Anime Chainsaw Man reveals a non -directive opening and the first thematic ending

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Chainsaw Man

He dropped without video subtitles with the opening theme of the anime and the first final theme song on October 11, 2022.

The opening motif, Kick Back, is performed by Kenshi Yonezu and composed by the King Gnu and Daiki Tsuneta (from the Millennium Parade).While the first end of the ending was “Chainsaw Blood” by Vaunda.

Opening motif:

Final motif:

Chain saw

began broadcasting anime in Japan on October 11, 2022.To the delight of fans, the most anticipated topic opening Chainsaw Man is full of references to movies, including Fujimoto’s favorite movie.

The anime cast includes:

Kkunosuke toya as Denjifair Alei as a powerful kusonoki as a macimashogo sakata as Aki Hayakawashiiori Izawa as a piobamariya ise as a Himenocarin Takahashi as Kobeni Higashiyamataku yashiro as Hirocazu Araikenji Taya AS Kirynce as Angida

Ryu Nakayama directs anime

Chainsaw Man

in the mapp studio.Hiroshi Seko writes scripts, and Kazutak Sugiyama designs characters.

Other team members are:

Kensuke Usehio: Musicamakoto was ordered: Chief Technical Director Tatsuya Yoshihara: Kiyotak Oshiyama Action Director: Devil’s Projectsūuke Takeda: Artistic Director Naomi Nakano: Chief color artist Yohei Miyahara: screen designer

A man with a chain saw

Anime will have 12 episodes with a different final song for each episode.

Kick Back Back will be performed by Kenshi Yonezu, and it will be composed by King Gnu and Daiki Tsunta (from Millenium Parade).

Maximum The Hormone will also make an anime insert.

Crunchyroll will broadcast the Chainsaw Man anime in over 200 countries and territories around the world, with the exception of Asia, while the media link, which runs the Ani-one channel on YouTube, has brought the rights to stream anime in Asia, including China.