AOT: Does Reiner have a split personality?

It is denied that Reiner is a figure with the highest feature armor in an attack on Titan, he went through so many things, but he always managed to keep himself alive, despite the fact that he was a candidate for a warrior from the Marley Empire, about his scouts’ colleaguesDid he just pretend if Reiner has a split personality?

Reiner suffers from a disturbance of the self -shaft, or is an absolute candidate for a warrior to the mission of recovering the titan of the founder or the figure of an older brother for members of the 104th Cadet Corps.For the first time he developed a split personality after Marcel’s death.

There are many things about Reiner’s character who make him a favorite of the community, we will discuss some details of his life and how he turned on his second personality to avoid guilt for his actions.And how it led him to give up his life.

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Does Reiner have a split personality?

Reiner has a split personality, one of the features that make his character so unique.It was not always subtle in the whole series and fans had to put it together to give meaning to his actions.His sincere concern for other scouts often made him seem to be an ordinary member of scouts.

His personality of the Candidate warrior often changed when he cared for his colleagues.His sincere desire to help Eren’s take revenge on the Titans, his efforts to help Connie return to his village, exposing his life to the risk to protect them, even if it meant being the food of Titan.

Reiner was more.Often in the form of an older brother, he often returned to being a warrior when he was alone with Bertholdt or when he was simply excited.But soon he will return to his personality of his older brother, as if it was his default personality.He probably tried to avoid confrontation with his actions.

Having a split personality definitely makes Reiner one of the more mentally tormented characters in the series.He wanted to hurt people close to him.

Why did Reiner decide to become a candidate for a warrior?

Reiner was born in the internment zone with Mother Eldian and Marleyan Father, he was never allowed to meet his father because the relationship between Eldian and Marleyan was forbidden.

His desire to see his mother re -united with his father led him to the path to become a candidate for a warrior, which was his goal to become a candidate for a warrior, that his mother would be allowed to live outside the internment zone.

Although he was quite weak compared to other candidates for warriors, he never gave up pursuit of his goal and eventually inherited his armored titan, who served as a shield in the surgery of the recovery of the founders.

Reiner went to see his father and tell him the news that he became a candidate for a warrior and that he could now start living as a family, but his father called him a devil’s sparkle and he did not want to believe that he was anyone.

Why did Reiner develop a split personality?

Everything goes back to the times when the candidates for warriors entered the island of Paradise for the first time, the whole group was attacked by the mindless Ymir, and Marcel Gilliard dedicated their own to protect Reiner.

Reiner then blamed himself for the whole matter and developed a slightly split personality that suited Marcel’s personality.Ymir claimed that Reiner only created a split personality, so he did not have to live with the sins he committed, and he was obsessed that he was unable to distinguish these two.

This is it.True, because although Reiner constantly fought both emotionally and mentally, he never forgot about his mission to arrive here.He gladly took Marcel equipment and leave him on earth to take him alive.Shortly afterwards he returned to his protective form of his older brother, so he did not have to take responsibility for his actions.

Reiner decided to take the role of Marcel, pretended that he was so caring and the big brother looked for his colleagues scouts, showed authentic care for his scouts and always tried to do the best not to hurt them.

Reiner was too honest, which did not help his case, he was really lost in his split personality and often had problems with reminding himself of the purpose of arriving here.He was in a hurry to save his colleagues of scouts and forgot that he could change into a titan.

Why did Reiner want to kill himself?

In the whole series, Reiner was always conflicted.All he wanted to protect people around him was a candidate for a warrior for his family in Marley and a soldier in the scout regiment.

Although he had a mission to regain the founder of Tytan, he established ties with the members of the 104th Cadet Corps, he felt sorry for them and always wanted to be with them to protect them.Everyone relied on him, he was like an older brother for the whole group.

After they managed to escape from the island with the jaw titan, Reiner was ashamed of all the people whom he failed and everyone he killed, guilt absorbed him and was ready to take his life many times when he was with his family in Marley.

From childhood, Reiner has always dreamed of saving the world, although it meant killing demons on a paradise island;However, his thoughts changed when he realized that these people were no different from people living in internment zones.

He also wanted to protect them, but he was also a candidate for a warrior sent to a mission and was not able to play both sides, he willingly massacred his colleagues Eldian, and his negative insight grew more and more until he could not bear it anymore and decided to commit suicide.

Reiner was shocked by a meeting with Eren during the speech of Willy Tybur and begged him for forgiveness for all the pain, which candidates for warriors inflicted to people on a paradise island, even accepted the fate that Eren decided for him and everyone.

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