Another novel has less drama than anime![Review]

This is what Mei should look like in anime!Photo source: Yukito ayatsuji

On May 30, 2022, I wrote a review about Animer Anime.And I finished reading the novels on which it resisted!

If you saw another, you will be happy to learn that it is mostly faithful adaptation.The main plot, character performances and deaths happen similarly.

But I think that novels better explain how a curse or phenomena works.But unfortunately he doesn’t explain why it started and how to really overcome it.

This is one of the strengths of another, but according to the official summary on the reverse of the book, there should be a vindictive spirit.But unfortunately there are no ghosts in another.

At least not in a traditional sense.There will be spoilers ahead of both versions, and you can read my anime review here.

Who will survive the misfortune in another?Source of the photo: P. A. Works

What is the difference between these two versions?

Anime does a good job following the source material, but in 12 episodes he made several critical differences.For example, in the novel, our main heroine, Koichi, is visited only by Tomohiko Kazami and Yukari Sakuragi.

While Izumi Akazawa is also present in the anime and she asks to shake Koichi.Hand instead of Kazami.Koichi mei for the first time in the afternoon in the novel, instead of at night during the anime.

And the most important change is a class trip to the temple on the Yomi Mountain.The ending of the anime was more dramatic, the students went crazy and tried to kill each other, but most of them try to kill Mei.

The deadly frenzy numbers did not cover the same victims, and she was different.I prefer to see Isumi kills her with a pan.

Anime suggests that Yukari could fall in love with Koichi, and Izumi had romantic feelings for him.But this does not happen in the novel, and Izumi’s death has little influence on it.

How does the “curse” work?

One of the few things that I don’t do with the novel is that sometimes some words or phrases are thickened.The book is a mystery, but I want to solve the matter myself.

I don’t want my instructions to be indicated.And unfortunately, there are several chapters that are pure pouring information.

For example, as they discover the tape in an abandoned class.But this does not affect the principles of the curse.

First of all, the curse does not happen every year, and leaving the city of Yomiyama guarantees saving life.But these are junior high school students, so there is no such option.

The curse hits the third class 3 and those who are related to two degrees.In other words, parents, siblings and grandparents are a fair game.

Cousins are safe, and after graduating from school you are safe, unless you have younger siblings or your child will not go to class 3. Then deaths are either caused by health or strange accidents.

Many believe that the educator of Shouji Kuboder and Mineko’s actions are part of the curse, but I don’t see it that way.

There is no trace of supernatural presence except dying people.I believe that Shouji broke under pressure and decided to go out on his terms.

Which, unfortunately, included killing his mother’s bed and causing a class injury, stabbing in his throat until he almost lost his head.Mineko was sad.

Her grandson, Ikuo Takabayashi, died of a heart attack and belonged to class 3. Anime makes her much more crazy than a novel.

And there is no beach in the novel.Instead, Mei goes to his family holiday home for a week, but the details are in the novel “Another episode S/O”.

I will write a review soon, so please, wait for it!