Takuya Yoshihara, Yumie Horie (Extra Episode)

Art Director: Fuminao Akai

Color Designer: Ayaka Nakamura


Certain Non-Standard Releases The Concept of Seasonal anime, and When It Comes to Those, Few are as quirky as

The Tatami Time Machine Blues


Shingo Natsume

‘S Latest Project Was Created as A Movie, Although with a Production S COPE CLOSER to A STANDARD SHOW, THEN LATER CHOPPED UP INTO IRREGULY PSEUD PSEUDO-EPISODES FOR STREAMING.In the midst of that, it received limited theatrical screenings … which lacked the original epilogue that will remain excelusive to the web;Confused Yet?You Should Be.

Time Machine Blues Is, Howver, Good and Timely Enough – Sorry

Cyberpunk Edgerunners

, You Were About 3 Weeks Ahead of Your Time—For Me To Issue A Reminder for People to Give It A Try now that it has just ended.It doesn’t excel in spite of the weirdness that survens it, but rather because of the eccentricity it embraces, with its nostalgic style that manages to sit in the same spot Between Commercial and Independent Animation as

Tatami Galaxy

Did Back in 2010. If you have fond memories of that show, I highly encourage you to check out how natsume is coating a fundamentally diffferent story with the exact Same Appeal.And if you never got around to tatami galaxy, you’re missing one of the greatest anime ever made, so you know what you should do.

Arknights: Prelude to Dawn (PV)

Director, Sound Director: Yuki Watanabe

Assistant Series Director: Nishikawa Masaki

Animation Character Designer: Aya Takafuji

Art Director: Joe Onishi

Photography Director: Kohei Tanada


The Career of

Yuki “Aninabe” Watanabe

IS A Curious One.As a young animator, he first stool out in studio Dogakobo Titles, especily in epetsodes managed by

Shouta Umehara

—The current ringleader of cloverworks’ Bombastic Animation Efforts, Such as this season’s

Bocchi The Rock

.Given the Tone of Those Shows He Participated in, The Studio’s Carefree and Enjoyable Approach to Animation, Plus His Own Affinity Towards Cartoons Animation, Aninabe Became Synonymous with Bouncy Movement, Amusingly Overaticulated Acting, and all sorts of smear techniques.Even in an environment populated by Rather Talented Animators with Similar Traits, His Knack For Exaggeration Made Him Catch The Eye Like NO ELSE;And also love them, because eye after images were One of His Favorite Tricks.

His work Began Shifting as He Worked Alongside Studio Trigger, Which Got Him to Join

The Animation Circle then Known as Albacrow


Gundam: Witch from Mercury

‘s director

Hiroshi Kobayashi


Belongs to

.While A High-Wietan Studio Like Trigger Still Gave Him the Opporturnity to Unleash His Entertaining Cartoon Antics, Working Alongside the Likes of Kobayashi also Started Earning Him

More Somber, Delicate, and Cool Requests

.The Next Twist in the Story Was Perhaps the Least Expected of Them All: Albacrow Was Absorbed Into

Yostar Pictures

, As the Chinese Publisher Was Looking for An in-House Solution to All Their Promotional Needs.And So, The Collective of Creators Known for Being Home to Some Notoriously Rowdy Folks Became a Legitimate Branch of A Big Company in Exchange for A Very Fancy New Office – and Good Deal for Everyone Involved, Frankly.

Aninabe Could Have Taken That Event as an oporturnity to relax somewhat with the extra job security they’d been granted, But that could bertn’t berther from what occurred.Ever Since Mid to Late 2019, He has dedicated essentially His entire career to


.Storyboarding, Directing, Supervising, Sometimes Solo Animating, Even Writing A Script When the Job Was Sizable Enough to Demand One;Such Cie His Dedication That When A TV Anime Got Annunced,

it was rating easy to guess who would be behind it

.And not only is he going that, shoe in See Him Continuing to Challenge Himself by Embracing New Roles While He’s At It, Becoming the dedicated sound director this time around.His Switch to a Much More Serious, Sharp Style Has Been Completed with Arknights’ Grim, to Which he has adapted as well as he did when hen he a young animator Amidst Dogakobo’s Cartoon Extravaganza.Aninabe

Never Forgot

The Qualities That Made Him Stand Out in the First Place, and Even AS Someone Who Preferred That Style Over His Current Focus, It’s Clear That He is Becoming a More Complete Creator As He Continues to Try Out New Registrs and Roles.

