Araki Joh, manga bartender Kenji Nagatomo receives a new anime project

Manga about the legendary, inspired by the bartender of the previous anime in 2006

Shueisha announced on Friday that the screenwriter Araki Joh and Illustrator Kenji Nagatomo will inspire the new anime project.

As part of the advertisement, anime is also working on a new project called “Bar Katsu” to support derived pleasure from bars and alcohol.Projects as part of cooperation will help explain the attractiveness of bars and alcohols.Projects include social


called Bar Katsu Base.

Shout!Factory and Anime Limited released the first anime on Blu-ray in January 2021.Companies describe the series:

In the Ginza district in Tokyo there is Eden Hall, a quiet bar, to which few people go to come across.It is led by the legendary bartender Ryu Sasakura, a genius in preparing the appropriate drink for the right customer.Throughout his stay in Eden Hall, customers from various environments, carrying various types of burdens, come for a divine glass and a nice word from Ryu, which help solve their problems and resurrect them before another life.

Shueisha began to serve the original manga in his Super Jump magazine in 2004, and Manga later moved to Grand Jump.21. and the last compiled book published in February 2012.

Manga inspired the television acting adaptation, which debuted in Japan in January 2011.

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