Anime series Berserk of Gluttons apparently in production

Key Berserk of Gluttons graphics.Photo source: @spanku_u/twitter

Apparently, work is underway on the television series “Berserk of Glutton”.

On October 17, 2022, a reliable informer about the anime spank (@spaank_u) revealed that the action, fantasy author of ISshiki Ichik and the famous Illustrator Boushoku no berserk: Ore Dake level to IU Gainen Wo Toppa Suru from a series of light novels of Topa Suru inspire the adaptation of anime!

The key image was not included in the disclosed anime messages.Instead, the leak referred to Light Novel graphics:

Cover “Berserk of Gluttons” volume 1. Photo: @spank_u/twitter

What is the plot of Berserk of Glutton?

The story is embedded in the medieval world of swords and spells, in which there are two types of people – those who have blessed with the receipt of a special power granted by God, and those who were cursed that they are without power.Those who have been granted power to fight monsters to gain levels and succeed.People endlessly end up as “losers”.

The story focuses on a young man named Fate Graphite, who is one of the “abandoned”.The skill that was granted to fate is called gluttony, but it is more a curse than a skill that simply makes him always feel hungry, never saturated.Fate was despised throughout his life.Although fate manages to get a noble job as a gate guard, other holy knights are harassing fate.But there is one holy knight who defends him.It’s called Roxy Heart.

Roxy warns saints knights, who intimidated the fate that their behavior is inappropriate for the Saint Knight and tells his fate to let him know if they ever disturb him.However, fate does not want the beautiful, gold -haired roxy to get involved in his interests, because this would arouse the resentment of other holy knights, especially the cunning Brerick Lafal, and this could expose her in danger.P>

When fate goes to the tavern to eat bread and soup, as usual, the owner of the inn warns him that he should eat meat, otherwise he will end like his predecessor.Too much hard work and endless problems will lead to a “bad end” of fate.Fate knows this, but he believes that he was born powerless and therefore accepts his death from overworking as inevitable.

One night, fate is a witness how a group of bandits climbs from the place to the city to the city is not visible from the front gate.Fate goes to say Roxy about bandits, and she runs to capture them, leaving Fate to the front gate.However, one wounded bandit escapes Roxy and tries to get through the front gate, where he meets fate.

Fate manages to kill a bandit and suddenly his skill of gluttony is activated, and a new skill is added to the status of fate – a mental assessment.At first, fate does not understand what happened, but later he realizes that by killing someone, he can devour his skills and feed his insatiable appetite.But does it only devour their strength, or does it absorb their soul?

How much will live to live before his skill of gluttony is really satisfied?What will happen to fate now, when from completely powerless he moved to being overwhelmed?We will have to wait for the adaptation of the anime to find out!

Where can I read the manga and series Light Novel Berserk of Glutton?

Berserk of Gluttons Ichiki Ichika and SÅ‚awa was issued under the Seven Seas Entertainment license, and seven volumes were published.

A series of light novels Berserk of Gluttons inspired the adaptation of the manga with Daisuke Takino illustrations.Manga is also licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment and six volumes have been published.Volume 7 Berserk of Gluttons will be released on December 27, 2022.

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