Apparently disappointed adventurers will save the anime world: release date!Confirms the premiere

from January 22

Lovers of light novels have one more name that can be added to the list of long -awaited programs.That’s right, we are talking about the anime “seemingly disappointed adventurers will save the world.”At the beginning of the year, manufacturers quickly announced the anime version.However, some time passed before the main ads about the issue appeared.This week it was also removed from the list.Without unnecessary ado, it’s all you need to know about anime.

Driving from the Light Novel series of the same name, Adawtw is the work of the Fuji artist.The text for the first time appeared on the Shostsuka nor Naro website.When he gained popularity in online business, the anime project began to get started.

Clearly disappointed adventurers will save the world of anime: an official announcement!

Messages come from official sites, including social media and anime website.So the latest update brought everything to the table, from the trailer to the cast.The 90-second trailer contains a short summary of the season.Other updates tell us that the Disilusioned Adventurers Will Save The World will be directed by ITSUKI imasters.All work on the animation will take place in the Geek Toys studio.

What is anime about?

This is one anime that will certainly take us back to the time of kings and kingdoms.So Nick is an adventurer who devoted his time only to science and knowledge.But he didn’t know much that things would stop working in his favor if he exposed his relationship to his personal passions.His leader throws him out and his girlfriend also throws him.A lonely and suffering nickname walks around the street alone, looking for a bar.

And as soon as he finds him, he comes across ghosts that experience the same problems as him.It is here that the adventurer starts another adventure for himself.But this time he must first of all avoid all those mistakes that led him to this point.

Clearly disappointed adventurers will save the world of anime: release date

Since this is the issue for the month of January, the release date will not be disclosed in the autumn board.Fans will have to wait a long time to get anime.So the finalized premiere board apparently Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save The World Anime is January 2023.We will definitely update this section as soon as any information appears on this subject.Therefore, keep an eye on The anime Daily to get all updates only here.