Anime Reborn To Master The Blade reveals a new key graphics, an additional cast

The previously announced adaptation of the Reime Antime to Master The Blade: from Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire ♀ revealed a new key graphics.Anime will premiere in January 2023.Studio Comet is the animation of the series, and the director is Nayyuki Kuzuya.

Reborn to Master The Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire ♀-Key visual effects

An additional anime cast is also revealed:

Haruka Shiraishi as Erisnaomi Ozora as Rippleeri Kitamura as Sistia Rogue

Akari Kito lends the voice of Inglis Eucus, and Ai Kakuma Rafinha Bilford.The voice cast was revealed with the first trailer at the beginning of this year.

Reborn to Master The Blade is a fantasy light novel novel written by Hayaken and illustrated by nagi.The series began in March 2019 and is served in the Japan HJ Bunko Hobby publishing house.The manga adaptation by Moto Kuromura is also underway.

J-Novel Club has issued a license for both a light novel and a manga in English, and the story is described as follows:

From the death bed of Hero-King Inglis, a divine knight and ruler of everything he travels, looks down at the Empire, which he built with his powerful hand.Having devoted his life to state crafts and the prosperity of his subjects, his only unfulfilled dream is to live again, this time for himself: the life of a warrior he devoted himself to power.His goddess patron, Alistia, hears his request and smiles at him, throwing his soul into the distant future.The goddesses work in a mysterious way – Inglis is not only the daughter of a smaller noble family, but during her first ceremony of growing up at the age of 6, she does not qualify for the nobility!

However, for the Inglis lady ambition, this is not so much a failure, but rather a challenge, which (from) the family has been revolved.”It is not the blood flowing in your veins that makes a knight;This is the blood you poured on the battlefield! “The curtain hovers over the legend with an unusual revived squirrel to master the blade!


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