Anime Reborn to Master The Blade reveals more cast and a new look

The official website of the new television anime Hayaken’s Reborn to Master The Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire (Eiyū-ō, BU about Kiwamer Tame Tensei-Su: Soshite, Sekai Saikyō No Minarai Kishi) Series of light novels revealed more cast members and new membersAppearance on Friday.

The new cast includes:

The premiere of the anime will take place in January 2023, and Crunchyroll will broadcast the program during its broadcast.

Nayyuki Kuzuya (Saiyuki Gaiden, Wild Adapter, Jūza Engetsu Sangokuden) directs anime at the Comet studio.Mitsutak Hirota (Rent-A-Girlfriend, Edens Zero, Anime-Gataris) is responsible for the scripts of the series.Reiichirirc ōfuji (Animation Director of the Bank Fairy Ranmaru) designs characters, with Tomoko Miyakawa, Rion Matsuda and Maki Fukui as designers of Pod-Postaci.Ōfuji, Miyakawa and Matsuda are also the main directors of animation, next to Masayuki Nomoto.Kent Higashiohji (Super Shiro, Pokémon The Movie: Secrets of the Jungle) composes music.Fumiyuki him is a sound director, and Emi Takanashi is attributed to sound effects.

J-Novel Club has purchased a license for a series of light novels and describes this series:

The last wish of King Hero Inglis is again life as a warrior.Although when he wakes up, he realizes that he was reborn as a girl in a noble family!Even when she was rejected from the knight’s state, she decides to be the most unusual celebrity that has ever existed.

Hayaken began to serve the original novel history on the Shōetus ni Narō (let’s novelists) website in March 2019. The Japanese hj Bunko publishing house publishes novels printed with nagi illustrations.Moto Kuromura


Manga on the Comic Fire website from Hobby Japan.

The Light Novel series previously inspired two mini-short anime in November 2020.

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