“Apparently disappointed adventurers will save the world” television premieres of anime in January

Cast, cast, visual setting, the author of the opening song was revealed

The official website of the television adaptation of the anime screenwriter Shinta Fuji and a series of light novels of the illustrator of Susum Kuroi “It looks like disappointed adventurers will save the world”cast, cast, performer performer, trailer and first promotional graphics video on Tuesday.

Anime stars:

Toki also performs the theme song of the program “Glorious World”.

Frontier Works is attributed to the original plans of the anime.ITSUKI IMAZAKI (HENSUKI, MAGICAL SOMERA-CHAN, AI Mai Mi) directs anime and supervises the series scenarios at Geek Toys in animation cooperation with Seven.Hiroo Nagao (Battle Athletes Victory Restart!, My Wife is the chairwoman of the Student Council+!) Is the designer of the character and the main director of the animation.The music is composed by Ryō Takuhashi (Arifureta-From Commonplace to World’s Strongest, Sing A bit of Harmony, SK8 The Infinity).

Other employees are:

Yen Press has a license for both a series of light novels and the adaptation of Masaki Kawakami’s manga, and describes this story:

Nick adventure veteran, life is falling apart.Despite all the knowledge and experience he devoted to his expedition, his respected leader threw him out of the house, his girlfriend threw him, and his teammates shamelessly accused him of embezzled.Tired, with a broken heart and a nickname looking for a drink goes to a few related spirits that are as bored as he.Together, these disappointed adventurers create an unstoppable team to save their gloomy, depressing world!

Fuji launched a series of light novels on the Shōetsuka ni Narō website in January 2019, and the last update took place in September 2020. MF Books Kadokawy began publishing the novel in print in September 2019 and published the third volume in August 2021 Kawakibegan on the ongoing adaptation of the manga in September 2019.

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