Anime Film Lonely Castle in the Mirror reveals a new cast member

Lonely Castle in the Mirror Anime Film reveals a new cast member

Joseph Mirant on October 25, 2022

In July we caught a new trailer of the movie Anime Lonely Castle in the Mirror, which is an adaptation of the novel by Mizuki Tsujimura with the same title.Now we have a new cast through the official website, which revealed that Mana Ashida is the voice of a mysterious girl bearing a wolf mask named OKami-sama.He gathers the main character of Kokoro and the rest of the seven junior high school students in the title castle in the mirror and keeps the key to the secrets behind all this.

Here is Ashida next to the Okami-Sama project:

Mana Ashida said about this possibility:

I am a big fan of Mizuki Tsujimury-san, so I still can’t believe that I am part of the world of history that I really love and I am very happy about it.When I read the original story for the first time, I was close to the age of the main characters, so I was surprised how much they represented our feelings.Now, when I am older and closer to adulthood, reading this story again, I feel that the very simple and pure feelings of the characters remind me of something and I think that one of the charms of Tsujimura-San works is that they combine adults and children.I hope that this film will be watched by many Kokoro people, as well as many more adults.

There is a new trailer with messages:

The novel, about teenagers from Tokyo drawn into the mysterious world, was published in Japan in 2017, and last year in English.Here’s how DoubleDay describes the novel:

In a quiet district of Tokyo, seven teenagers wake up and discovers that their bedroom mirrors shine.

At one touch they are ripped out of loneliness lives in a wonderful castle filled with winding stairs, watchful portraits and flickering chanders.In this new sanctuary they are confronted with a set of tips leading to a hidden room in which one of them will receive a wish.But there is a hook: if they do not leave the castle until the fifth, they will be punished.

Over time, the crushing truth emerges: only those who dare to share their stories will be saved.

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