Anime Heavenly Delusion will be released in 2023, IG production

Manga Heavenly Delusion by the Ishiguro massacre will get a television adaptation of anime produced by IG, which will premiere in 2023.

Issued with an anime announcement.Ishiguro also sent a special illustration.

Manga received earlier

animowany teledysk wyprodukowany przez Minakata Laboratory przy wsparciu produkcyjnym


w 2018 roku.

Task Watanabe

wyreżyserował teledysk.

© 石黒 正数 ・ 講談社 / 天国 大 魔境 製作 製作 委員会

Heavenly Delusion began in 2018 and has seven volumes of Tankoubon since March 2022.The series released by Kodansha is served in Monthly Afternoon and published under the Afternoon KC label.It was the first in Kono Manga Ga Sugi!Ranking 2019 (men’s category).

Denpa Books describes the story as follows:

In safe walls, young people are brought up in a nursery by robots.Although life may seem stale on the surface, children are full of potential and curiosity.In many ways it is like a piece of heaven.

The outside world is hell.It is almost completely devoid of any mechanical elements and is now inhabited by bizarre but powerful supernatural beings.

Maru, with the help of Kiruko, travels what was once Tokyo, to heaven.But after such a long search, maybe heaven is more of an insurmountable dream than a potential reality.

Image source: @masakazuishi