You Normally Wouldn’t Expect A Phone Game Adaptation Producer At A Branch of Its Publisher to Be A Specific Individual’s Passion Project, But Aninabe’s but dedication over the last few Years Speaks for Itself.It Remains to Be Seen Whener He’ll Be Able to Transfor It into Something That Not Justysting Fans Curious Newcomers Can Enjoy as Well, But on Top of His Diverse Skills, His Diverse Skills, His Got a Nice Supporting Cast At His Disposal;Animation Character Designer Aya Takafuji Did Beautiful Work Across




, and Speaking of Trigger, Assistant Series Director Masaki Nishikawa Further Increases The Chances that the Studio Assists Them.With only 8 episodes of length and the involvement of an interesting team like this, it might be worth eye on this one.Might Be Advisable to Keep Around a Friend Well-Versed in Arknights’ Lore to Explin What in the Everliving Hell is Going On, Though.

Play It Cool, Guys (PV)

Director: Chiaki Kon

Character Designer, Chief Animation Director: Eri Taguchi

Main Animator: Momoko Nagakawa

Art Director: Mio ISshiki


Now, Isn’t It Mysterious That Even During Such An Outrageously Loaded Season of Anime Hard to Find a Josei-Muke Title with Strong Production Values?One Could Even Think That There is some import of socialtal Issue at play here.Of course, this isn’t to say that aren’t any titles squarely aimed at women that are at sports, but rather than them access with caveats that could have been avoided with more confident products.One name that immediately comes up to mind is

Kokyuu no karasu

, which already stood out upon ITS Annuncement with a Mixed Bag of Beautiful Attempts to Capture The Ethereal Quality of the Original Artwork with

Less elegant spots

—A Trend that apps to the show as a Whole.ITS Interesting Setup is complemented by

Chizuru Miyawaki

‘S Direction, Leading A Team That Tracks Directly Back to What To Be Sunrise ST5 and


In Particular.Her Expertise Is Undoubtedly in Comedy, AS She Showed In


As Well, But She’s A Resourceful and Stylish Director Regardless;the

Shadow Puppets Sequences

In kouffauuu being a good example of that.Between the Unevenness of the Artistic Choices and

Questionable Foundations

, Though, It’s Hard to Give It The Strongest Recomenation.

If you fancy your royalty drama in a diffferent setting and with fever fantasy hijinks,

Mushikaburi Hime


The Biblophile Princess

Is an optation that unfortunately shows ita narou origins through the limits of itetelling, with admittedly barekones arcs and inelegant exposition.It does not have, howver, appealing characters to make up for that somewhat.Protagonist Elianna in Particular Turns the Passival of Her Princess Role on Its Head by Simply Not Engaging with the Royal Drama Hijinks, Being More Woried About About Reading Good Books, and If Antything Being

DisafFedly Surprised

When ConspiRacies She Never Notice Working Against Her Are Brought to Light.While Its Delivery is also Unspectacular, It’s Got Pleasant Color Design and Direction That Can Step Up ITS Game;Series Director

Tarou Iwasaki


Asami Kawano

Who has penned it best storyboards.Without a transformatic adaptation, though, it cannot escape its unreening okayness.

In the end, the title in this vaguely defined demographic that is easest to recymend has to be

Cool Doji Danshi

, Localized as

Play It Cool, Guys

. IT May Very Well Be The Simplest Series Out of the Lot, But that dos play to the strengths of it: the daily lives of a bunch of cool-looking guys who are in fact Dorks, constantly hitting awkward social situations. In Recent Years There has been a boom of online manga comprised of chapters that are very light in content, made to catch your attitude think through social media and get a chuckle out of you before moving on. Given anime’s endless thirst for content and the rigid string of tv programming, THESE Can often End Up Becoming Tedious Full-LENGTH SERIES, AS A Brief Pastime is stretched into 24 minutes chunks that simply aren’t as compelling. Cool Doji Danshi Makes No Such Mistake: ITS Premise Goes Straight To The Point, and So Days Its Delivery, With Half-Lalength Episodes That Feel the Right Length for This Type of Series; Mind You, You Might Have to Add A couple of extra minute to that if you’re the type of person who pauses an episode due to second-hand embarrassment.

