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After his descent 150 years ago, demons demanded humanity as gods.Bushi stood against these new rulers, who are still fighting to this day, but demons say they are enemies.Hinamoto, released many years ago from Bushi’s rule, lives peacefully and worships the demons.Residents bring out stones so that demons can consume them, but Musashi, training a miner, wants freedom.Together with his childhood friend Koujiro, a boy thrown out for being the descendants of Bushi, start fighting demons for freedom to be saved by a real Bushi team.Seeing how they fight and destroy demons, the couple decides that they will create their own Bushi band!

I know that many people ignore Orient for any reason, but I think it creates a basic, but really pleasant story of Shounen without excessive complication of everything.If you are looking for more anime recommendations, such as Orient, go below.

For fans of creative fantasy samurai

Bucchigire!Bakumatsu bad boys

After the creation of a group called masked demons providing powerful bad swords that broke weak units, Shinsungumi stood up to fight them.However, everyone but one died in the battle.To keep peace in Kyoto and continue the fight against this organization, seven powerful criminals intended for execution were chosen as deputies of killed members of Shinsungumi.For Ichibanboshi, one of the seven chosen ones, he hesitates because of his hatred of samurai after they killed his family.However, the death of his parents and masked demons can be more related than he thought.

Both series are the so -called “samurai” series of actions in which they take the aesthetics of samurai, and then create it.In the colorful, exciting anime of Shounen action.The characters are guided by simple reasons, and the great moments of both shows come from battles.In addition, both series are based on the colors of themes for their characters.

Basar’s Sengoku

In Sengoku in Japan, Japan favored the chaos.Beating these lords one by one under his power and military efficiency, the demonic king of Owari, Oda Nobunaga, slowly united Japan.However, only two dared to rebel against his governments, a one -eyed dragon from Oshu, Masamune Date and a hot -blood warrior of the Takeda clan, Yukimura Sanada.Although Masamune and Yukimura have a similar purpose, which is the opposite of the Oda rule, they are both bound by fierce competition, which destroys all hopes for the united front.However, under the pressure of the impending strength, the odes must learn to make peace and cooperate if they hope for survival.

Although it can be expected that Basar’s Sengoku will be serious and historic, it is not really.Like Orient, we focus on a large action in Basar’s Sengoku.Therefore, there are hot blood warriors in both series, who often take part in the highest level battles.Basar’s Sengoku, not focusing on the gloomy period of Sengoku, but he uses historical data.

Brave 10

After her temple was burned, and the Izumo priestess, the Izumo priestess, is forced to flee.She manages to find the Ninja Iga devoid of champion, who helps her reach the Ueda castle, where she asks Lord Yukimura Sanada for help.However, when he reaches him, mysterious power manifests itself.This power is powerful and desirable by many, so to protect it, Yukimura recalls ten warriors to defend it.

Although it is not as colorful as Orient, Brave 10 contains an infinite crowd of hot -blood warriors.who are always ready to fight.While Brave 10 has a more dramatic element of Shoujo, the main goal is the constant variety of battles such as Orient.

Laughter under the clouds

After a disturbing decision to ban swords, the Meiji government ordered the construction of a large prison for dissidents in the middle of the Biwa lake.Tenka Kumou is unofficially assigned to arrest criminals, and also serves as a Biwa prison captain with two younger siblings, Soramar and Choutarou.While they live happily, the curse casts a shadow at the city of Oumi, signaling the reincarnation of Orochi in a human vessel.While many try to find a ship, there are those who want to seal it and those who have a darker design for a selected person.

While Orient is more Shounen with an adventure and battle, Laughing Under The Clouds retains things more contained in one mysterious story.In both series there are characters who have something special in them, which will either lead to glory or to ruin.Laughter under the clouds, although he has moments of action, is strongly focused on his secret.

For fans of mutilation through extraordinary power

Black clover

After leaving in the same church, Asta and Yuno grew up together.Together they grew up, striving for the same title – the Wizard King, the strongest wizard in the kingdom.However, it quickly turned out that although Yuno has magic skills, Asta cannot use it at all.However, everything changed when they were attacked and Asta received a strange grimuar, who gave him the opportunity to annul magic.

