Apparently disappointed adventurers will save the world details about the anime

It seems that disappointed adventurers will save the world details about the anime

Joseph Mirant on October 11, 2022

A television adaptation of the anime for Shint Fuji and a series of light novels of Susumu Kuroi “was announced” it looks like disappointed adventurers will save the world “over a year ago and finally we have more details.The series will premiere in January 2023, and below you can see a new trailer and trailer, as well as information about the main cast and staff responsible for adaptation.

ITSUKI IMAZAKI (HENSUS – do you want to fall in love with love for a pervert, if he is sweet?) Directing anime and provides the composition of the series, with Kazuto Horikawa on board as an assistant to the director, director of photos and the editor of Geektoys.Other band members are Hiroo Nagao as a designer of the character and the main director of animation, Seojungho as an artistic director and Ryo Takahashi for music.

Until now, disclosed cast members include Yusuke Kobayashi (Subaru in Re: Zero) as Nick:

Sayumi Watabe (Akira in After the Rain) as Tiana:

Sayaka Kikuchi (snow in the fighting will be sent!) As Curran:

Shunichi Toki (Kazutor in Tokyo Revengers) as ZEM:

Mikako Komatsu (Rebecca in Edens Zero) as Kizuna:

And Kaori Ishihara (Nene in our last crusade or the birth of the New World) as Agat:

The opening song “Glorious World” will also be provided by ZEM Va Shunichi Toki.

Yen Press will publish the first volume of the novel on November 22.Here is an official abstract:

Nick was a member of a group of adventure veterans, helping his undisciplined friends in bills whenever he could.But what was his reward?Accused of embezzlement and thrown out by the leader he respected.Soon he finds several other blazed adventurers and related ghosts, which together create their own unstoppable party!

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