“Ao no orchestra” presents the main staff, the first promotion

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Main staff and first promotional film on Monday.Television anime adapting the manga of Makoto Akui’s musical drama will premiere at NHK-E in April 2023.


Director: Seiji Kishi (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)

Composition of the series, script: Yuuko Kakihara (Tsuki Ga Kirei)

Character design: Kazuaki Morita (Oukoso Jitsuryokuk Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu E)

Studio: Nippon Animation

Production, Copyright: NHK, NHK Enterprises, NIPPON Animation

Akui began to draw manga Mangone application in April 2017 and in Ura Sunday’s magazine the following month.Shogakukan published the tenth volume 19 April 19.


Hajime Aono lived for the sound of his violin game.From an early age, he admired his father, a world -famous violinist, who inspired him to raise the instrument himself.But after the bitter divorce of parents, Aono swears that he never plays again, and goes to high school without tips and prospects.

During physical education classes, AONO is hit with a ball in the face.And he ends up in the outpatient clinic.There, he meets the bold Ritsuko Akine, who begins to play the violin in the room, believing that she is alone.However, after the past incident, there were rumors that Akine was a tyrant, which insulated her from his peers – which Aono did not know about.

Akine dreams of joining school with the orchestra, but her amateur playing and lack of musical knowledge irritate Aono.Seeing this as a great opportunity to make friends, their teacher suggests that AONO teaches Akine violin, which AONO is fiercely opposite.However, when the couple spends more time with each other, they soon learn to understand and help each other – and Aono can finally discover the lost passion and melody in their lives.[Written by Mal Rewrite]


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