Anime Like The Fate/Stay Night Franchise series

The War of the Holy Grail is the royal battle in one city in Japan among the seven magicians chosen as masters.These masters summon a servant, a heroic spirit of historical or mythical heroes from the past, and gain the seal of command to order the servants to follow their orders.Together, the masters use their servants to wage a replacement war for the Holy Grail – a magic artifact that is able to fulfill every wish of its owner.In the fifth war of the Holy Grail Rin Toosak is one of the magicians participating in the competition.Together with his servant, Archer, he hopes to get the Holy Grail and fulfill her wish.However, when a friend from the Rin class, Emiya Shirou, also accidentally enters, things become much more interesting.

Because the Fate series is more than just the main branch, it is a series that is immersed in many species.This makes it difficult to provide collective recommendations.However, Fate has its main motives and the main story.If it was something that fascinated you, try these anime recommendations about the Fate/Stay Night series.

For fans of Battle Royale tournaments

Juuni taisen

In a world where warfare is constant – and are great for business – twelve people develop on the battlefield.Each of these people has features that coincide with one animal from a Chinese zodiac.Those who were born in the appropriate zodiac families or were elected to the successors of this line are invited to a competition that takes place every twelve years.In this competition they will fight to death and death.The last one, which will stand, fulfill every wish.

Both series are Battle Royale tournaments in which people from selected families gather and fight with various motifs.Historical or mythical figures are recalled in Fate.In Junni Taisen, the theme is combat styles based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac.While Fate/Stay is involved in building the world and giving the depth of the story, Juuni Taisen is for viewers who only want to watch super -powerful warriors trying to murder each other.The plot depth is very small, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Platinum End

After the death of Mirai Kakehashi’s parents, he remained under the care of offensive relatives.On the day he graduated from junior high school, he decided to end his life.When he jumps from the building, he is saved by Nasse, an angel who wants to give him happiness and chose him as his candidate for another God.However, there are twelve other candidates, and some of them want to take over God’s power by force.

Both series apply to people who have associated with them, and then take part in the tournament for death and death.with a very powerful reward on the line.In Fate/Stay they summon their servants with minimal control over who they will get.In Platinum End, angels choose a man who will support them, according to them should be a new God.

Daily of the future

Yukiteru Amano likes to imagine himself as an observer.He spends days running a diary on a cell phone, but not about himself, about everything that is happening around him.At home, he spends time talking to two invented friends, Deus ex Machina, the god of space and time, and Murmur, his assistant.One day, however, he discovers that his friends are not so imaginary when they saturate him with the power of a diary, which predicts the future and forces him to a bloody game of survival with divinity on the line.

Instead of giving.Servants of participants to fight in the Proxy war, as in Fate/Stay, Future Diary gives participants of this royal battle a cell phone with various permissions.However, it is more similar to Fate/Stay that Future Diary follows a rather inept figure that is protected by a devoted murderer, who is much more crazy than Saber.


Unemployed and living with his mother, the only real achievement of Ryout Sakamoto is to be the best player in Japan in a video game called Btooom!One day, however, he wakes up on an island with a small green crystal embedded in his hand.He soon finds out that someone wants him and other players to play Btooom!Really, if they want to live.

Both series contain Battle Royale games, but the only real reward on the Btooom line is not to die terribly.Instead of using servants like Fate/Stay, participants receive a number of small bombs that they must supplement by taking them from other players or finding in rare supplies.Unlike Fate/Stay, which is more focused on the colliding ideals of its characters, Btooom is more focused on what is needed to survive difficult situations.

For historical fans and mythical heroes outside their time


When creating the rear guard to escape your uncle, Toyohis Shimaz manage to injure the II Naomasa, but he is seriously injured.Trying to cut home, he is moved from the field to the corridor lined with the door.There, a mysterious man sends him to another world.Dischaisoned into the forest by two young elves, Toyohisa is patched by two other cherry blossoms, which are Yoichi Suktaka Nasu and Oda Nobunaga.From there, Toyohisa and other historical figures, called “drifters”, must save (or conquer) their new world.

If you liked the part that you liked in the Fate/Stay series, consisted in seeing all mythical and historical beings by interacting with other beings from different times, tramps are definitely for you.However, instead of bringing these heroes of history to contemporary Japan, he throws them all into a fantastic world and leaves them to their own devices.

Re: Creators

Sota Mizushino is a high school student and an ardent anime fan who dreams of writing his own light novel.While watching the new anime in search of inspiration, he is drawn into the world of this series.After he witnessed the battle between two characters, he returns home and is shocked when one of the characters returns with him.He soon discovers that other characters from other media were brought and allied with a mysterious princess in a military uniform.Sota aims to collect these characters and send them back home.

Although the characters in Re: Creators are not historical characters, they are figures from fiction transferred to our world.Therefore, they try to discover why they were brought to our world and still deal with the problems they brought with them from their fictitious worlds.Like fate, they are also divided due to the various causes of the plot.

Ragnarok record

Every 1000 years, all gods from every religion are convened to decide about the fate of humanity.Due to abuse of themselves and the planet, the gods intend to unanimously vote for the destruction of humanity.However, when this is to happen, Brunhild, Walkiria, makes a proposal.People have a chance to have 13 warriors from the whole story fighting the gods in the battle of one one in a tournament style, which will ultimately decide their fate.

If you do not care about the depths of the story, but you just want to see how historical and mythical figures beat each other, Record of Ragnarok was created just for you.He shares even a few characters with the Fate series, but again, it’s really all fights and a very minimal plot.

