Anime Autumn 2022: First impressions

All right, the new anime season has come, and I will share my preliminary thoughts on everything I chose to watch.I am waiting a lot for this season, so let’s see how it fits at the very beginning.

Each comment was written shortly after watching the first episode of each program, so these are all my thoughts about the whole bunch of these episodes.

This includes almost everything I will watch this season.There are several other programs that are to start a little later – Kancolle Season 2: Let’s Meet at Sea and The Little Lies We All Tell – which I also intend to choose.Maybe a short anime if someone decides to choose them.

If you were to ask me to choose my three best premieres this season, Bleach: A thousand -year blood war definitely meets all the requirements of the right boxes to start with.Akiiba Maid Wart was completely crazy and I liked it very much, and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury also had a strong start.A program I didn’t plan, but I’m glad I did it.

Eh, you know what, let’s add Management of the Novice Alchemik and Bocchi The Rock!to round this list to the top five.And maybe reincarnated as a sword to make this six …

I should probably stop.

I think I try to say here that there were many great premieres, and this season anime looks very good.