Anime Limited taken over by Place Pictures

Date: 2022 October 23 00:12

Posted by Eeper

Anime Limited has


that they joined the Plaion group.

Anime label branches in Great Britain and France bought by a branch

Embracer group

for an undisclosed sum.

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Details as follows:

Anime Ltd joins the Plaion group

It’s official!Today, Place Group, a subsidiary belonging entirely to the Embracer Group AB, announced that it has concluded a contract regarding the takeover of anime Ltd. We believe that both Placen.A vision of where we want to run our company.

This is a huge step forward for the entire Anime Ltd band, because it allows us to provide the highest quality work in Japan as part of Japanese animation and music for the rest of the European market in addition to Great Britain, France and the USA, as we do now.Ultimately, it allows us to offer more to both current and new fans, so we can’t wait for us to break!

“We are looking forward to joining the Plaion team, with which we have successfully worked through both our French and Scottish offices.Together, we are in a unique situation to provide adapted to the needs and improved approach to our activities in each of the key territories in Europe.I am excited about the development opportunities that this contract is. ”

-Andrew Partridge, MD and co -founder of the LTD anime

“I am glad that the Anime Ltd. takes the next step in its development and becomes part of a strong entertainment group with a clear vision and a promising strategy.I can’t wait to be able to further develop our activities and develop the full potential of the LTD anime to make Japanese pop culture content even more popular in Europe and the world. ”

-Cedric Littardi, co -founder and President of the Management Board of the Anime Ltd

Anime Ltd will operate as an independent company as part of Plaion Pictures (Plaion Film Publishing House), the current management will continue to manage the company.The company will currently maintain the current schedule of editions, and there will be even more on the horizon.We will certainly inform fans because more messages will be available.

We would like to thank all our devoted customers for supporting the LTD anime and we are looking forward to when we start our second decade to many subsequent years of creating the best possible editions of Japanese animations on the market and connecting creators with recipients, which we care about.

Editorial comment:

Ten years is a pretty good run for a label such as Al, and while the team remains in place, it is sad to see their end of their independent run.

After the Plaion Anime Limited (and Manga UK bought by Funimation, and then the takeover of Crunchyroll by Sony), currently one independent anime label in Great Britain and Ireland remains.While consolidation is the name of the game, after all (as evidenced by the combination of Crunchy and Funi) you finish with one or two players, and this is never good to choose from.We can only hope that the new owners of anime Limited will allow them to remain the same individual label that they have always been.


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