Anime Like Symphogear series

During the continuous attack of a foreign breed called Noise, society does not know that the Idoli duo Zwei Wing uses its songs to charge a powerful weapon known as Symphogear to fight.After the attack on the concert, part of the duo is devoted to save a young girl, implanting her in the last moments a fragment of her Symphogear.Many years later, the same girl arouses the power to defend humanity thanks to the power of Symphogear.

For wounds, Symphogear is a special mixture of anime, appearing to fans of hardcore actions, idol fans, Shoujo Ai fans and fans of magical girls.It is hard to make such a mixture work, but it works.If you are looking for more anime recommendations, such as Symphogear, go below.

For music -based fans

Tact op.Destiny

After the meteor fell to the ground, D2 attacked a large part of the United States.In order not to anger D2, who hate music, all music has been banned.Despite this, D2 attacks are not uncommon.Musicarts and their companions are the only defense against them.The tact, the wonderful child of the piano, is transformed into a conductor after his friend Cosette is killed and transformed into his musicart called Destiny.Together with Anna, Sister Cosette, they travel to New York in the hope of stabilizing the pact.

Both series are based on music as strength in their battles.However, while the pressure on music becomes less and less important as Symphogear lasts, it remains central in tact.Purpose because it is so deeply rooted in the story.Regardless, both are colorful and often beautiful animations, which makes the action an amazing action to watch.

Revue Starlight

The SEISHO Music Academy was founded to support the next generation Theater talents.All girls study singing, dance and acting in the hope of the future in performance art.Karen Aijou is one such student who has dreamed of a performance since childhood.However, after passing through a secret elevator, he finds the arena, where the girls take part in duels to determine who will play the main roles in the upcoming starlight performance at their school festival.

While Revue Starlight remains similar to the first season of Symphogears, when more emphasis was placed on school life, both series talk about battles with music.While Symphogear increases the scale of its battles, Revue Starlight makes them small and interesting.Both series also provide a lot of time for the drama of the relationship between the characters.Because Revue Starlight maintains the spectacle on a smaller scale, it is more based on the drama of the character for the plot and motivation.


After his father escaped with his family estate, Kanae Otowa lives in the family estate of his family, trying to keep everything on the surface.However, when an eviction order comes, he must remove his friend Sousuke and two strange people claiming to be her father’s friends – Wolfgang Amadeusz Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven.Stubbornly refusing to go, Beethoven arouses the power of Musik and delays the eviction.Now many Musik users are attracted home, but not everyone has noble motives for the authorities.

Unlike Symphogear, who wants his musical battles to be taken seriously, classicaloid knows exactly what it is.It’s a stupid show with great, great musical performances and fights that push to extremes.He has a relatively poor story, but he loves his classic musicians and classical music, pushing them to frequent fights.

Macross Frontier

Humanity has long been conducting war against the group of giants known as Zentradi.In the face of extermination, in a losing war, they fled to the stars, heading towards the center of the Galaxy.Preparing to accompany the singer in his moss, the young pilot Alto observes how the concert hall is attacked by a new enemy, biomechanical creatures called Varja.In the chaos of Alto manages to save a young girl who is the target of these creatures and is drawn into the new war of humanity.

There is no doubt that Symphogear drew a lot of inspiration from the great, camp energy of his beloved Macross Frontier, even starting in a similar way.While Macross Frontier is a series of mechs, it is a series of mechs in which the power of the song saves the universe.This is what makes him funny and also makes him wonderful.A situation in which Symphogear is also often found.

For fans of magic girls science fiction

Vividred operations

Thanks to the manifestation engine, the world’s energy problems have been solved.For Akane he lives with his sister and grandfather in a poor, but happy and peaceful existence.One day, however, humanity is threatened by a mysterious being known as Alone, who attacks the manifestation engine.Although no traditional weapon works, Akane discovers that her grandfather, who once worked on a manifestation engine, and now only develops seemingly useless inventions, invented the only weapon they have, which they can fight – a living system.

Both series are a magical sci-fi series in which only a few girls can use power that is able to fight the enemy of humanity.Because Vividred has an element of joining with other warriors, he focuses on building relationships with these characters, but the heart of the series are battles.

