Annually, Works and Nitroplus announce the original Anime Buddha Daddies

The original series of anime Buddha Daddies soon has a premiere.The animation is dealt with by PA Works, and he deals with the script



He follows two killers (who are also roommates) when they meet their most dangerous victim.The premiere will take place in January 2023.Among the employees are:

The identity of the actors was also unveiled.

Hina cinema

Miri Unsasaka, Koki Uchiyama plays Rei Slwa, and Toshiyuki Toyonaga puts the voice of Kazuki Kurus.

In this story we follow Kazuki, a talented killer who also likes women and gambling.His collaborator and roommate Rei is the opposite because he never experienced romantic love in his life.

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On the other hand, Miri is a little girl whose father is a gangster.Toshiyuki Toyonaga appears as Kazuki Kurusu, a man who has a weakness for women and gambling, but escapes from love.

Another, Ya Boy Congming!, Shirobako and many others, all were adapted by P.A.Works, an outstanding animation studio.Titles of visual novels, such as Phantom of Inferno, Full Metal Daemon: Muramas and Smile of the Arsotoria, were developed by Nitroplus (stylized as Nitro Plus_).

Their visual novels contain eroge motifs and are known from the dark.Nitro+chiral is the nitro plus Boys’ Love wing (dramatic murder);In the past, he collaborated with Type-Moon at the cult series of Fate/Zero light novels.