Arknights: Prelude is a dawn anime trailer reveals more cast members

Hypergryph debuted with the new Arknights trailer: Prelude to Dawn, television adaptation of the anime Hypergrps Arknights on smartphones, during live broadcast on the 35th anniversary of the game on Sunday.The film reveals new members of the anime cast, all of which were not previously expressed in the game.

New cast members are:

Other previously announced members of the voice of the character who were not previously expressed in the game are Takashi Matsuyama as AS, KĊichi Yamader as Wei Yenwu, Momo Asakura as a medic and Chiaki Kobayashi as a guard.

Yuki Watanabe directs the Anime W Yostar Pictures, and the deputy director is Masatak Nishikawa.They both worked earlier on the short anime “Holy Knight Light” on the occasion of the first anniversary of the game for smartphones, and Watanabe worked on numerous animated promotional films for the game.Aya Takafuji (key animator Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, SSSS.Gridman) adapts character designs to animation.

Yostar Pictures described anime as “seasonal” when he announced the program in October 2021.

The game is set in a fantasy world called Terra with modern science-fiction motifs. Terra is harassed by rare but destructive disasters that force most people to live in nomadic cities.Disasters are also brought by a rare originium mineral, which provides a lot of energy, and thus is a valuable resource, but also uses everything around it when it grows.People with extended exposure to Originium easily develop the devastating disease known as Oripathy.History focuses on the lives of people infected with oripatia.The wandering medical company known as the Rhodes island offers a helpful hand and a place for frequently avoided infected.However, the island of Rhodes often had to conduct ad hoc paramilitary actions against the Reunion movement, a terrorist organization that conducts a brutal action aimed at governments that oppress the infected.

Source: Arknights official account on Twitter


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