Magic Lyrical Girl Nanoha

After saving the ferret, the creation calls for help to a young Nanoha.It turns out that he is a magician from another world who is trying to collect dangerous gem seeds that have accidentally been scattered around the world.Coming to help, she gives her a magic wand and begins to teach her how to become a great magician.However, Nanoha and this magician are not the only ones after the jewels.

While Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha begins as a traditional series of magical girls, changes and powers become clearly more inspired by science fiction at a later time entries, because it also becomes much darker.As a similarly long series, such as Symphogear, you meet a few main characters really well, but often introduces new characters, unlike Symphogear, who maintains the main cast all the time.

Strike Witches

With the appearance of a foreign breed known as Neroi, the earth was on the edge.The Units Striker was created to fight this strength.Young girls who equipped this weapon have become known as witches and are now the last line of defense of humanity.Strike Witches follows Yoshika Miyafuji, who joins the 501. Joint Fighter Wing to become Strike Witch.

While Strike Witches does not have great magical transformations of girls, he focuses on girls fighting an unearthly enemy with new and mysterious technology.Strike Witches is more in a military style, but like Symphogear, it contains a whole group of students with various personalities and relationships with each other.

For fans of drama about relations between characters

Yuki Yuna is a heroine

As a member of the Heroes Club, Yuki Yuna thinks that she knows what it means to be a heroine – help others.However, when the Heroes’ Club begins to show real powers and has to fight mysterious strength, the girls will find out what being a hero means.

While Yuki Yuna is definitely a magical series about girls, sometimes bordering the darkness of magical scratches, they strongly focus on the drama of characters and various relationships, such as Symphogear.What’s more, he puts great emphasis on these great moments of the final battle, which can be overcome only thanks to teamwork and the strength of friendship.If you are a big fan of Hibiki, Yuna brings the same energy.

Assault Lily: bouquet

Humanity is absorbed by a being known as huge.To remedy this, a weapon called Charm was developed.The best used by teens, these young warriors, known as lilies, are trained to use Charm in special schools.

Assault Lily is a symphogear with a different name and more characters.While Symphogear and his many seasons fight with different enemies, both series actually concern the fight against monsters with a powerful weapon.However, because the weapon is more easily available in Assault Lily, the cast is much larger and there is no such deep relationship between the characters.


Humanity was threatened by the presence of mysterious creatures known as orphans.However, 13 girls demonstrated the ability to materialize the elements and recall guards known as Childs, effectively fighting these creatures.As the last and best hope of humanity, all these girls gather at the Fuka Academy to improve their skills in battle.

While Mai-Hime, like Symphogear, is at the lowest level of spectrum of magical girls, starts in a school for girls who train girls for a specific purpose.It balances the moments of joining the character, building and swelling with quite brutal battles.Both series are quite focused on relations between heroes and drama.

For fans of great, absurd actions

Kill la kill

Ryuuko Matoi hunts his father’s killer, and her only advantage is the missing half of his invention, the scissor blade.In his mission, he arrives at the prestigious Academy of Honnouji, a school, which is governed by the super -powerful Satsuki Kiryuuuin and her elite four.Believing that Satsuki knows who killed her father, Ryuuko challenges one of the elite, but is beaten because of their special uniforms.After receiving a special uniform, Ryuuko sets up plans to dominate the school and find out what happened to her father.

Did you like the times in Symphogear, where the action became so great and absurd that it was circulating next to being bad and was amazing again?Because it is also Kill La Kill.Both programs require time to build interesting characters, but what they are remembered are the intense moments when the action becomes only greater and more energy.

Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann

While digging in his underground village, a young boy named Simon discovers a mysterious object, which turns out to be the key to an ancient war art.When their village is attacked, Simon and his bold, adopted older brother Kamin use this weapon to repel the invaders, discovering that above them is the whole world on the surface.When the sky is now in view, Kamina and Simon set off on a journey that will take them through the galaxy.

Gurren Lagann is a symphogear with an admixture of extremely high masculinity.Both series are based on a large event, made quickly, with tons of screams and explosions.However, while Symphogear derives inspiration from mechs, Gurren Lagann is a tribute and a parody

Do you have more anime recommendations such as Symphogear?Let the fans know in the comments section below.

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