Anime Blue Orchestra publishes a video with great violin music of Ryota Higashi

Key graphics for the upcoming Blue Orchestra anime.Photo source:

On October 23, 2022, the official NHK account on Twitter promoted the upcoming adaptation of Manga’s anime Ao No Orchestra (Blue Orchestra) Makoto Akui, releasing a promotional film with the Higashi engraving playing playing the ghost of the violin music for the character Hajime Aon.

Blue Orchestra will premiere on the NHK Educational TV in Japan in April 2023!

You can watch the movie through a tweet or on YouTube here:

The official trailer of the Blue Orchestra.

The clip presents a dramatic scene in which Hajime Aon’s game “Canon” Pachelbel on the bank of the river at dusk for a friend.

Who is Ryota Higashi?

Ryota Higashi started playing the violin when he was only four years old!Higashi took first place in the 88th Music Competition of Japan and at the same time he also received the following awards: Leucadia, Sumi and Kuroyanagi.Its performance “Passio recital” broadcast by NHK-FM and its performance “An” Untitled Concert “broadcast on TV Asahi.

Higashi played with Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Kanagawa orchestra and others philharmony.In Toho Gakuen College, where he studied music as a scholarship holder, he graduated as the best in his class.

On January 24, 2022, Toho Gakuen College published a video with Ryota Higashi (on the violin) and Yuki Amako (on the piano) playing “Gypsy melodies”.

Dvořák Gypsy melodies op.55-pins that my mother taught me Ryota Higashi, a violin yuki amako, piano

Watch this movie on YouTube “Gypsy melodies” performed by Ryota Higashi and Yuki Amako.

In 2019, Higashi was loaned by the ITOH 1716 Foundation A Stradivarius for a period of two years.In Toho Gakuen College Higashi is currently written as a first -year master’s scholarship holder at the Faculty of Music.Akiko Tatsumi taught him a violin technique.

Akiko Tatsumi is the sixth scholarship holder Suntor Hall Chamber Music Academy and scholarship holder Rohm Music Foundation (2021 and 2022).Tatsumi uses the violin M. Capicchioni 1956 “Felix Ayo”, borrowed from the MUNETSUGU collection.

When asked on, why he chose the violin, Ryota Higashi replied: “[I like] a beautiful color born of friction and how the violin provides completely different forms of joy between the first and the second in the orchestras and so on.”

More Blue Orchestra staff members were also disclosed by NHK.

Who are the members of the production team?

Members of the Blue Orchestra production team are:

Director – Seiji Kishi (killings class, Persona 4 The Animation, Classroom of the Elite) Original creator – Makoto Akuianimtion – NIPPON Animation screenwriter – Yuuko Kakihara (Chihayafuru, Digimon Adventure Tri., Persona 4 The Animation, Urusei Yatsura 2022)Kazuaki Morita (killing class, elite class, Persona 4 The Animation) Main producer-Jun Sakata (To Your Eternity) Sender-NHK (E-Tele)

What is the story of Blue Orchestra?

History focuses on a wonderful violinist named Aono Hajime, who stopped playing the violin after he got bored of his father’s abandonment.Father Hajime was also a violinist and inspired him very much, so his father’s betrayal was depressing.

In the third grade of junior high school, Hajime hardly decides about his academic path now, when music is no longer his life goal.One day he meets a impetuous, beginner violinist, Akine Ritsuko, whose goal is to sign up for high school, which has an excellent orchestral club.

Hajime refers to Ritsuko and decides to teach her how to play the violin better.Possessed into the world of violinists and music competitions, he is forced to face music and finally feels that his life is moving forward again.Music and teenage hearts will resound in this youthful dramatic story, when Hajime and Ritsuko create a harmonious music together and slowly fall in love.

Where can I read the manga?

On April 25, in 2017, Blue Orchestra started the series on the Shogakukan Mangone internet platform, and a week later she began serialization at Ura Sunday.Shogakukan collected manga chapters in 10 volumes of Tankobon.

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