For fans of partner battles

Persona 4 animation

Yuu Narukami is a new ina child.At school, he hears a rumor that if you look at the empty TV screen at midnight, you will see the face of your true love.However, when Yuu watches it, he sees a woman dying.Trying to see him again, Yuu discovers that he is able to enter the world of television, a place filled with shadows with which only Persons can fight, awakened manifestations of a real self.

Both series focus on human figures, who themselves have little chance in battle, but instead fight using the cited servants.Both are also anime series based on games.While the visual novel comes from Fate through various paths for each female character, in Persona 4 you will see how her jRPG -ness leaks into the plot.As an addition, although the anime persona 5 is not such a good adaptation of the anime, if you like anime persona 4, it can also be worth watching.

Shaman king

The battle is to start in Tokyo – the struggle of shamans.This tournament takes place every 500 years, during which shamans, those who command ghosts, check their skills in battle.The winner becomes the king of shaman and receives the command of the great spirit.Shaman King follows the story of a carefree Yoh Asakura and his spirit Amidamar.

While Fate/Stay has characters in the tournament fighting for the Holy Grail, Shaman King has all the shamans fighting for the title Shaman King.Like Masters in Fate, Shamans in Shaman King, there are also gathers who help them fight.However, because they are ghosts, the fight still remains in the hands of their shamans.Finally, while fate can sometimes sway towards more mature stories, Shaman King is clearly more a show of Shounen.

C: soul money and the ability to control

In a country that struggles with economic problems and is surrounded by wealthy peers, a student of economics Kimimaro Yoga learns that money is power.One day he learns about a place called the eastern financial district, where money flows like water, but only when guests offer their future as a security.Greed triumphs that day when yoga enters this alternative reality.

What is C, if not the Holy Grail’s War with money on the line.The main character joins forces with another, more talented warrior, which gives him an advantage in brutal and absolute competition.However, C is a bit worse in explaining things sometimes, which makes it difficult to enter.

Tales of Zestiria X

Sorey is a man raised among seraphies, spiritual beings who are not visible to normal people.However, one day, when the human princess-chicker wanders on their territory, he attracts him to human capital.This ultimately leads him to becoming a new shepherd, whose destiny is to defeat your defeat and prevent the destruction of the world.

Both series talk about people who need ghosts to fight effectively.In Tales of Zestiria, human characters connect with ghosts to rule powerful combat abilities.While Fate/Stay was based on a visual novel, Tales of Zestiria The X is based on JRPG, so it has JRPG story progression.

For Fans of Magic in a modern environment

A Certain Magical Index

The city of the Academy in Japan is at least 30 years more technologically advanced than the rest of the world.However, they also have many students who improve their parapsychic abilities.Unfortunately, for Touma Kamijou has a mental level equal to zero, but has the ability that scientists from the city cannot fully understand – the ability to negate other mental abilities.Despite this, he leads a normal life until he meets Index Liborum Prohibitorum, a young girl who learned by heart all forbidden Grimuars, and draws him into the kingdom of supernatural.

Both series are available in cities around the world.Which magic and science exist side by side and each of them affects the world.Although both series have particularly deep and well -developed stories, and the Certain Magical Index is not framed in the Battle Royale tournament.Instead, the main character is drawn into something much larger than he himself, which is happening in the city.

Jujutsu kaisen

To get more power, demons look for fragments of the legendary Subuna demon to absorb them.One day Yuuji Itadori, who has just lost his grandfather, learns about this when he saves his school friends from being touched by demons after breaking the seal on one of the body parts of Sukuna, which was in their school.To have a chance, he eats it, revealing himself as a rare vessel that he can use and control the curse of the dressing, which means that when he dies, the curse of the bastard dies with him.

Both series contain a modern world in which with the supernatural underground world operating outside the usual eye.The main character, being basically in the wrong place at the wrong time, is drawn into this underground and manifests great power.While Jujutsu Kaisen is more a warrior Shounen, he maintains a rather dark atmosphere all the time.Not as dark as Fate/Stay can be with Heaven’s Feel and Fate/Zero, but it affects these surfaces.

Irregular in Magic High School

After magic, once considered folklore, was turned into technical skills, schools in which it can be taught was opened around the world.In one such school there are siblings of Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba.While Miyuki is leading, her brother is placed in a lower class because of her seemingly magical inefficiency.However, it has quite unique abilities that make it quite irregular.

There are moments in magical academies in the Fate series, but irregular in Magic High School focuses on the title Magic High School.What divides from Fate/Stay is that it is particularly urgent in building the world, because it realizes the modern world in which magic plays a big role for some people.What’s more, like Emiya, the magic of Tatsuya is a bit unique and often underestimated.

Karra no kyoukai

After a fatal accident, young Shiki Ryougi from an ancient clan shows supernatural abilities that manifest as male and female personalities that live in it.While these abilities make others avoid, her classmate, Makiya Kokutou, still reaches her.After a series of murders that look like suicides, they begin to appear in their city, both Shiki and Makiya work as researchers of paranormal phenomena.

Although I usually do not recommend movies for anime recommendation, the penalty of no kyoukai is the beginning of the fate of Type-Moon.He was a kind of precursor of the Fate series, in which he established a number of concepts that would be used in later Type-Moon works, including Fate/Stay.Therefore, it has a similar character and maintains some darkness similar to fate/zero.

Do you have more anime recommendations such as The Fate/Stay series?Let the fans know in the comments section below.

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