Anime you should watch … in autumn 2012.

Starting behind the seasonal anime may seem to work full -time, and many anime fans, powered by the ubiquitous buzz on social media, feel constant pressure to keep up with all new shiny programs.After one season of the year, the next, equally shiny and tempting is coming to replace it.Anime autumn 2022 season


44 New television programs, 18 new ONA/OVA and 11 films.No one who has life has time to watch all this, let alone watching an older anime.

If you went back in time, say … 10 years to see what anime shows were then, would you find time to watch them now?Would you be able to do this in the modern era of streaming ephemeralism?Earlier, in 2022, we looked back at the anime, which you should watch in the winter of 2012. Now let’s pay our attention to the anime from autumn 2012.

Eternal shonen abyss of despair: filler report

As for the mainstream species of Shonen, there are several interesting similarities between 2012 and 2022, primarily from Bleach.The original Anime Bleach broadcast its last season in the winter of 2012, but Manga lasted for another twenty volumes after the animated adaptation.Now, more than ten years later, Bleach: Thrite-Year Blood War returned with a 52-episode Bonanza (on Hulu/Disney+, from all places) to adapt the last part of the manga.

Not all of them must be broadcast every week in one block of flats, like the former Shonen anime.Over the past ten years, the anime production has changed – Bleach: Thrisand Year Blood War will be divided into two parts, with 13 episodes in the season with interwoven seasonal breaks.And vice versa, autumn 2012 was the first autumn season for nine years without a show of the ever -acting original Bleach.

One piece (episodes 567–578) finally finished their long episode of Fishman Island Arc, and the ambition of the mini-ark from in the 15th season was the non-Clading prequel of the movie One Piece film with, which was dubbed and finally published in English in 2014.In 2022, Crunchyroll continues his slow development thanks to the English dubbing of the television program, with … the recently finished Fishman Island arch!Hey, we only have ten years of arrears, we are practically catching up!(Episodes of Subbed One Piece are broadcast worldwide in Crunchyroll, English Dub seems to be only in the United States)

The 13th season of Naruto Shippūden (sections 282–295) was completely filler, except for two episodes.In the end, Naruto was particularly known for his long filling arches.With the sequel Boruto now has over 270 episodes, so far the number of fillers has apparently much gross.

The sixth world of Fairy Tail Season (sections 151-162) was surprisingly devoid of filler, while the sixth season of Gintama (episodes 253–256) balls with only four fully canonical episodes in autumn 2012 (but without a filler … only … emptiness …), beforeComing the rest of his short series in the winter of 2013 and taking a break until the late return in spring 2015. Retrial Hunter X Hunter ended the thread of the spectral corpse and began the thread of Greed Island (sections 50-60).Of course, the eternal detective Conan was always present and correct in its 21st season (episodes 671-680).(All of the above streams on Crunchyroll.)

New, endless anime from autumn 2012

Although both spring and summer 2012 were proud of heavy hits such as Fate/Zero Season 2, Kids on the Slope, Hyou-Ka and one of my personal favorites: Humanity Has Decline (with

indescribation of a disturbing scene

About bread that you have to see to believe), autumn 2012 contained the greatest concentration of an interesting anime worth discussing.

Hot from the scars of the psyche of anime fans around the world from Puella Magi Madoka Magica from 2011, the writer Gen Gen Urobuchi returned to inflict further existential pain in the first season of psycho-pass Production I.G, police sci-fi police procedure containing the liberal liberal lines of Philip K. minority reportDick.This is a disturbing performance that examines the tensions between justice and personal freedom in future Japan, where society is strictly controlled by a system that identifies and the bonds of potential criminals before crimes are committed.