When it comes to the execution, and Despite Not Being A Glamorous Production for the Most Part Either, Cool Danshi is Supported by a Sturdier Framework than the Afarcidioned Titles.ITS AESTHETIC IS THORUGHY PLYSANT, with the Animation Designs in Particular Being An Understated Strength.This Should Come as No Surprise, As the Person in Charge is

Eri Taguchi

: One of the Strongest Character Animators Raised at Studio Pierrot in Modern Times, and An Ardent Follower of the Legendary

Tetsuya Nishio

;You can imagine

How Happy She Was When He Contacted Her to Information That He’s Following The Series Bcause of Her

.While You Should’t Expect Pierrot to Go Out On This One, Talent Like Taguchi Always Has Some Magnetism, As the Very Intro of the Show Proves – A Lovely Morning Routing Routine by Acting Expect

Keisuke Kobayashi

.With taguchi sticking around as the chief animation director, the overall focus, and a nice guest appearance here and there, you’ve got a perfectly entertaining showing show about cute social disaster.

Bleach: Th really

Director, Co-Series Composer: Tomohisa Taguchi

Chief Episode Directors: Hikaru Murata, Mitsutoshi Sato

Character Designer: Masashi Kudo

Chief Animation Directors: Michio Hasegawa, Sei Komatsubara, Kumiko Takayanagi

Action & Effects Animation Directors: Satoshi Sakai, Yoshihiro Kanno, Jeong Yeong-Hoon

Art Director: Yoshio Tanioka

Photography Director: Kazuhiro Yamada


You might think that I’m only including

Bleach: Thron-Weear Blood War

Because and Fear for My Life IF I Highlight One Studio Pierrot Series with a Certain Taguchi as the central creative figure, and that title is not actually bleach.Well, let me tell you that you’re Absolutely Right.JOKES Aside, Though, I Can Only Imagine How Happy Fans of the Series Are;A dear title they thought would never be property wrapped up in anime forms is now coming back with a new coat of paint, Seemingly Shinier Than Ever.

Both For the Exciting Notes and the Ones That Demand More Caution, Speaking of This Bleach Revival Means Speaking About ITS New Series Director

Tomohisa taguchi

.The show’s new visual identity is a distillation of His Favorite Traits, Ones That He’s Coming to Embrace More Shamelessly with the Passage of the Years -nd Why wouldn’t he, when he has this Knack for Coolness?Neons Dying Entire Sequences, Rim Lighting That Shows No Concern for Consistent Light Sources Because IT’s Too Preoccuted with Looking Cool, Or Even The Block Shading Used For Character Slides are elements You’ll FIND IMEDIATELY IN THREY TO TEST BLEACHis Works.One of His Greatest Virtues With This Approach is the Ability to Mask Rough Edges and Sell A Work as high-profile bombast, which is quite a pre -ious skill in anime.At the end of the day, your experience isn’t necessarily tied to a work’s technical finesse, so directors whose styles fixate your attitude away from their shortcomings are undoubtedly to be respected.

And Yes, That’s the Inescapable Point of Contentation When It Comes To A Project Like This – Can ITS Production Actually Live Up To The Expections of the Fans, Especuily with Taguchai’s Style Inflating Them?People have Notice that the director is indeed very busy, though i’d like to note that and don’t think this is by itelf all that problematic.He’s Been Handling Multiple Projects Essentially All The Time as of Late, Which Sometimes Days Redce The Attation He Can Spare to Them … and Sometimes He Puts in Herculean Efforts Like The Greets Execution of His Style – and

Kazutak Kodak

‘S IRREVERENT Spirit -in 2020’s

Akudama Drive

.While He Won’t Be Able to Provide Such Consistant Input for Bleach, Taguchi is still its series composer and director, having left apron a clear blueeprint to follow event when hen hen heless not around to directly supervise the production process.If you like what you see, you showdn’t worry too fly about the show losing this new identity.

