Apparently Disilluzioned Adventurers Will Save The World reveals the release date in January 2023, PV, Teaser Visual

The premiere window was announced in January 2023 for the adaptation of anime apparently disillioned adventurers will save the world.A trailer and trailer were also published, with the first to present the assumptions of the fantasy plot and the main characters.


Kazuto Horikawa

(Battle Athletss Daiundoukai Restart!, Director of photos al.) Is an assistant to the director, operator and assemblyist.

Hiroki Nagao

(Battle Athletss Daiundoukai Restart! The main director of the animation) is the designer of the character and the main director of the animation of the series, and

Seo jungho


Notota Kondou

(Hello: Are you ready to fall in love with a pervert as long as he is sweet?) They are, respectively, an artistic director and color designer.


is a company dealing in the production of animation, a

Seven animation studio

provides assistance in the production of animation.

© 富士 伸太 伸太/mf ブックス 「人間 不信 の 冒険 者 たち たち が 世界 を 救う ようです」 製作 委員会 委員会

Meanwhile in the cast

Yuusuke Kobayashi

as a nickname,

Sayumi Watabe

as a tiana,

Sayaka Kikuchi

as Curran,

Shunichi Toki

as ZEM,

Mikako Komatsu

as kizuna i

Kaori Ishihara

As Agat.Toki also performs a song opening “Glorious World”.

It seems that Disillioned Adventurers Will Save The World is based on the Light Novel series published by Kadokawa written by

Shint Fuji

with illustrations by

Susumu Kuroi

, which began in September 2019 and has three volumes until August 2021. Yen Press describes the story as follows:

Nick was a member of a group of adventure veterans, helping his undisciplined friends with bills whenever he could.But what was his reward?Accused of embezzlement and thrown out by the leader he respected.Soon he finds several other blazed adventurers and related ghosts, which together create their own unstoppable team!

Light novels, published under the MF Books brand, inspired the adaptation of the manga by

Kawaki massacres

.History began as an internet novel about Shostsuk ni Narou in January 2019.


It seems that the website “disillioned adventurers will save the world”