Psycho-pass was continued with the next two seasons and five films in the next decade, although mostly without Urobuchi’s participation.A stunningly intelligent, thoughtful and anticipating program, which works exceptionally well today, falls on quality during the shorter second season, before the triumphant return to form in later episodes.The central duo Akane Tsunun and Shinya Kogami are iconic figures with whom you can identify, who grow up and change in a convincing way thanks to a story that constantly tortures them and challenges them.With another film (Psycho-Pass: Providence), which is to be released soon, now is a great time to catch up in one of the best serious anime SF of the last decade.(Transmit the first psycho-pass season to Crunchyroll.)

Although the fragments of the film were previously animated, David’s production produced the final adaptation of the “bizarre adventure of Jojo.”The first season begins with the 9-episode first part: Phantom Blood, a charmingly massive, comical male adventure, which takes place in Victorian England.There were many subsequent seasons, including the latest adaptation of Bizarre Adventure Part Six Jojo: Stone Ocean, which will be published on Netflix in December 2022.

As in the case of the original manga, the Jojo anime version takes some time its step, but many of the creative strangeness are already present in this early story.Here we are witnessing the birth of a thousand memes along with the introduction of a truly hissing villain Dio Brando, an immortal vampire who will torment several generations of the Joestar family.The strangely innocent first part is still a great place to start your bizarre adventure at many different seasons of Jojo.(Strange Jojo adventure, first part, is broadcast on both Crunchyroll and Netflix.)

Another quite long -acting anime series, which debuted in autumn 2012, but today is almost forgotten, is K Project Studio Gohands.Yes, before Gohands made our eyeballs began to bleed, and our vestibular apparatus twisted under the influence of the hideous handlets, the studio performed a noble blow in the original spectacle of anime in the first season of K.Colors, unnatural abuse of the pallets and vaseline blossom in post-processing, K looks almost no anime since then and probably good that it did not initiate the new era of animated art causing migraine.

Under the bizarre color abuse, the designs of the character K are beautiful – from the advantage of high, venous men Bishonen to exaggerated shapes of a small cast of sensual women, satisfies a whole range of interest of Otaku.Long -haired, pretty boys looking at each other?Check!Naked cat girls?Check!Big eyes of 11-year-old girls can in Gothic Lolita costumes?UH … check …

If so, K has too many characters and a very thin, though unnaturally twisted story that refuses to properly explain anything about the assumptions or rates under its foundations.The first few episodes are an exercise in narrative incomprehensible, which he puts the patience of the viewer to the attempt.Fortunately, all this consists of an emotionally charged ending, which leaves wide open to the sequel, the second season, the next six (!) Films and a short spin-off.It is a pity that in order to fully understand the history, you need to read a lot of (uninterrupted) light novels and manga.(K streaming on Crunchyroll in the USA, but is unavailable to streaming in Great Britain. It is available on Blu-ray from VIZ/Anime Limited).

Another wrongly forgotten spectacle is a 25-episode from the New World with A-1 Pictures, very dark, requiring anime adapted from a novel with the same title by Yūsuke Kishi.Only recently I watched it, but it has already strengthened my place as one of my favorites.The master class of slowly building fear is more than a brutal horror – “it is a deeply cynical deconstruction of human society and sacrifices that we undertake to feel” safe “.

Set 1,000 years in the future after the world Apocalypse, after which the vast majority of humanity died, Japan is very depopulated, with distant clusters of human villages separated by wilders.Life in the villages is strictly controlled, and we follow Saki when he grows up from the age of 12 to early adulthood.From the very beginning it is very clear that something is very wrong with the village of Saki, but the series holds its cards very close to the chest, throwing many unclear tips, but maintaining real, terrifying discoveries much later.

This means that sometimes it is a slow and opaque show, but the extremely detailed building of the world and fascinating society with its boring principles are worth persistent.The story divided into three separate parts focuses first on Saki as a child, then as a teenager, and finally as an adult.Past decisions return to persecute her, and she suffers serious losses when she finally fights for the right to continue his life.I am reluctant to spoil this very unique, very disturbing anime.Go and watch.(From the broadcast from the New World to Crunchyroll.)

