Anime girl and her guard dog were announced!The release date and more!

The official media company of the title anime announced the anime girl and her guard dog.The announcement of the upcoming anime appeared in the form of a promotional video.The main reason for adaptation of the manga to the anime is the plot of the manga.Isak’s tragic life in high school is a climax that fascinated the creators the most.Look at the information about Manhwy before you go on!

Hatsuharu wrote and illustrated the title manga, which will debut on television.What’s more, Kodansha published manga in her Bessatsu Friend magazine.But the best part is that Kodansha USA has also acquired the English distribution of the manga among the international audience.His serialization began on December 13, 2018. Read the article below to learn more about Anime’s announcement!

Anime’s announcement of the girl and her guardian dog!

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Pony Canyon announced the anime girl and her guard dog.Pony Canyon is a media company that will produce anime adaptation.What’s more, the site confirmed the announcement using the anime announcement.It contained raw manga scans with the release date.

What’s more, there are rumors that work on the anime began and it will soon be released.However, the creators did not want to reveal the details of the cast and anime staff.However, there is another possibility that anime production can start at the end of December.Therefore, staff information will appear later.

What is the anime plot?

The plot of the anime tells about the young girlfriend Isak.However, the life of this girl is not as easy as her name.What’s more, he belongs to a gangster family with shameful origin.Unfortunately, her parents died when she was only five years old.So her grandfather raised her since childhood.But everyone in society stayed away from her because of her origin.

This is a high school she thought she would prove to be normal.There he will find friends and can be the love of his life.However, a stranger named Keiya appears in her high school.The girl finds out that the guy is loyal to her family and swore to protect her from every threat.Now Isaku is struggling with the difficulty of normal life with all his fireworks.

Girl and her anime guard dog: release date

The girl and her guardian dog will be released in 2023.However, the creators clenched their mouths on questions about the further details of the release.There are chances that anime may take a long time and seem in the second half of 2023.However, only the official announcement can confirm this speculation.