Anime NYC will show the world premiere of the anime High Card

The premiere of the anime will take place in January 2023.

Kadokawa describes this story:

After discovering that his orphanage is on the edge a closure due to financial stress, Finn, who lived freely on the streets, set off to the casino with the intention of breaking a fortune.However, nothing could prepare Finn for a nightmare that was waiting for him.There, Finn came across a car chase and a bloody shooter caused by a “happy” card of a man.

Finn will finally find out what was going on in the shooting.The world order can be controlled by means of a set of 52 X-Playing cards with the power to give various superhuman powers and abilities to those who have them.Thanks to these cards, people can access the hidden power of a “friend” that can be found.

There is a secret group of players called High Card who have received a direct order of King Fourland to collect cards scattered throughout the kingdom, while they earn as employees of a luxury Pinochle car manufacturer.A scout who became the fifth member of the group, Finn will soon join players in a dangerous mission to find these cards.

“Everything you need in life is manners, dignity and will to put on your own life.”

However, on the gang road stands Who’s Who, a competitive car manufacturer who is obsessed with defeating Pinochle, and Klondikes, the infamous mafia family.

The fierce battle begins between those players who are obsessed with cards, driven by justice, desire and revenge!

Are you ready?

It’s showdown !!

Anime NYC will host employees Studio Trigger Hiromi Wakabayashi, Shigeto Koyama and Sushio.The event will also be attended by: actor in the voice of Mob Psycho 100 Setsuo Ito, director Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway Shuko Muke, creator of Poupelle of Chimney Town Akihiro Nishino, designer Blue Reflection Mel Kishida and composer Final Fantasy XV Yoko Shimomura.

This year’s Anime NYC event is scheduled for November 18-20 at the Javits Center.

Source: Twitter anime nyc