Anime Chainsaw Man begins with a lot of references to pop culture

Posted on October 12, 2022

The first episode of Chainsaw Man is now available at Crunchyroll and, as expected, the premiere of the Tatsuki Fujimoto series immediately began to gain popularity on social platforms.

The song opening Chainsaw Man was made available to the audience before the international debut of the series.It contained several iconic references to pop culture, which concerned some of our favorite characters in the series.

Singo Yamashita is responsible for the preparation and production of a song that opens the topic.Shingo Yamashita is also responsible for developing and producing other opening songs, including those to Jujutsu Kaisen, the second opening to the ranking of Kings and the thirteenth opening to Naruto: Shippuden.It seems that his style is gradually becoming more and more iconic in the industry, to the extent that fans can already recognize the sequences in which he was involved.

There is no country for old people (2007)

Big Lebowski (1998)

Reference to Pulp Fiction (1994)

Once upon a time in Hollywood (2019)

Attack of deadly tomatoes (1978)

Sadako versus Kayako (2016)

Texas Massacre with a mechanical saw (1974)

Constantine (2007)

Manipulation de los medios

The political cartoon, which has gained great popularity, depicts a man staring at a beautiful landscape, while another man stands at the stake of books and looks at what is behind the screen.

Chainsaw Man

The Anime Chainsaw Man series also referred to the Manga Chainsaw Man series Part 2 with the iconic Tatsuki Fujimoto manga.

Don’t look up (1996)

Thor Love and Thunder (2022))

These are some of the references that we have found.Did we miss something?Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.Remember that every episode of Chainsaw Man will receive a unique ending song, so keep an eye on more references to movies.

The Anime Chainsaw Man series has 12 episodes, but how much of Tatsuki Fujimoto Manga will be adapted still unknown.

Chainsaw Man will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East and in the countries of the Independent State Community (WNP).Anime fans in Asia can watch anime on the An-one Asia channel on YouTube.

The story tells about Denji, a young man who doesn’t want anything more, how to spend the rest of his life with a woman he loves.However, to regulate his debts, he must resort to the murder of devils with the help of his pet, caps.Due to a series of misfortunes, Denji refers to a bond with his pet, which gives him the opportunity to put his body in a chain saw.