Anime Like Yurei Deco series

The city of Tom Sawyer is a society of augmented reality, in which citizens buy and sell services and improves appearance by means of love, a currency similar to like in social media.Deco implemented in their eyes from early childhood allow you to enjoy augmented reality, and also allow the government to control it.One day a girl named Berry with a defective Deco in one eye manages to see a boy invisible to all others.Following him, he ends up in an event that loves love, caused by the mysterious Phantom Zero.After the government causes the boy that he considers him Phantom Zero, and she helps his friends free him, Berry begins to discover the endless spiral of the secrets of society, when she is drawn to the margins of society, where people live without deco and love.

Getting to the series takes a minute and probably that’s why it will remain largely underestimated, but I think it’s a loss of everyone, right?If you are looking for more anime recommendations, such as Yurei Deco, go below.

For fans of augmented reality

Denno coil

Yuuko Okonogi and her family move to Daikoku City, a technological center of new augmented reality technology.There he joins the investigation agency along with other children equipped with powerful virtual tools.He meets a hacker named Yuuko Amasawa, who tries to discover the secret of a computer virus, which cut off part of the virtual world.

Think about Yurea Deco as a long -term reality in the late phase of the game, and Denno Coil with the early stage of the game, because it is so.Denno Coil presents characters interacting in the extended world, while a greater secret appears in the city.Because in both series the main characters are also children, they also keep a similarly younger atmosphere.


Created by creation known as Gadoll, humanity now lives in a large mobile fortress known as Deca-Dence.Inside, the inhabitants are divided into Gears, warriors fighting gadolls and tankers who keep the fortress.Natsume, a tanker, dreams of becoming Gear, but is forced to repair armor, where she meets a generous Senpaia named Kaburagi, who has more skills than he thinks.

Like Yurei Deco in Deca-Dence, there are those who suffer and those for whom life is a game.Some characters have configurable avatars and play all day in their completely safe virtual space.However, when a girl appears in a weirdness in the system, she becomes one of those who will smoke the whole.


In ancient Tokyo, he was a priest named Myoue, who could revive everything he drew.He drew a black rabbit, who also fell in love with him.While borrowing the body of the goddess, they started a family with three children.However, it was recognized that the family causes too many problems, so they fled to the mirror world full of products drawn by the priest.While in this world, where nobody dies and nobody is born, everything was calm, the parents of the family had to leave.In anticipation of their return, three children are shocked when the girl arrives from another land in a mirror world, sharing the name of her mother and looking for both parents.

While Kyousougiga is not the same kind of augmented reality as Yurei Deco, this is the story taking place in two worlds.In addition to the fact that Kyousougiga is unique and visually interesting, it is also a story that is not easy to capture like Yurei Deco.Both series become clear at the end, but the story is not fed right away.

For fans of life on the outskirts


After a series of bloody wars, humanity withdrew to six cities-states.However, while the elites of these cities seemed calm and perfect, the poor suffered.One day Shion, a resident of the elite, met Nezumi, a fugitive from outside the utopia.After taking him home, Shion and his family were forced to leave the house and now they will learn the ugly side of their society.

Both stories begin with children who live in a nice part of their futuristic and clearly dystopian society. However, one day their paths cross with a criminal and a margin member.Although in issue 6 it lasts a little longer, the meeting finally causes that they abandon their privileged life and connect with them.


After a series of natural disasters, a significant part of Japan returned to nature.The Atlas project was created in Tokyo.It is to create a utopia, but it only takes place for so many.The rest will be left to survive in the harsh, other landscape.A group of renegades, unrelated to Atlas, decides to travel to sneak into the city.

Both Yurei Deco and Shangri-La tell a story based on a divided society.There are people who live officially and in a rather decent luxury, and there are unofficial people who barely break through, but create a strong community.Both series examine the disadvantages of the entire system and have female leads that begin to destroy it.


In the future, the world is managed by Fractale System.One day Claine, a boy living with his computer parents, meets a girl named Phryne.She is prosecuted by someone, and when she saves her, he is drawn into a conspiracy in which their whole world falls apart.

