Ann Aftershow-My Hero Acadekaren is back, honey!

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Jacki, James and Lynzee are here in the new time!Ann After Show moves to Tuesdays (podcast on Wednesdays) so that we can talk to you about Chainsaw Man.Plus: My Hero Acadekaren is back and is bigger than ever!Mafia is still charming, Spyxfamily adds a new member, Gundam is completely exaggerated, Akiiba Maid Wars is a hit hit and the latest news about Bayonetta!

Broadcasts Ann After Show live in YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Spaces on Tuesday at 18:00 PT/21: 00 Eastern Time.You can listen to the podcast version on Mondays on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.Ann After Show is part of the Bleav network.#Aftershow-Icons {display: Flex;Justuj-Treś: Spaces-equal;} #Aftershow-Icons A {font size: 42px;Line height: 1em;Display block;width: 42px;margin: 0 car;}

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Meet the hosts!

As the editor -in -chief of Anime News Network, Lynzee Loveridge has a unique position because he knows what he tracks critics and viewers in the anime fandom.Not only every season writes his own reviews, but also reads everything from the editorial office of Ann!Apart from work, she is simply a magical girl living in the world of Junji Ito.

James Beckett is one of the permanent reviewers of Ann series and is never ashamed to show the world how he really feels.His impressions from recent programs can be found in Preview Guide, as well as in the reviews of the hit episodes of the Anime series.

Jacki Jing is the main video producer Ann and a resident fan of Punch UP.You can find it when he watches the last series of Shonen Battle Royale, kicks your ass on Twitch and organizes events, from e-sport to interviews with voice actors.

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00:00 – Introduction

02:45 – voice actor Bayonetta 3 controversy

18:20 – getting into episode 2 Chainsaw Man

34:25 – Spy × Family turns up the action and beauty

44:24 – My Hero Acadekaren is back!

55:50 – Gundam: The witch from Mercury is a crazy ride so far

1:02:30 – screams for MOB Psycho 100 and Akiiba Maid War

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