Anime Time of Eve Yasuhiro Yoshiura enters the stage in December

6-episode network anime originally debuted in 2008, the film version in 2010

Directions, Inc.It announced on Wednesday that Time of Eve Yasuhiro Yoshiura (Eve No Jikan) will be adapted by stage art.The performance will be staged at the Tokyo Hakuhinkan Gekijō Theater on December 23-29.

The performance includes Toshiki Seto and Maria Kano.Other actors are: Tomor Akazawa, Mirei Shiroki, Yui Itō, Yūsuke Seto, Take Naya, Ryūnosuke Kawai, Hiro Yūmi and Daisuke Yanase.

Kōichi ogita directs art, and Hiroshi Hosokawa writes the script.

Two high school students are struggling with their own humanity in a world where people are served by Androids, which differ from their men only by rings reminiscent of a halo over their heads.Public customs, enforced by a mysterious robot ethics committee, order androids to treat androids as devices, and those who feel their work are referred to as “androidoholics”.Rikuo and his childhood buddy, massags face a radical challenge in their assumptions about Androids, when they come across Time of Eve, a cafe in which Androids and people are treated as equal.Freeled with the restrictive ethics committee, massacres and rikuo must face the old wounds of betrayal and regret and make decisions that expose their friendship and families.

The six -day Time of Eve anime series, originally released in 2008.Yasuhiro Yoshiura directed anime, wrote history and script and created anime storyboards.He was also a sound director and responsible for CG anime.A compiled film version released in Japan in March 2010.Pied Piper released a film on Blu-ray in North America in 2014 and 2015.

Sources: Time of Eve theater art

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