Anime filler guide Bleach and Naruto comparison, they studied stoves

How many episodes of the filler are in the anime Bleach and how does it fall out compared to Naruto, One Piece and other main series?

Bleach returns and returns with revenge, when a thousand -year -old blood war still dominates in a global conversation about anime after two excellent opening sections.

Although the series actually reaches new heights, it will be a significant part of viewers who can start a story from Tibw for the first time;Is it because of age, interest or availability.

With this in mind, many fans can be forced to see the whole Bleach from the very beginning, if they want to understand all the complex nuances of the Tybw plot, character development and history.

However, if you want to catch up as soon as possible in the anime Bleach, it is probably a good idea to skip the filling episodes – so which episodes should be omitted and how is the bleach compared to other main anime in terms of the percentage of fillers?

How does Bleach fall compared to other anime for the filler episodes?

Immediately, it is important to define what an anime filler is.For the purposes of this article and according to the wider consensus of the community, the anime filler is a content that does not appear in the original manga and does not develop the original history.

October 15


became viral (originally with


Page), which lists the percentage of episodes filling some of the largest anime series of all time:

Bleach – 44%Naruto – 40%Boruto – 78%One Piece – 9%Hunter X Hunter – less than 2%Black clover – 10%Gintama – 6%Dragon Ball with – 7%Demon Sammer – 2%Fairy Tail – 19%Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 3%My Hero Acadekaren – 5%

Although many of these programs are still emitting new episodes, these statistics are in line with previous estimates regarding the percentage of fillers, including Fiction Horizon,

Anime fillers list


Galaxy anime


Fans should remember that anime filler is not necessarily a bad thing in the series;Not only does it give the opportunity to learn side stories, characters and background, but also gives the production team a chance for respite if the schedule is particularly tight.

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Anime fillers percentage1

Naruto = 40%

Boruto = 78%


One piece = 9%


Biller = 44%

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October 15, 2022

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Bleach: Anime filler episode examined division

While Bleach has about 44% of the filler proportions (with the currently sent a thousand -year blood war), if you want to see the entire series again, which episodes should be omitted to avoid their installments other than Canon?

Anime fillers list


that the following broadcasts are complete sections of fillers:

Episode 33 (season 2) Episode 50 (season 3) Episodes 64-108 (season 4 to season 5) episodes 128-131 (season 6) episodes 132-137 (season 7) episodes 147-149 (season 7) episode episodes168-189 (season 9) Episodes 204-205 (season 10) Episodes 213-214 (season 12) Episodes 227-229 (season 12) Episodes 230-265 (season 13) Episode 287 (season 14)) Episodes 298-299, (Season 14) episodes 303-305, (season 14) Episode 316 (season 14) episodes 317-341, (season 15) Episode 355 (season 16)

There are also many mixed sections of the filler that contain aspects adapted from the original manga series, but also content that can be omitted if you hurry to catch up.

They include sections 8, 27, 32, 46, 109, 111, 116, 119-120, 124, 141, 143, 146, 156, 160-161, 190, 193, 206-207, 209, 222-223, 267-268, 274, 276, 285, 288, 290-291, 295, 310, 342-343, 345, 351 and 357.

Special episodes and movies of OVA also contain aspects of the original manga, but they also have the option to miss without losing, read the important details that develop the original story.

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As you should in every anime, unless you all made up and made it

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October 12, 2022

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