From intensively traumatic to carefree and fantastic – love, chuniyo and other delusions!From the beloved studio Kyoto Animation is still a very funny high school comedy, with a few surprisingly flashy animation sequences for frequent fantastic cutscenes that interrupt more mundane fragments of the life of the series.With her (medically unnecessary) eyeglass, a pleated umbrella and a Gothic sense of clothing, Rikka Takanashi is immediately a recognizable figure and the main “Chunyo” title.The comedy revolves around the concept of “Chunibyo”, sometimes translated as “eighth -class syndrome”, this period in the life of a young teenager, when they can pretend to have secret powers or forbidden knowledge, and generally act in a socially awkward way, which becomes severely embarrassingThat their older person could remember.

Your course in the program may vary depending on how much you can empathize in a somewhat emotionally damaged Rikka and tolerate her more absurd behavior.I do not think that the experience of “Chunyo” is located only in Japan – “I am almost sure that I behaved similarly as a young teenager, hence my recognition that he was breaking through with love through the sharp humor of the series.The series was so successful that the second season (Heart Throb) and two films (Rikka Version, which is mainly a summary of the first season, and also on me, ending).(Love, Chunyo & Other Delusions! Streams in Hidive, USA and Funimion Now in Great Britain.)

Staying with lighter shows, in the autumn of 2012, the sweet-jumper-lodkie-rzeczy-z-czołgami in girls and panzer, an absurd performance with an absurd assumption, which, however, play very simply (and charmingly honestly).Seemingly set in some alternative world in which Sensha-do (martial art involving tank service, translated as “tanker”) is a common entertainment cultivated by girls in high school, we follow the brave Miho Nishizumi, which moves to the only school without a tanker clubWith the desire to completely avoid refueling.Unfortunately, the Student Council of the new school has other ideas, hoping that he will use her family experience and build her own tankers club.Oh, and if they don’t win the next championships in tanks, the school will be closed.

Here is one of the most absurd series/comedies in school clubs I’ve ever experienced.These little girls happily drive powerful mechanical monsters around the area, carelessly shelling their death machines with heavy fire, but no one is ever injured.Everyone treats it as seriously as only teens absorbed in a joint hobby can do.It seems unlikely that real, real war games will ever obtain civil liability insurance at school, and there is a significant destruction of the environment caused by their huge caterpillars and even larger explosions.Ah – but of course they do not care about damage in the environment, because for reasons everyone lives in the city on board the aircraft carrier floating at sea.Of course.

In any case, although he had only one television season, Girls und Panzer received many continuations in the form of nine OVA, a sequel film and a ongoing series of six final films, three of which have such so far produced.If you like sweet girls, suspicious CGI and senseless building of the world, he has knocked down these tanks.(Girls and Panzer are streaming on Hidive.)

Other important concerts from autumn 2012, which I do not have room for a detailed discussion, includeThe slandey spin-off muv luv alternative total eclipse.I haven’t watched it, apparently it is terrible, but if you like the currently broadcast second season MUV Luv Alternative (this is a real adaptation of a visual novel), you can torture yourself.

Robotics; Notes is another poorly accepted adaptation of visual novels;Apparently, the game (part of the science adventure series with Steins; Gate and Chaos; Head) is much better.Finally, for fans of Jun Maeda and Key, the first season of their visual adaptation of Little Busters’ novel!They also began in autumn 2012.Most of Key’s work contains a large gap in my knowledge of anime, but it can remain so, because I never forgive Maeda, to the hell, which was the end of the day I became God.

Ongoing programs

The long series of Monogatari finally ended its “first season” (started in 2009) with the last arch, Nekomonogatari (black) (Cat Tale Black).This is the second edition, which focuses on his favorite by fans, a eyepiece and an extremely well-equipped female character Tsubas Hanekawa and her alter ego dressed girl-night girl.Meow.I love this program and I wrote about it extensively in a different place on the website.(Nekomonogatari (black) transmits to Crunchyroll in the USA, but it cannot be broadcast anywhere in Great Britain. It is available on a very expensive Blu-ray with Aniplex USA, but Blu-ray MVM UK is exhausted.)