One day a person living normally in his futuristic society meets someone mysterious.From that moment their whole life is turned upside down, but in a positive way, because the system in which they live is clearly defective.This small event also ends with the dissolution of the entire system.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Scraping through life in a technologically extended society Night City, David’s, mother managed to send him to a prestigious school in the hope that Corpo could become and climb the ladder of the business world.However, after his mother suddenly dies in a car accident and due to the lack of proper care, David accepts a cybernetic implant to obtain power and this decision crosses him with the Edgerunner crew, a group of mercenaries filled with cybernetic implants that do every work and every work to makeearn a living.

Yurei Deco is a society with your problems, but if you want a cyberpunk society that delves into terrible things that technology further integrated with society can give birth, Edgerunners is for you.Both series are visually charming, although in different ways, and tell the story you want to watch.

Knowledge about Cyberpunk is not necessary to understand or enjoy Edgerunners, because it is an independent story.


For surreal fans and unique animations

Keep your hands away from Eizouten

With a sketchbook always at hand, Midori Asakusa has a passion for drawing both the world around her and the world in her boundless imagination.Unlike this, her best friend Sayak Kanamori and her calculated approach to life keep her on earth.After a accidental meeting with the model Tsubame Misuzaki, who has a passion for drawing characters, Kanamori, sensing the opportunity to earn money, suggests that they set up an animation club.

Although he is not involved in Yurea Deco, the Saru studio that Yurei Deco created a decent relationship, Masaaki Yuasa, and the artistic style of Yurei Deco imitates many of his anime.Keep Your Hands of Eizouken is a Yuasa series created by the Saru studio with a more understandable world, but with the same clear style of art that can be found in Yurei Deco.Although sometimes he is passionate about strangeness, he remains more rooted in traditional reality.

History Heike

Taira Clan, also known as Heike, developed authority in Japan.When a young girl disregards the clan representative, her father pays for it with her life.Later, this girl, now taking the name of Biwa after the instrument on which her father played, approaches Taira No Shigemori, the eldest son of the leader of Clan Taira.Before him, he reveals the power of his eye to see the future and heralds the fall of his clan.She reveals her power in his eye to see the ghosts of the dead, and when she learns how her father died, she offers her admission in the hope that he will help him to escort his clan away from the disaster.

Both series are universally ignored, objectively good anime Studio Saru.Although Heike is a serious and historic series, it has several unique visual effects in the same type of basic, but detailed artistic style.This is basically a whole series of people looking like Finn and trying to kill each other and/or not to be killed.

Welcome to the Irabu office

Here is the story of many patients and their problems that go to the psychiatric ward of the Irabu General Hospital.Here, these patients undergo therapy through a child -like hospital director, Dr. Ichiro Irabu and his gloomy, but sexy nurse Mayumi.Although his treatments are unique and his advice seems crazy, he achieves results.

Bright and colorful.Strange and wonderful.Often unclear in the whole story.These are statements that could be said about Yurei Deco, as well as Welcome to Irabu’s Office.Sometimes the strangest stories begin and end in interesting places.

Mawaru Pengindrum

Takakura’s family always received equal hands of joy and sadness through fate.The twin brothers, Kanba and Shoura, experienced sadness because of the death of their parents and the serious illness of their sister.When their sister Himari is temporarily released from the hospital, they take her to the aquarium, where she falls.Himari, however, is inexplicable to liven up when he puts on a penguin hat from the souvenir store.However, its revival has its price.A new being appeared in her body, who orders the boys to find a mysterious penguin.

Even as an experienced person recommending anime, it was often difficult to understand the real plot of Yurei Deco to the end.If you liked the constantly changing plot and the unexpected twists of Yurei Deco action with colorful and surreal animation, this is Mawaru Penguinrum.Both are series that, if you were so inclined, you could spend a lot of time thinking about.

Kill La Kill

Ryuuko Matoi hunts his father’s killer, and her only trail is the missing half of his invention, the scissor blade.In his mission, he arrives at the prestigious Academy of Honnouji, a school, which is governed by the super -powerful Satsuki Kiryuuuin and her elite four.Believing that Satsuki knows who killed her father, Ryuuko challenges one of the elite, but is beaten because of their special uniforms.After receiving a special uniform, Ryuuko introduces plans to dominate the school and find out what happened to her father.

Both Kill La Kill and Yurei Deco are more inclined towards a liquid and flexible artistic style.which some fans would call more “cartoon”.The characters from time to time make faces that look as if they were more smooth than the body, but it allows for a lot of exaggerated action and greater creative freedom in the series.

Do you have more anime recommendations such as Yurei Deco?Let the fans know in the comments section below.

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