Anime Arknights presents a new trailer, Reon as a performer of the guiding song

The upcoming Arknights TVs revealed a new trailer before the premiere of October 28.Studio Yostar Pictures Anyte the adaptation of a popular game, with Yuki Watanabe as a director and massatak Nishikawa as an assistant to the director.

Arknights – the fourth trailer

Reon sings the leading song to the Arknights anime, entitled “Alive”;She also wrote a text with Rim.Rui composed music, and Shota Horie was considered an arrangement.

Anime previously revealed a set of seven visualizations of the characters, as well as new cast accessories.Currently, the anime cast includes:

: Momo Asakura Guard: Chiaki Kobayashi Crown killer: Sayaka Sembongi Mephisto: Kohei amasaki Faust: Shun Horie Talulah: Maaya Sakamotot in: Ashauda Skullshatterer: Risae Matsuda

The official website describes the story of the game as:

Play the role of a key member of Rhodes, a pharmaceutical company that fights both with a fatal infection and anxiety that it leaves behind.Together with your leader Amiya you will recruit operators, train them, and then assign them to various operations to protect the innocent and resist those who will plunge the world in chaos.


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