The Space Brothers drama recognized by critics premiered in April 2012 and lasted continuously for 99 episodes until March 2014.Episodes 27–38 were broadcast in autumn 2012.I always wanted to watch it, but the big episode of the count discourages me.I heard only good things about this drama about two brothers with ambitions to become astronauts.It is based on a manga from 2007, which is available to this day.The anime adaptation includes chapter 187, but at the time of writing Manga has recently exceeded 390 chapters … (Space Brothers streams on Crunchroll)

Maybe I cheat a little with the latter.Eureka Seven AO also started its 24-episode broadcast in April 2012, but due to problems with the schedule, the last two episodes were delayed until November.This is a completely unnecessary continuation of the fantastic Eurek Seven from 2005, a series whose studio Bones simply cannot leave alone.After the film from 2009 (hackled-in-z-televisyjne-from-los-add-in-eye-and-and-life-and-and-troops)Seven Ao tells the story of AO, an abandoned child, a co -hairdo of the original story.

He does not waste time shitting all the hardly won the happy ending of the series of ancestors, doubled on multi -world nonsense, which annul his own drama, and ends with his own excitement.A very nice series, completely ruined by the fatal narrative elections and barely explained twists and turns, did not even have a proper ending until 2017 with the release of the “final” 25th episode (in five short parts, only in Japan), released in combination with the gamePachislot (of course).The fact that Bones then joined the production of the further, completely incomprehensible film trilogy Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution, again (poorly) using multi-world tracks, shows that completed stories should be left alone.Each subsequent edition of Eurek Seven worsened the brand.(broadcasts of Eureka Seven Ao in Funimation Now.)


We cannot end the conversation about the autumn of 2012, not to mention the greatest film of the anime of the year – Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (not) Redo, released on November 17.In the West, we did not get this (legally) in the home media, courtesy of Funimion, until February 2016, almost two years delay in relation to the originally planned release date.Talk about tiring expectation.Evangelion has always aroused controversy, but the third film Rebuild of Evangelion director Hideaki Anno certainly introduced a cat among pigeons.While the first Rebuild more or less re -adapted the first six episodes of the original Evangelion television program, but with a nicer animation, the second in the second half turned into an unexpected territory, putting the foundation under the work of a crazy genius or incomprehensible disappointment (depending on your opinion).

Evangelion 3.0 effectively destroys all viewers’ prejudices about what Evangelion can be, with a jump in the future completely different than the one presented in the original program. Character motivations and fractional affiliation have changed, and poor Shinji is even more lost than before, in a broken (apparently) world with his poor choices. His relationship with the mysterious pale boy of Kawor has much more time on the screen here than ever on his single television episode. The collection of fans was mixed, but only with the release of 2021, also a significantly delayed Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0: Thrice Upon a Time, the narrative election of the previous film was confirmed. Indeed, the third and fourth movie Rebuild deserve a closer viewing and perceiving them as a more peculiar whole. Anno, crazy bastard, finally managed the franchise of Evangelion fantastic, satisfying and thematically satisfying ending with 3.0 + 1.0 – but it all began here, with narrative courage 3.0.

Thanks for being with me when extracting golden self -deals (and a little petrified shit) from the distant past autumn 2012.Of course, there are dozens of shows that I missed, but these are those that I think is the most interesting.Most of them are still quite easily available at the end of 2022, if you are at least in the US … We encourage you to post your own nostalgic suggestions for autumn 2012 in the comments!

Kevin Cormack is a Scottish doctor, husband, father and all life obsessive anime.He writes as Doctorkev at and appears regularly in the sub-field of The Official Anitay.You can also find it on Twitter @herrdoktorkev.His accent is real.