Both series have energetic, hot -blood heroes whose goal is “being the best.”However, despite this goal, they are mutilated by their own lack of power, or rather the fact that they do not yet understand how to use their own power.Therefore, both programs talk about how they fight to overcome this and ultimately grow as they do.


The world is devastated by monsters called Nemesis.These demons fall from the sky and cause complete destruction of everything around them.There are witches in their way who can beat them.Seth is one of such wizards who tries to destroy every Nemesis.He travels with his friends to destroy the almost mythical source of these monsters – radiant.

Both Orient and Radiant are two of the more overlooked Shounen series, because they don’t have many good hooks for them, but watching anime is very funny.What’s more, they both follow the main characters who strive for a lofty goal, but have difficulty achieving it because of their own incomprehensible powers.

Blue exorcist

People and demons have always divided two different worlds: people in Assiah and Demons in Gehenna.The only way to travel between the worlds is possession, like Satan, the ruler of Gehenna, leads his war.Blue Exorcist follows Rin Okumura, a somewhat restless teenager and son of Satan.However, while his father wants him to help conquer the world of people, Rin decides to become an exorcist to fight him instead.

Both series belong to the less popular spectrum of the Anime Shounen series.Although they have very different topics, the great similarity lies in the fact that the main character, although strong, often struggles with his own innate power, which is deeply inherent in them.


Ichigo Kurosaki is an average high school student, except for his ghost’s ability.One night, his family is attacked by a Hollow, a broken spirit who devours his souls.He and Soul Reaper, who appears named Rukia, manages to repel it.However, in this process Rukia is wounded, which forces her to share her powers from Ichigo to survive the battle.From there, Ichigo must face both the Hollow and other reaper souls, not yet knowing how powerful enemies lurk in the universe and what destructive powers tender in it.

Both Orient and Bleach place great emphasis on swords and swords choosing the owner.Therefore, in part of each series you have to deal with characters who basically try to tame the power of their blades.However, Bleach ultimately gives his swords a more human manifestation, while the Orient is somewhat lacking.

For fans of travel adventure


After releasing, living in isolation, Aladdin and his genie ugo set off on a journey to see the world.Shortly afterwards, he makes friends with Alibaba, a young merchant who has the ambitions of wealth after he destroyed his cart with supply.To pay for damages, Alibaba suggests that the extremely powerful Aladdin will help him conquer the dungeons full of dangers and wealth.

Magi and Orient have the same author, which often means crossing the motifs and archetypes of the character.Both series derive inspiration from different historical times.Orient is clearly a feudal Japanese, while magi is clearly the Middle East.However, this inspiration allows you to build a very unique world, which is then explored by three friends with different powers and problems.

Edens Zero

In Granbell Kingdom, an abandoned amusement park inhabited by machines, Shiki, the only man, lived among them from an early age.One day another man named Rebecca comes to the kingdom of Granbell with his cat companion Happy.Rebecca decided to make a good music video for her B-Cube channel, but eventually she made friends with Shikim and instead took him outside the planet.Together they set off on a journey through space and time to create interesting films, make friendships and find the elusive goddess mother who lives somewhere in the universe.

While the Orient is limited to the continent, while Edens Zero has an extensive, unrestricted scenery of time and space, both series are basically Shounen Battlers, in which the characters travel, are related to something, solve it with their huge powers and go on.They both have a younger atmosphere than most of the other Shounen series, which makes it more cheerful most of the time.

Fairy Tail

When he wants to strengthen his magic, the heavenly magician Lucy meets an energetic fire magician named Natsu.After discovering that he is a member of the famous wizarding guild Fairy Tail, which he has long admires, the couple returns home so that Lucy can join.Together with their new friends from Guild, Lucy and Natsu, they set off on a journey to help people, earn money and discover their huge magical world.

Because Fairy Tail shares the author with Edens Zero, and this author only speaks basically the same story in every series he does, he also has some similarities to the orient.However, this time the series focuses more on effective battles.Like Orient, you see how colorful characters are absolutely devastating thanks to their unique abilities when they travel from problem to problem.

Do you have more anime recommendations such as Orient?Let the fans know in the comments section below.

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