Answerman – Will Hidive be able to compete with Megacorpus?

Mad asked:

Over the past year, Hidive has increased its anime offer.Thanks to the acquisition of AMC, they now have extra money to collect more seasonal choices and earn large points in anime, such as Ya Boy Congming!and the upcoming restart Urusei Yatsura.However, the question remains whether Hidive will be able to stand side by side with the power, which is Crunchyroll and other companies entering the game anime, such as Disney?Or is it too early to say where Hidive takes a place in the current anime landscape?And what areas can Hidive improve to achieve a point at which they are at the same level as their competition?

In recent years of streaming services belonging to the megacorporation, Sentai/Hidive appears to be weaker.Sentai Filmworks began as a DVD/BD distributor, and its grounding on the streaming market took years.Before, and even shortly after starting Hidive, Sentai gave sublicens for its titles to stream to larger distributors, such as Crunchroll and Amazon.

Even after the takeover of AMC, Sentai is still considered one of the smaller players in the Simulcast landscape.Instead of going all the way on licenses from the A list, such as Bleach or Chainsaw Man, the company focused on high -quality titles from the B list, such as those mentioned in the question (Ya Boy Congming! And recruiting Urusei Yatsura).

From a logical point of view, it makes sense – why chase the growing costs of large titles, when smaller titles are still able to break above their weight?The gap between the titles from the list A more “typical” license for anime is hundreds of thousands of dollars.The division will only expand in the short-term perspective when Disney increases his anime investments.

The current presence of Senta on the market is good news for owners of rights from list B. These titles have the biggest problems with the fusion of Cruncharoll-Funimony;Without competition from these two companies, license negotiations for these programs will probably be successful.Even without significant scaling of its operations, Senta fills an important niche, bidding on smaller titles.

Can Sentai improve its performance to such an extent that it will stand on an equal footing with a megacorpus?It would be very difficult.Even compared to the situation from just a few years ago, the stream transmission market in the US is too crowded to enable such rapid development of a niche service.The purchase of AMC and Cool Japan Fund investments give Senta more capital to work, but the Hidive platform starts the race significantly for others.At the technical level, Hidive requires many improvements before it can compete with other services in terms of catalog and user friendliness.

The main area over which Hidive would have to work during expansion outside of English territories is the lack of coverage of subtitles in a language other than English.Despite the acquisition of global licenses outside Asia, Hidive’s reputation is weak in Latin America and other regions in which it can record growth.Incorrect dub cover is also a serious disadvantage from the point of view of availability.

I think that we can all agree, that it would be nice to see how Hidive improves for the average user, but another question is, should Sentai try to compete with large boys in terms of mass exhibition?It will be a few years before we see the company’s ambition, and by that time the streaming transmission landscape will change again.Although some of me wants me to remain as they are, focusing on niche titles, it is also difficult to deny the growing gap between “possessors” and “do not have” in the anime.As for the Japanese production side, smaller studies are burdened to do more for less;There is no guarantee that in a few years the titles from list B will do as well as now.

The most important thing is that the current position of Senta is significant, but also uncertain.Sentai/Hidive could theoretically expand their audience, winning other important titles like Made in Abyss, but on today’s market it is becoming more and more difficult.

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