Apparently disillioned Adventurers Will Save The World reveals the anime trailer, the premiere of January 2023.

Previously announced anime adaptation

It seems that the Light Novel Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save The World series

She revealed the trailer and trailer, along with the release date in January 2023.The adaptation is a television anime and will be animated by Geektoys studio.

The trailer presents the main cast. Apparently disappointed anime adventurers will save the world contains:

Yusuke Kobayashi as Nicksayak Kikuchi as Curransayumi Watabe as Tianashun’ichi Toki as Zemkaori Ishihara as Agatemikako Komatsu as Kizun

ITSUKI IMAZAKI (HENSUCU) directs anime, with Hiro Nagao on character designs.Nagao is also considered the main director of the animation, while the imasks, in addition to directing, will supervise the composition of the series.Ryo Takahashi composes music.The trailer contains a theme song by Shun’ichi Toki, entitled “Glorius World”:

It seems that disappointed adventurers will save the world (Ningen Fushin No Boukeyha-Tachi Ga Sekai Wo Sukuu You Desu) is a light novel written by Shint Fuji and illustrated by Susum Kuroi.The series began in 2019 at MF Books and also has an adaptation of the manga by Masaki Kawaki.

Yen Press

Recently issued a license in English (the first volume is scheduled for November) and describes the story as follows:

Nick was a member of a group of veterans of adventurers, helping his undisciplined friends in managing accounts whenever he could.But what was his reward?Accused of embezzlement and thrown out by the leader he respected.Soon he finds several other blazed adventurers and related ghosts, which together create their own unstoppable team!


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