If Anything, It’s Argably What He Left Behind That Makes This Job More Challenging.Mind You, Bleach Was Never Going To Be A Perfectly Smooth Production;It wasn’t in the past, so nothing short of a miracle would have allowed it now in a palpably worthy anime industry.What does not make things Easier, as people working on it jokingly enjoy reminding me, is having to deal with taguchi’s inherently demanding approach to aspects dry as the shading.As It Turns Out, Making Things Cool is not So Easy!It Remains to Be Seen Crown the Director’s Eye-Catching Style Will Continue Working Its Magic To The End, Or Whether It’ll Make the Technical Cracks Worse to The Point of Becoming Too Noticeable for Most Viewers.If there’s One Thing I Recomend, It’s Not to Have Unrealistic Exertations – EVEN if you think that bleach look like an ufotable production now, it very fly is not.If you’re a fan, enjoy it for what it is, not what your wildest dreams tell you it could be.

There might have been not Much of a point to this entry, Given That All Remaining Bleach Fans Are Already Having the Time of They Lives With This New Series, And They’ve Effectively Poked Enough Animators to Reveal Fun Upcoming Surprised Like a Certain

Hiroyuki Yamashita

.BY Personally Speaking, AS Someone Who Now Won’t Be Murdered for ignoring Bleach, This Was Well Worth The Effort.

Other Titles

Spy X Family Part 2

: I Negleded to Talk About

Spy X Family Part 2

For a rather simple reason-w already published an article about the background of the project and the dynamics of co-producing anime, and if director

Kazuhiro Furuhashi

Hasn’t Changed



Since the 90s, You Can Imagine That He Won’t Be Doing So Since The First Part.His Refreshing Expansion of the Source Materia Won’t Please People WHO Simply Want The Story to Move on, But It Continues to Feel The Right Approach To A Quirky Found Family Story.If there’s one deal that changed, it might be thatat

Yuichi Fukushima

‘S Half of the Team at Studio Cloverworks Has Recharged their batteries More than they Could Before The First Cours of the Series, Producer Right After Their Adaptation of Akebi-chan.It Remains to Be Seen Whener That Energy Will for Long In A Constantly Busy Studio, But for Now, Their Episode #02/ #14 ALREADY RAN LAPS AROUNDLE AROUND ALL THEIR OUTPUT IN THE FIRE PART.Big props for getting the bff duo of of

Tetsuro Araki


Takayuki Hirao

To Direct the Opening and Ending Sequences Too –it Made Them as happy as I was to see it.

The Troyca 1-2 punch

: The Studio’s ongoing adaptation of


Appears to has the same solid fundamentals as ever to carry a limited animation effic – a situation that wasn’t going to change with them also manufacturing

Shinobi no ittoki

, a decently entertaining modern-day ninja series BRought to you by

A well-known directorial lineage

.Stable Studios with an in-house style and reasonable management are rare in this day and age.

Akiba Maid Sensou

: It would be foolish of me to tell people about this show, for those attracted to cigames’ tongue-in-cheek madness naturally gravitate towards it by themeselves.


Eternal Boys

, The Series About Middle-Aged Men Idols, Detective Conan’s Spinoff About ITS Shadowy Culprit

Hannin No Hanzawa-san

, and the self-descriptive

I’m the villainess so I’m taming the final boss

May Not Be Masterpieces, But I’m glad that they exist.

Blue Lock:

No anime has tested my suspension of disbelief like the implication that cristiano ronaldo wasn’t self-ccented enough.

Urusei Yatsura 2022

: You might think that this is a show Meant to Get a New Generation of Viewers Into One One Antime’s Most Influence Classics, But Actually,

Urusei Yatsura

‘S Intended Demographic is People who are curious about Why

Jojo part 6

‘S production has been an unmitigated disaster.Kamiyan’s casting is an act of physical violence.Nice Yama Opening, Though.

Whatever Other Show and Didn’t Mention:

Have you considered that maybe there is just too fly anime and that this post is already endless as it is?I EVEN SPARED YOU AN ESSAY ABOT AOTY NIJIFES 2022, WHICH AS FREE AS I’M Concerted Slowd Count as part of this Season as It Was It was held at the start of the month.If called myth



, what is?

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