Anime Tatami Time Machine Blues will hit Disney+ in the USA November 9

Anime started at Disney+ in Japan on September 14.

The anime series consists of a total of five episodes, and the original sixth episode is broadcast only to Disney+.The sixth episode contains an original story that is not in the novel, and film material, which is not in the cinema version of the film compilation of the anime.

The Walt Disney Company broadcast anime only all over the world, and the cinema film version of compilation began its limited, three -week broadcast on September 30.

Tatami Time Machine Blues is a continuation of Morimi’s Earlier novel Galaxy Tatami (Yojō-Han Shinwa Taikei).It was sent in July 2020, 16 years after the original novel.The novel is inspired by the Summer Time Machine Blues Makoto Uedy.Morimi wrote a novel, and Ueda, a friend of Morimi, is credited with an original concept.The continuation of the novel combines elements of tale from theater art with characters from Morimi’s novel.Nakamura returned to illustrate the cover.

In the next novel, which causes a friend of the hero of the Galaxy Tatami, Ozu, the only pilot for air conditioning in student apartments, damaging him on a summer day.Students are wondering what to do with the situation for the rest of the summer and arrange a plan with Akashi.A non -durable student of 25 years in the future arrives in time.The protagonist goes back in time to try to recover the pilot before he is damaged.

Shingo Natsume (One-Punch Man, Space Dandy, Sonny Boy) directed anime in science Saru, and Makoto Ueda returned as a screenwriter from the Galaxy Tatami.Yūsuke Nakamura also returned as a character designer.

In 2005, the Ohta publishing house published the novel Morimi Galaxy Tatami, whose cover was illustrated by Nakamura.The novel was inspired by 11-episode anime by Masaaki Yuas in April 2010.

Harpervia published by Harpercollins will publish the novel The Tatami Galaxy on December 6.After the premiere, the Sequel Tatami Time Machine Blues will appear in the summer of 2023.Emily Balistrieri explains both novels.Balistrieri earlier translated the novel by Morimi The Night Is Young, Walk on Girl, which inspired the film Anime from 2017, also directed by Masaaki Yuas based on the Ueda script.

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